The Limits of Capitalism An Approach to Globalization Without Neoliberalism Wim Dierckxsens Departamento Ecumenico de Investigaciones, Costa Rica Here is a trenchant critique of globalization under the sign of neo-liberal economic policies, and a powerful proposal for a different and democratic way forward. It argues that the political Achilles Heel of globalization is that it is taking place without the engagement of citizens at large, or even consulting them. The author argues that the neo-liberal mindset cannot appreciate the differences between economic efficiency and vitality or between productive and unproductive investment, and has no notion of the Common Good. Whether judged in terms of its democratic deficit, or in environmental terms or even economic performance, the case against neoliberal global capitalism is overwhelming. 'Provides an excellent insight into the limited logic of neoliberalism, and paints a clear and systematic picture of the world's likely future at the start of the new century if this doctrine is not abandoned.' - Franz Hinkelammert 'This is an excellent analysis from a third world perspective of the globalisation process. It gives a clear and well-founded insight into the growing contradictions between the haves and the have-nots, and how this system might come to an end more sooner rather than latter. The discussion of what might be the future and what options to neoliberalism exist is without any doubt the most important contributions of this book.' - Gerrit Huizer 'The failing of the MAI at the OECD in Paris in April 1998 and the huge protests against the WTO round started in Seattle in December 1999 have shown not only the limits of neoliberalism and its ever deeper contradictions, but also the emergence of a new vision of building a more equal and fair global society. This book gives an excellent insight into the emergence of this process and its future.' - François Houtart Introduction: Neoliberalism without a Future: Towards an Alternative Paradigm 1. Efficiency versus the Common Good 2. Globalization and the Casino Economy 3. Globalization: The Origin of Borderless Private States 4. Globalization: The Creation of a World Labour Market 5. Globalization: The Origin of Private States without Citizens 6. Toward a Citizen-based Alternative Tables Figures Figures Tables Bibliography Index Metric Demy 192pp 1 85649 868 9 £ 45.00 $ 65.00 1 85649 869 7 £ 14.95 $ 22.50 EC/PS/SO