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Created: December 10, 2001
Latest Update: December 10, 2001

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Sharing with Peers and Instructors

On Monday, Decemer 10, 2001, Ruth Woods wrote:

Hi Jeanne:

I must say that I am impressed with comments from my peers, and your responses as they write what they feel. Most of all expressing their feelings and linking it with what was learned for the semester in class. I don't really feel that I have done that, or I don't feel confident as other students.

Although, I am not a sociology major and the concepts are new to me, I feel I should have grasped more. The concept for student learning that you have set in place is more effective. I normally just sit back in class and take notes. When I first entered your class I was intimidated, because I don't share, and most instructors do not encourage class participation as you do. So, I guess what I am trying to say is thank you. I will not give up until I feel more confident with speaking and sharing with peers and instructors.


On Monday, December 10, 2001, jeanne responded: