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CRMJ/SOCA 352 Law and Social Change - Spring 2003
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12 noon, Monday, May 12th -- Deadline to Resolve Course Grade.
All unresolved grades will become "F's"

Reports by Number Assigned

These short statements of our joint perceptions of your learning are growing from our review of the records and our experiences in class. In a cooperative learning world, in which our objective is to help each other gain critical insights, what should matter, instead of "grades" is such a report. Learning that I can tell you I have seen, either directly or through some of your work, and that you can confirm. That is learning accountability.

As we gain skill at this, a paragraph of recommendation should be your goal for the end of each course, each semester. If you were to realize that this is how I will end the course, and you were to want the best possible recommendation of your learning, we could interactively check our respective records all semester, and the recommendations could be detailed and helpful to all who want to know about your learning. Visit Letters of Recommendation for clues on how to do this.

The first ROL period is from Week 1 through Week 5 (January 22-February 21). The second ROL period is from Week 6 through Week 10 (February 23-March 28). And, the third and final ROL period is from Week 11 through Week 15 (March 31-May 2).The criteria for grading were the 5Cs -- communication, cooperation, consistency, competency, and creativity in conjunction with your latest grade form that I have on file. Also considered is Bloom and Krathwohl's taxonomy of learning: latent learning, recognition, recall, application, analysis, evaluation and synthesis.

Explanation of my comments:
-- Grade will be posted when grade is agreed upon.
-- Slightly underrated (under by 1 grade)
-- Underrated (under by 2 grades)
-- Slightly overrated (over by 1 grade)
-- Overrated (over by 2 grades)
-- Way overrated (over by 3 grades)
-- Way, way overrated (over by 4 grades)
-- Extremely overrated (over by 5 or more grades)

For example, a student assesses ROL at an "A" and my response is "way overrated" (meaning that my assessment is 3 grades lower than the student's assessment), which would be a grade of "B".

Updated on May 15, 2003

Student 337 - Have done "A" work. Participates and is prepared. 1st rol="B+" [3/1/03] Keeping up with the readings and prepared with the questions. Speaks up in class. Emails professor. Had good group discussions. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B+" [4/3/03] Fulfilled all 5Cs. Leader in group discussions as well as a team player. Speaks up. Brings in current events. Was prepared/kept up with the readings. Showed knowledge of htte material and integrated it with examples. 3rd rol="Borderline B+/A-" [5/6/03] Course grade="A -" [5/8/03]

Student 379 - Kept up with readings and questions. Haven't worked too much on some big creative measures. Off to good start; much better than last semester. 1st rol="B-" [2/25/03] Did work and participated but depended on site visits which haven't happened yet. Started working on other creative measures. Have not been able to communicate as frequently as in the past. 2nd rol="C" [4/3/03] Emailed a lot more to keep instructor informed on progress. Kept up with work. Worked really hard on creative measures. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/15/03] Course grade="B -" [5/14/03]

Student 1180 - Haven't gotten research topic together 100%. Still have been communicated ideas. Researching different things. Attended class and participated in group discussion. 1st rol="B -" [2/25/03] Keeping up with assignments. Doing other things that are not a part of assignments. 2nd rol="C-" [4/16/03] First week, had no creativity. Third week, got it together. Did average work. 3rd rol="B -" [5/7/03] Course grade="B -" [5/7/03]

Student 1310 - Consistently engage in active and informed dialogue. Outside of class, communicates with instructor regularly through emails. Have begun researching two topics. The minus for the two classes missed. 1st rol="A-" [2/25/03] Although have been somewhat inconsistent with creative measures, have been consistent with communication and preparedness during class. Engage in class and group discussions as well as encourage others to do the same. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B+" [4/3/03] Consistent class participant throughout the semester. Tend to lead group discussions and have generally been the spokesperson for group on a regular basis. Demonstrated knowledge and competence with the theories but attendance has been somewhat weak. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/A" [5/6/03] Course grade="A - " [5/12/03]

