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Created: January 22, 2005
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  • Winter Break 2005 Lectures in Chronological Order
  • Spring 2005 Lectures in Chronological Order

    Index of jeanne's blogs: My World and Welcome to It Spring 2005, in chronological order. This is where you'll find my lectures, offering theory and conceptual links.

  • Is There a Minister, er Rabbi, er Buddhist in the House? Church Attendance: My World on May 19, 2005. On the Air Force Academy and the exclusion of Other religions. In response to Miko. jeanne

  • Imaginative Activism: My World on May 18, 2005 On the Devil and Lilith.

  • Christian Behavior and the Homeless: My World on May 17, 2005. I talk about how to get an A in this blog. jeanne

  • To Laugh or Cry? My World on May 16, 2005 A brief analysis of why we laugh at posters like that of Condi as the leader of the armed services.

  • Our Expectations Deceive Us: It's a Dinosaur. My World and Welcome to It on May 13, 2005 Reminds us of how even pictures are distorted to meet our expectations. Perspective is a fact of life.

  • Scenes of Heaven and Earth "Adamu Tesfaw, a former priest in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, paints visions spiritual and secular."

    Present Social Issues on Appointments of Federal Judges

  • On Judge Janice Rogers Brown Opposed to nomination.
  • California Supreme Court Justices: Associate Justice Janice Rogers Brown. Note that she worked with and was appointed by Governor Pete Wilson.
  • The worldview of Judge Janice Rogers Brown... Information on Judge Janice Rogers Brown. Backup
  • Janice Rogers Brown Revisited Posted by Kieran Healy on The Crooked Timber site. Healy is a sociologist at the University of Arizona. Backup
  • Judge doesn't deserve the Dixiecrat treatment Article by Harold Johnson, Timothy Sandefur in the San Francisco Chronicle, May 2, 2005. Backup.

    Issues of Right and Wrong and Religious Morality on Pornography, Sexuality and Belief

  • Reaction Formations, a Continuing Saga Details here (from a conservative Christian magazine); an excerpt: Leiter Reports. Speculates on why born again Christians continue to frequent porn sites on the Internet. I'll post more on this soon. But I need you to be aware of these issues. jeanne
  • Porn Again Article on which Reaction Formations (supra is based. Backup
  • Backup of A statement from the student (who asked Scalia if he sodomized his wife) Facing sexuality. What does it mean to remove privacy significance from acts engaged in by both heterosexuals and homosexuals? How will you know the crime has been committed? How far may the law go in entering the privacy of our bedrooms? Backup
  • I wasn't a Christian Post of May 6, 2005 on Crooked Timber by Ted Barlow. On the moral right of torturing someone different, in this case, a homosexual. I think we'll want to consider this extensively in Love 1A next Fall. jeanne Backup
  • Group Details Air Force Academy Religious Bias "A report warns of costly litigation if intolerance at the campus is allowed to continue. It describes required prayers and proselytizing." by David Kelly, Los Angeles Times, April 29, 2005. At p. A16. Backup.
  • The Blue Angels? The U.S. Air Force Academy is targeted by secularists. by Hugh Hewitt. May 5, 2005. In the Weekly Standard, a right perspective news source. Backup.

    Beginning to Look at How Issues of Difference Fit Morally into Education

  • Social Conscience, Junior Division Backup of New York Times article Backup that illustrates deep differences in how the rich and the others are prepared by their education for later life. See "Justice as Fairness, Deep Down: My World and Welcome to It on May 9, 2005
  • 'Great Crime' at Abu Ghraib Enrages and Inspires an Artist by Juan Ferero in the New York Times, at p. A 8, May 8, 2005. Backup. The artist is Fernando Botero, one of the most famous of Latin American contemporary artists.

    Sri Lankan Maids Pay Dearly for Perilous Jobs Overseas NY Times, May 9, 2005, At p. A1. Backup.

  • Rethinking Liberal Education: Choice, Discovery and Judgment. Paper in Progress on site of Harry Brighouse.
    "Although it predominates in the discipline of political philosophy, egalitarian liberalism has been neglected by educationists. In this paper I want to address a particular objection to John Rawls’s version of egalitarian liberalism that has great currency in theoretical educational circles: that liberalism presupposes a conception of the self that is radically disassociated from its historical and social situation. According to this objection, the liberal focus on personal autonomy is misleading, because it is based on a false view of what selves consist in. This objection is important for educationists: if true, it either casts doubt on liberalism as a normative theory or casts doubt on its usefulness for guiding pedagogy and policy, since educators (and designers of education policy) have to be attentive to the actual situations of the children they teach. In particular, if the objection holds, educators are wrong to promote, or facilitate, the children’s autonomy: instead they should be guide children to learn about their embedded selves, and the place of those selves in their social situations.

