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"Scholars for University of Chicago Reject Changes"

New York Times article by Ethan Bronner, "U. of Chicago President, Who Sought to Revise the Core Curriculum, Will Return to Teaching," page A9, Saturday, June 5, 1999. Problems superficially similar to those felt by universities around the country led to controversy: updated curriculum, appeal to a broader and more diverse group of students, revitalization of the campus community, and the President's loss of faculty and student consensus are described. NYTimes.

In opposition to these changes, "an ad hoc group of nationally known conservative intellectuals called Scholars for the University of Chicago" was formed. "Among those involved were the author Saul Bellow, the sociologist David Riesman and the educator, Mortimer J. Adler."

Recall that no placement of any individual on a spectrum by others, or even by themselves, tells the whole story in all situations. But recognize that, in this instance, these scholars were willing to accept membership in this group, which Ethan Bronner calls "conservative."

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