Student 1506 - The work done like the reading and coming to class on a very day basis, at least a C-. As far as emailing situation goes, that hasn't been too hot. 1st rol="Borderline C-/D+" [3/14/03] Done about the same as other class, maybe a little more so. 2nd rol="C-" [4/3/03] Slouched in the beginning but picked up the pace after our meeting. 3rd rol="C+" [5/6/03] Course grade="C" [5/12/03]

Student 1817 - Beginning to understand how the course is run. Becoming more familiar with Dear Habermas. Keeping current with readings. Making links between internship and class. 1st rol="Borderline C-/C" [3/25/03] Worked harder, Kept current with the readings. Making attempts to link real world experiences with ideals learned in the class. Current with the readings and actively debating/discussing ideas in small and large group settings. [late] 2nd rol="Borderline C+/C" [4/3/03] Following the book and staying current. Found the site visit interesting and educational. LATE. 3rd rol="C -" [5/7/03] Course grade="C" [5/8/03]

Student 2242 - Been doing lots of research on creative measure and kept up with readings and email. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [2/25/03] Worked hard on class materials and finding information for creative measures. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/9/03] Did a lot of research on creative measures and applied Arrigo theory to them. Came to class just about every day. Came prepared. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/7/03] Course grade="B - " [5/12/03]

Student 2427 - Have worked pretty well. Have spoken up in class every week except this week. Kept up with weekly readings. Haven't emailed instructor as much. If had a topic to research, would have worked a little harder. 1st rol="C" [3/3/03] For a person who doesn't talk in class very much, did talk up a lot. Found a creative measure and have watched more episodes than ever before. Does very well in groups. Emailed professor once or twice a week. Was up on readinags all but one week. Did well but could have done better. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/3/03] Did very well. Emailed each week, a lot more the last week. Was steady with creative measures. Spoke up in class a number of times. Went to RYOC and debriefed it. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/6/03] Course grade="B-" [5/6/03]

Student 2596 - Communicated thoughts to instructor about creative measures. Cooperated with other classmates in the PC workshop and with notes and discussions in class. Been consistent and competent towards coming to class and keeping up with journal. Started creative measures. 1st rol="B" [2/26/03] Communicated with professor about book and creative measures. Cooperated by participating in class. Consistent in coming to class and doing journal. Competent to understand materials. Kept up with creative measures. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/15/03] Communicated about trip and creative measures. Cooperated by watching videos and participating in group discussions. Consistent with coming to class and journal. Competent in understanding class material. Creative with book review. 3rd rol="Borderline C/C-" [5/6/03] Course grade="B -" [5/8/03]

Student 2631 - Attends class regularly and worked on 5Cs but lacking in creativity and communication of emailing instructor. 1st rol="C-" [3/3/03] E-mailing more. Working more on creativity. Participates in group discussions. Comes to class regularly. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/3/03] Continued to come to class regularly. Participated in group discussions. Did not communicate as much. Worked on creative measures. 3rd rol="C+" [5/6/03] Course grade="C+" [5/8/03]

Student 2722 - Have earned a B- on the first five weeks worth of evidence learning. [vague rol] 1st rol="Borderline B-/C+" [2/27/03] Understanding th Cs but sometimes has trouble to know where information fits it. Need to communicate more with professor. 2nd rol="Borderline D+/D" [5/7/03] Did more emailing with instructor. Discussion questions went better. Attended site visit to RCI; did debriefing. Could have done more researching. LATE 3rd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [5/7/03] Course grade= "C -" [5/8/03]

Student 2786 - Attended class regularly. Was prepared for class often. New to class and teaching. Need to email and communicate more. 1st rol="Borderline C-/D+" [2/27/03] Did the work and was prepared to discuss questions. Communication was a little better. 2nd rol="D" [4/16/03] Communicated a little better. Also did some creative measures. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/6/03] Course grade="C - " [5/9/03]

Student 3105 - Consistent with class attendance and communication through email and journal. Keeping up with assigned readings and questions. Joined web board. 1st rol="B-" [3/4/03] Communicating and learning more from students in classs. Keeping up with the assigned readings. 2nd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [4/3/03] Consistent with the class work. Worked with students in and out of class to get better understanding. Researched related topics. 3rd rol="C" [5/8/03] Course grade="B -" [5/12/03]

Student 3136 - Hard time finding a strong creative measure however other 4Cs have been strong. Focused on discussions in class as well as commenting via email on the readings. 1st rol="Borderline B+/A-" [3/3/03] Prepared with all DQs and consistent with creative measures. Showed competence by emailing for further information. 2nd rol="A" [4/3/03] Did two web reviews and really focused on committing to class discussion questions and readings. Voiced opinions on class comments and films while taking learning outside through site visit and website research. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/A" [5/6/03] Course grade="A" [5/8/03]

Student 3165 - Emailed regularly and commented on things we have done in class. Started research on racism. Attended task force meeting. 1st rol="A-" [3/10/03] Came to class and did e-mail regularly. Spoke out in class. Needed a little more work on creativity. Started to fill out debriefing. 2nd rol="Borderline B+/A-" [4/3/03] Did a lot of research. Was difficult to find information. Worked well with others in class. Attended class regularly. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/12/03] Course grade="B+" [5/12/03]

Student 3292 - Fell off the last week and a half. Got a creative measure idea. Email regularly about ideas on domestic abuse. 1st rol="Borderline C+/B-" [2/25/03] Have been doing discussion questions and reading but did slack on creative measures. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/3/03] no 3rd grid form submitted - field mouse [5/6/03] Course grade="?" [5/14/03]

Student 3340 - After reviewing all 5Cs, work so far for this class represents a B. Due to family medical problems, was kind of predisposed. 1st rol="Borderline B/B-" [2/25/03] Accomplished a little bit more. 2nd rol="B-" [4/8/03] Five C's worked on for this role period basically stayed the same as last rol except for culture group meetings and a web review. 3rd rol="Borderline B/B-" [5/8/03] Course grade="B" [5/9/03]

Student 3371 - Attends class. Does discussion questions. Cooperates in groups. Understands "theory, policy, practice." Should work on communicating directly to instructor and creative measures. -- late -- 1st rol="Borderline C/C-" [5/2/03] Excellent edisplay of competence through traditional methods. Continues to show consistency in cooperatoin and competence. Communicates in groups but still needs to do more creative measures. late -- 2nd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/2/03] Understands theories and their relationship to criminal justice and social justice. Was cooperative, competent and consistent in group discussions. Increased communication and participated in and out of class creative measures. 3rd rol="B" [5/6/03] Course grade="B" [5/6/03]

Student 3615 - Contributed quite a bit. But creative measures could have been better communicated. 1st rol="B" [2/26/03] Communicated through email. Participated in class. Attended class. Did two site reviews with dialoguing. 2nd rol="B" [4/5/03] Did one site review though thoroughly dialogued for two as well as researching other topics and emailing. 3rd rol="Borderline B+/A-" [5/6/03] Course grade="B+" [5/8/03]

Student 3622 - Communicating but not showing the learning in communication as should. 1st rol="Borderline C-/C" [2/25/03] Communicating more and working on creative measures. 2nd rol="B-" [4/3/03] Did not continue strong with emailing but got frustrated trying to dialogue. There needs to be more structure. Thought creative measure was to research some topics of interest. 3rd rol="C-" [5/6/03] Course grade="C" [5/13/03]

Student 3814 - Worked hard these five weeks. Have kept up with discussion questions, journal, emailing and looking up words. Keeping busy with creative measures. 1st rol="Borderline B/B+" [3/3/03] Worked really hard on creative measures these last five weeks. Also been to class, participated in group discussions and have had work and readings done on time. Kept up with journal and emailing. 2nd rol="Borderline B+/B" [4/3/03] Tried to keep up on everything. Did a lot of creative measures to keep busy. Read and did the discussion questions. Kept up with journal. Came to class every day. 3rd rol="Borderline B/B+" [5/8/03] Course grade ="B+" [5/8/03]