    I shall argue that the objection fails. But I shall also argue that the alternative view of the self posed by theorists moved by this objection is deeply unsatisfactory, because it can give no account of moral responsibility, and because it supports a certain kind of moral complacency. I shall then try to articulate some of the pedagogical and policy implications of understanding the liberal view of the self in the right way."

    This brief and perhaps tentative introduction situates the concerns of the paper with respect to Rawl's theory of justice. It further delineates the concerns as between the collective and the individual. We will be addressing those very same issues in Love 1A this Fall. I suggest that you look at Prof. Brighouse's ideas. jeanne

  • Crossing Cardinal Nein By Alessandra Stanley. Sunday, April 24, 2005. Backup. This article will give you some idea of the present social issues as they will be affected by the election of this theologically conservative cardinal as Pope. See blogs for lectures. jeanne
  • A High-Tech Lynching in Prime Time By Frank Rich. Sunday, April 24, 2005. Backup. This article on the Religious Right attack on gays and gay marriage includes Senator Frist's medically unsupported statement that AIDS can be spread by sweat and tears. This illustrates his willingness to use non-facts to attack the position he believes to be correct. You already know what jeanne will say to that. None of us has "the right answer" to present social issues like the accuracy of our belief that "Our God" is the "right God" or that sexuality is only acceptable as we practice it. More later. See blogs for lectures. jeanne
  • Bloodied Marines Sound Off About Want of Armor and Men New York Times. April 25, 2005. At p. A1.Backup. Marines speak of their lack of supplies, breaking the traditional code of silence. WE will discuss answerability and codes of silence. See blogs for lectures. jeanne
  • A Hundred Cellphones Bloom, and Chinese Take to the Streets New York Times. April 25, 2005. At p. A1. Backup. The code of silence imposed by the Chnese government was partially superceded by citizens use of their cell phones. See blogs for lectures.. jeanne
  • Illegal Immigration Fears Have Spread: Populist calls for tougher enforcement are being heard beyond the border states. Los Angeles Times. April 25, 2005. At p. A 1. Backup. Workers from chicken factories in the South angered by immigrants taking their jobs. How did the immigrants know to come there unless someone wanted them there for cheap labor? Follow the money. Lecture up soon. jeanne
  • The Oblivious Right By Paul Krugman. NY Times. April 25, 2005. Backup. This op-ed column brings up the importance of illocutionary understanding, though Klugman doesn't call it that. He speaks of how the Bush administration speaks and listens only to corporate America and the religious right. jeanne
  • Global Week of Action April 10 - 16, 2005. Setting the people's agenda. " We are all calling for Trade Justice not Free Trade" I said in yesterday's blog " International trade and labor force issues in a later semester, though I keep thinking I've retired." Well, yes, I have sort of retired, but present social issues don't go away. This would be a good reference point for those of you who share my concerns over trade and the trade deficit. This came to my attention through the sculptor, Jens Galschiot. My art world ties. More soon. jeanne

  • Interdependence of Disciplines within the Liberal Arts Tradition The importance of cutting across disciplinary boundaries if you are to adequately understand the present context of our infrastructure. Added April 2, 2005.
  • Wolfowitz and the Presidency of the World Bank Principle of interdependence of disciplinary approach in "blue sky" research applied to current events that really do affect us all. Added April 2, 2005.
  • The Bounds of Religious Art as a Present Social Issue Short lecture on how religion and values of hate and forgiveness permeate our treatment of the visual iconology of our religions. Relates to NY Times article on Russia Fines Museum Aides for Art Said to Ridicule Religion. Added April 2, 2005.
  • Religious Art as a Present Social Issue Lecture relating to the acceptability of wearing religious art and the bounds we set to that.