Student 3899 - Have been proficient on creative measures. Communicated well with Susan and other classmates. Learned from classmates as well as larned from class. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [2/25/03] Improved on creative measures. Communicates more with classmates and shares knowledge. 2nd rol="B-" [4/8/03] Consistent in most areas except for emailing instructor. Learned more this period because kept up with readings. Counted pop quizes. Site visits helpd. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/6/03] Course grade="B-" [5/6/03]

Student 4136 - Strong on all 5Cs because of helping other students, making comments in class, participation on web board and emailing takata and other students in class. 1st rol="Borderline A-/B+" [2/27/03] Worked on completing Cs through emails with professor and other students, class and group discussions. Began to work on creativity more through web board and reading. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B+" [4/3/03] Worked consistently on communication, cooperation, competency and creativity throughout semester. Completed these through emails, speaking up in class, book review and webboard. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [5/6/03] Course grade="A -" [5/8/03]

Student 4198 - Attend classes. Participated in group discussions. Asked other students for help on web board. Communicated with instructor. 1st rol="B-" [3/12/03] Did creative measure on police brutality (book review). Emailed professor current events and articles. Contributed to group discussion. 2bd rol="Borderline B-/B" [4/10/03] Did a lot more creative measures by going to meetings. Researched a topic. 3rd rol="Borderline B+/B" [5/6/03] Course grade="B" [5/8/03]

Student 4290 - Need to email instructor more and come visit more. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [2/27/03] Still need to email more and talk with professor. 2nd rol="Borderline C/C-" [4/8/03] Did the 5Cs but could have emailed and talked to the instructor a little more. 3rd rol="Borderline B/B-" [5/6/03] Course grade="B -" [5/7/03]

Student 4728 - The areas of improvement are consistency and cooperation. 1st rol="C-" [2/25/03] late - Really did not attend classes as much as should have. Did do a few of the 5Cs. 2nd rol="D" [4/23/03] Did not participate with the 5Cs this rol. Did work really hard the last two weeks. Creative measure completed. LATE 3rd rol="D" [5/12/03] Course grade="D+" [5/12/03]

Student 4775 - Have adequately fulfilled 5Cs. 1st rol="B" [2/25/03] Adequately covered the 5Cs and improved in communication on creative measures since last rol. Did all discussion questions. Actively participated in class. 2nd rol="B" [4/18/03] Done all discussion questions. Attended all classes. Was consistent inemail and creative measures (applied to theories). 3rd rol="Borderline B+/A-" [5/8/03] Course grade=B+" [5/8/03]

Student 5241 - Communication is below average, along with cooperation and competence.Consistency is respectable. Creativity increased. 1st rol="C-" [2/25/03] Some communication. Good cooperation. Better consistency. Strong competence. Strong creative measures. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/3/03] Communication increased. Very strong cooperation. Very consistent with many things. Showed great competence. Creative measures were consistent and strong. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/7/03] Course grade="B-" [5/7/03]

Student 5245 - Actively participates. Attends class. Stays on track. Communicates learning, confusion, interests and findings. 1st rol="A" [2/25/03] Actively participates in class. Worked harder than last rol with the Hout journal. Apply learnings and observationis to the journal and class. Communicates learnings and observationis. Put more effort in 2nd rol. 2nd rol="Borderline A-/A" [4/3/03] Worked hard on creative measures. Brought outside knowledge into classroom. Prepared for class. Attended class withi full participation. 3rd rol="A" [5/6/03] Course grade="A" [5/6/03]

Student 5395 - Did get fairly confused on it but did figure it out. Did not email enough. 1st rol="C" [no name grid form claimed] [5/2/03] Spoke up. Did the assignments/questions. Did much more work this five weeks than the first five.2nd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [5/2/03] Attended all classes. Was prepared Finished some creative measures. Was not consistent with emailing instructor. Am never really online. Did attend class. 3rd rol="Borderline C/C-" [5/6/03] Course grade="C - " [5/12/03]

Student 5521 - Need more work on creative measures. Keeping up on readings, notes and in class group questions. 1st rol="Borderline C/C-" [3/3/03] Shown improvement since last rol, especially in creative measures. 2nd rol="B" [4/3/03] Have been emailing and getting info pertaining to creative measures. Been in frequent communication with instructor. 3rd rol="B" [5/6/03] Course grade="B" [5/6/03]

Student 5717 - Communicated in class through email, asking questions and face-to-tace interaction. New and still adapting to this style of teaching. Constantly kept up on readings, discussion questions, dictionary words and journal. Never missed a class. For creative measures, reads newspaper, watched a documentary, check websites. Attended task force meeting. 1st rol="A" [2/26/03] Emailed as well as met with professor to answer questions and who consistency. Never missed class. Did several creative measures. Participated in groups to fully comprehend assignments. 2nd rol="A" [4/3/03] Emailed and asked questions. Shared ideas in class. Attended every class. Worked on notes on journal. Understood each week's theory. Did some creative measures. 3rd rol="A" [5/6/03] Course grade="A" [5/6/03]

Student 5961 - Been doing the readings and discussion questions. Getting use to Dear Habermas. Joined message board. Didn't email too much though. Looked into Minow. 1st rol="Borderline C-/D+" - late [4/30/03] Attended class almost every class. Continued reading Miniow. Read and post on MSN group. Keeping up and trying to get more into creative measures. 2nd rol="C" [4/16/03] Didn't email much but did go talk with Takata about rols and theory. Continued to work on Minow and started a website review. Talked in group and expressed to them opinions. Posted on webboard. 3rd rol="B -" [5/8/03] Course grade="C" [5/9/03]

Student 7236 - Got off to a pretty good start. [vague rol] 1st rol="C" [2/27/03] Slacked on communication and creative measures. Still communicates in class. Came to class regularly. Did okay with creative measures. 2nd rol="Borderline C/C-" [4/4/03] Communicated regularly. Participates in class. Very consistent with class and discussion questions. 3rd rol="Borderline C+/C" [5/6/03] Course grade="C+" [5/6/03] Course grade="C+" [5/7/03]

Student 7262 - Comes to class consistently, Participated in groupwork. Answered discussion questions, but not to best potential. [1st rol="C" [2/27/03] Did a website review and follow-up research on Native Americans and casinos. Answered discussion questions. 2nd rol="B-" [4/8/03] Done two website reviews and one small creative measure. Answered discussion questions and participated in class and via email. Attendance struggled but excelled in other areas. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/6/03] Course grade="B -" [5/9/03]

Student 7322 - The only C lacking was in creativity. Currently working on that. 1st rol="B-" [2/25/03] Have successfully completed all the 5Cs. Creativity is probably weakest C, but better than last time. 2nd rol="B" [4/3/03] Came to class. Did the readings. Understood the topic of discussion Did some creative measures. 3rd rol="Borderline B+/A-" [5/6/03] Course grade="B" [5/11/03]

Student 7369 - Earned a "B" as a result of class attendance, preparation, research and the reading of class materials. 1st rol="Borderline B/B+" [2/27/03] Attended and spoke up at nearly every class. Kept up with readings and generally have been prepared for the discussion questions. Participated in group discussions. E-mailed professor a few times but have had more face-to-face discussions with professor. Currently working on debriefing. 2nd rol="B-"[4/12/03] Class attendance, reading the assignments, journal, speaking up in class, facilitating discussions in groups and because of "face-to-face" communication (and emails) with professor. Came to class prepared for discussion questions. 3rd rol="B" [5/6/03] Course grade="B" [5/8/03]