  • Do You Believe in Evolution and Why? This brief response to Sarah explains what jeanne believes and will give your further insight into her perspective so that you can better fit it into your own perspective. Add March 30, 2005.
  • Backup of The God Racket, From DeMille to DeLayBy Frank Rich. Added march 27, 2005.
  • Backup of Gospel for Both Sides of the Aisle The evangelism of the Rev. Jim Wallis defies stereotypes: He preaches a conservative morality but condemns 'pro-rich, pro-war' views. Added March 28, 2005.
  • Nietzsche's statement that God is dead With references online. Added March 28, 2005.
  • Break, Blow, Burn: Well Versed This is a book review of Camille Paglia's new book on explicating poetry. The reviewer, Clive James, suggests that she does a wonderful job of guiding her intended audience, young college readers, to an understanding of the poetry. I haven't got the book yet, but am hoping to get it soon. Sounds like a great deal for those of you who enjoy poetry. She reviews Sylvia Plath's Daddy, including both the fetish with father and husband, Ted Hughes. The review of that book alone makes me want to read the whole thing. In case you don't remember, Camille Paglia is a bit outre. She has a passion for taking on feminists, and other sundry traditions. But this reviewer finds her first rate in her understanding of great poetry. jeanne Added March 27, 2005.

  • Seeing What We Expect to See Started lecture on how expectations, including religious expectations, affect our perspective. Added March 16, 2005.
  • jeanne's Beliefs as a Starting Point Started on the morning of March 17, 2005.

    What's Third World Now?: Democracy, Capitalism and the Global Picture Started essay on the presidency of the World Bank. The U.S. holds the right to name the President. What does this suggest in terms of domination, global democracy, and the spiritual values we hold that all God's creatures have certain entitlements, even though we can't quite agree on either God or what those entitlements are? Also, with Mr. Bush's strong emphasis on the U.S. as a Christian nation, what might that suggest that we always name the president of the World Bank? Added March 2, 2005.

  • Fiorina Called Candidate for World Bank. New York Times article on Wednesday, March 2, 2005. Backup.
  • The Spiritual Role in Medical Recovery Doctors begin to look towards illocutionary discourse with and about their patients. Added February 28, 2005.
  • Harsh Medicine First in a Series of Articles in the New York Times on Health Care for the Incarcerated. Important series. Relates to religion, as does the immigration piece, by requiring that we judge who shall receive what as entitlement. That judgment is based on economic, political, and spiritual values.
  • Spirituality and Entitlement Problems as Dutch try to cope with immigration. Added February 28, 2005.
  • Planning for Naked Space Exhibit Spring 2005. Added February 28, 2005.
  • The Power of Story Telling
  • Review of Telling Tales: On Evaluation and Narrative. Advances in Program Evaluation, Volume 6 edited by Tineke Abma. Backup. JAI press, 1999.

  • Corrections and Celebrity Only the article up so far. Will get up lecture on how our values are reflected in cultural response over and above the formal criminal justice system. I'd like to tie this back to our sense of values, what's wrong, what's right, and how those values are translated into the culture that is inter-related to the formal system of justice. Anti-heroes will come up. jeanne February 3, 2005.

  • Sunni and Shiite Fundamentalism in the Middle East Interactive Graphic on Middle Eastern situation. New York Times. January 30, 2005.

  • Homecoming: Aftern the Tsunami Photo Essay from the New York Times Week in Review. Does the photo essay help make the event more real for you? Could you imagine a piece of art or music that might have a similar effect? January 30, 2005.

  • Faith-Based Work: Learning to Work Together Lecture and Discussion Questions based on New York Times article on Faith Based Activities at the NFL Super Bowl. January 30, 2005.

  • Notes on Armstrong's Introduction to Battle for God Added some material.

  • Professional Activities with Students, Fall 2004 This version had to go in quickly. Some of you may want to help me develop it further by giving me brief summaries of where you fit in these activities. Reports are important, and we can make copies, so you can have one. jeanne

  • Ellen Gallagher in her SoHo studio with her new work, "DeLuxe." Backup of Edward Lewine article in the NY Times on Ellen Gallagher, a black woman artist who has a new show at the Whitney and whose subject matter is the portrayal of the black woman. This goes to body image and race and the visual component of our understanding of race and gender. Lecture up soon. jeanne

  • Never Retire William Safire's columnn on his retirement from the NY Times. Lecture up soon. Topic: What is retirement? Where does it fit into our script for life? And that will include race, gender, and aging. jeanne

  • Lies and Mercenaries? What Lies? Don't You Believe in Freedom? Pulls together a number of reactions to the Inaugural Speech in terms of social construction of concepts like freedom, and the conflict between premodern and modern positions of fear and threat. Discussion questions up later. January 23, 2005.

  • Lies and Mercenaries First lecture for Spring, trying to tie together disagreements with what was said at and about the inauguration's presentation of concepts and the reaction of many who disagree. Conceptual link to our religious beliefs, to agape, or the altruistic love of humans for themselves and Others, and the reality of some of the facts that are out there, on the Internet, but that do not appear in our media.Discussion Questions included. January 22, 2005.

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