Student 7583 - Done quite a lot in the first 5 weeks of class. Researched three different topics. Finished Who Moved My Cheese? Have had discussion questions prepared. Spoke up more than usual. Emails have tailed off in the past couple of weeks. 1st rol="Borderline B/B-" [3/16/03] Had a stressful couple of weeks. Didn't meet all the 5Cs. did do the book and website reviews. In small class discussions speaks up a little bit. 2nd rol="C" [4/10/03] Worked on revising website and book reviews (gave you wrong ones). Read chapters in book each week. Was well prepared with answers to weekly questions. Spoke up a lot in small group discussioins. Consistent with emails; some weeks more than others. Did a site visit to RYOC. 3rd rol="B - " [5/9/03] Course grade= "B - " [5/11/03]

Student 7611 - Attended every class, Participated in group or class discussions. Learning and catching on to the system. 1st rol="Borderline B+/A-" [2/25/03] More acquainted with style of learning that is offered. Doen a good job covering the criteria that the 5Cs entail. Consistently prepared and on time always trying to find another way to reach out and expand knowledge. 2nd rol="Borderline B+/A-" [4/3/03] Extremely consistent with the 5Cs adnd learned an excess amount from creative measures and class work. 3rd rol="A" [5/6/03] Course grade="A -" [5/7/03]

Student 7919 - Complete 4 out of 5 Cs of learning. 1st rol="C-" [3/6/03] Worked a little harder than the first 5 weeks. Did more creative measures. Looked up all topics that didn't understand. 2nd rol="C-" [4/18/03] Completed the course work to best of ability. Should have made creative measures known to instructor. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/C" [5/6/03] Course grade="C -" [5/10/03]

Student 8161 - Need to email instructor or see instructor more. Did the 5Cs. 1st rol="Borderline B/B+" [2/25/03] Did the 5Cs. Helped other classmates with explaining some of hte questions. Need to improve -- see professor more, email more. 2nd rol="B-" [4/3/03] Did the 5Cs. Talks out loud in most class. Deals with current events. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/7/03] Course grade="B" [5/7/03]

Student 8274 - Remained consistent with readings and communication. Emailed creative measures and related to class materials and discussions. 1st rol="A" [2/25/03] Communicated thoughts on topics discussed in class and also creative measures. Learning correlations among the groups studied and their own distinct battles. Do not only learn the material but communicates thoughts with other students. 2nd rol="A-" [4/6/03] Remained consistent with readings, creative measures, and emailing thoughts and opinions on topics discussed and researched. Also cooperated in class discussion groups. 3rd rol="A" [5/6/03] Course grade="A" [5/9/03]

Student 8817 - Attended every class. Participated in every discussion. Researching death penalty. Went to task force meeting. 1st rol="B" [2/25/03] Been to class and participated in group and class discussions in every class as well as looking up websites and doing website reviews. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+"[4/16/03] Attended class on a regular basis. Prepared for class and participated in class discussions all the time as well as researched some topics. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/9/03] Course grade="B - " [5/12/03]

Student 8852 - Been a bit overwhelmed with all of the things responsible for. Learned very well abou the Habermas web site, considering confusion a the beginning of the semester and to now. 1st rol="Borderline C-/C" [3/13/03] Attended class. Kept weekly journal entries. Kept up on readinags and have kept a regular dictionary record from the readings. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [4/9/03] Completed the debriefing form for the RYOC site visit as well as the book review for Who Moved my Cheese? . 3rd rol="B-" [5/6/03] Course grade="C" [5/8/03]

Student 8929 - Helped other students in computer lab. Attended most classes. Watched "Two Towns of Jasper" 1st rol="Borderline C+/C" [2/25/03] Communicated well in groups. Cooperates by answering questions. Consistently comes to class. Keeps up on readings. Speaks up in class. Needs to hand in creative measure debriefings and email professor more often. 2nd rol="C-" [5/2/03] Communicated well in class with other students for cooperation. Watched all the movies and answered questions in groups for consistency. Did all readings and attended class on a regular basis. For competence, wrapped up creative measures. 3rd rol="B -" [5/9/03] Course grade="B - " [5/9/03]

Student 9090 - Helped new students adjust. Participated in web board. Speaks up in class consistently. Research topics and relay the info to susan. 1st rol="Borderline B+/B" [3/1/03] Creative measures include researching the use of Native Americans names as school logos by doing a website review. Researched and compared two viewpoints on the legalization of drugs. Attends class. Speaks up regularly. Participates in groupwork. 2nd rol="A-" [4/3/03] Past five weeks, creative measures on a variety of topics. Communicated learning through email and speaking up in class. Consistent by doing a little along the way. 3rd rol="Borderline A/A-" [5/6/03] Course grade="A - " [5/12/03]

Studnet 9105 - Came to class regularly. Kept up with journal. Kept in touch with emailing. Had a few ideas about creative measures. Followed through with one so far. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [2/25/03] Kept in contact with professor. Wrote in journal. For creative measure, did a ridealong, talked with ex con, watched a movie and then looked at a website. Spoke up in group discussions. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B-" [4/8/03] Came to class on a regular basis. Kept up with journal. Attended RCI. Read abook. Looked at a website. Watched a show. Read and discussed a newspaper article. Kept in touch. 3rd rol="B" [5/6/03] Course grade="B" [5/7/03]

Student 9117 - Keeping up on all 5Cs consistently. Got a late start on creativity but been doing well recently. 1st rol="Borderline A-/B+" [2/25/03] Was honest with professor about being behind on creative measures. Caught up a lot on everything during spring break. 2nd rol="B+" [4/3/03] Kept up with creative measures, journal and have come to class. 3rd rol="B" [5/6/03] Course grade="B+" [5/7/03]

Student 9292 - Been doing good. Been prepared with discussion questions. Participating in class and group activities. Emailing has been okay. Need to improve on creativity. 1st rol="B-" [2/25/03] Have been emailing professor often. Participates in group discussions. Completed discussion questions. Kept up with readings. Emailing on research topics. Haven't been on a site visit yet. Speaking out loud in class need to work on. 2nd rol="C" [4/3/03] Improved a lot since first started. Constantly communicating with instructor and other students. Kept up with readings and homework. Attended a site visit and have dialogued on debriefing. Been prepared and participated in gortup discussions. Have done some research and have been watching news for current events. 3rd rol="B" [5/6/03] Course grade="B - " [5/9/03] Course grade="B -" [5/10/03]

Student 9647 - Kept up with readings and dictionary words. Communicating with instructor. Helped students. Pretty consistent throughout this time but a few weeks, forgot to communicate. 1st rol="C" [2/27/03] Attended every class and was prepared everyday. Need to communicate with professor more consistently and do a creative measure. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/C" [4/3/03] Worked well these last few weeks. Communicated with instructor a lot. Prepared for disicussions and readings. Completed creative measures but it came in a day late. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/7/03] Course grade="C" [5/9/03]

Student 9788 - Did emails. Filled out journal. Talked in small group discussions. Came to class. Helped people with Dear Habermas. Read Who Moved My Cheese? and submitted review. 1st rol="B/B+" [2/25/03] Did emails. Talked in small group discussion. Filled out journal, grid form. Came to class every day. Learned through class discussions and research. Dialogued about Who Moved My Cheese?. Starting death penalty research. 2nd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [4/4/03] Did emails. Talked in group discussions and to instructor. Came to class. Did journal and grid form. Consistently came to class and did journa-grid form. Learned thorugh coming to class, group discussions and creativity. 3rd rol="Borderline C+/C" [5/6/03] Course grade="B -" [5/7/03]

Student 9848 - Communication for first five weeks very weak. When was in class, was cooperative and consistent. 1st rol="C-" [3/8/03] Rol nice because worked on creative measure the most. Communication increased as well through email and talking to people. 2nd rol="Borderline C/C-"[5/2/03] Able to research topic on own, though was not communicated. Did a lot more work. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/6/03] Course grade="C" [5/12/03]

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