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Live Out Loud
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jeanne's first version of live out loud.


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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: December 21, 2005
Latest Update: December 21, 2005

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The card is pictured above.

Things you'll need:

  • 1 sheet of 18" by 12" construction paper - ask Ruben where he gets it
  • 1 stamp you like - I used my Live Out Loud stamp
  • Stamp pad in color that you like with the color of the card stock
  • Pattern for the guelph you want to use for the card - I used one that shows both guelph and a heart
  • Piece of coordinating ribbon, 1/4", about 12" long
  • Stick of glue
  • Scissors

Finished Card

Card front of Live Out Loud Card back of Live Out Loud

Card Front . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Card Back

Inside of Live Out Loud Dolls card.

Card Open, untied. Note that ribbon is firmly attached to back, so that it just hangs open.

Card open to Live Out Loud Dolls side:

Live Out Loud Dolls side of card.

Title for card, should you wish to use it for something:

Approximate Model from which I started:

Live Loud model A guelph who brings love to our world. jeanne


I started with the 12" by 18" construction paper sheet, and cut a 5" piece off the long side. Then I folded it in half, and folded each half in half again. I used a bone folder (OK, so I used a knife; I couldn't find the silly bone folder.) and made sure the card pages would fold easily.

Here's an illustration where I folded first, then cut, but you can do it either way:

Fold forward, then backward, then forward. It's a good idea to make your card so that it opens from right to left for the front, since that's how we open our books in English.

I stamped my card as soon as I had the whole long piece cut and folded. You'll cut away some of your stamping when you cut around the model, but that's intended. Try to use a stamp that's big enough to get that effect. (Well, unless you want a different effect.)

Remember not to follow rules; make it up as you go. Look at the whole layout, then make the model bigger or smaller (you can make it larger with Paint, but not smaller, so e-mail me if you need a smaller one, and I'll print one for you). Notice that guelphs have innovative shapes. Draw outside the lines. Make the shape your own. Play. It's good for you. And you can have credit for it in No Child Left Behind; so tell your friends it's homework.

Place the model on the folded and stamped card, as you want it to open. Draw around the model, being sure to end each of the model's four appendages on a fold, so that it stays together. If the model doesn't quite fit just adjust your cutting so that there's at least a quarter inch of fold left for each "arm" and "leg." Those pieces of fold are what hold the card together.

With the guelph paper doll drawn, cut it out (watching not to cut the little pieces of fold that hold it together. If you cut inside the outline you've drawn, your figure will come out just about the size of the model you used, so it's easy to do. You don't have to cut it perfectly. No rules. Don't color in the lines. Remember?

Once you've cut out your guelph doll card, put your message on the inside. ( The part you didn't stamp!)

Then take your ribbon, and glue the center of the ribbon to the back cover doll by pasting a scrap piece of stamped construction paper that's left over from your cutting. That will hold your ribbon on when the card is untied, so the card can be opened and reclosed as often as you like. A satin ribbon will last longer than a paper ribbon if that matters to you. I used satin.

Now tie your ribbon and give it to someone. Or keep if for yourself if you'd like. You've just made your Guelph World a little more loveable.

Now, this is how I meant to teach you to make cards and boxes and books. And then reality happened. Oh, well. I probably wouldn't want God's job anyway, even if he'd let me have it for a while. We humans do the best we can. I'd tell you that I'll have all your instructions printed this way for No Child Left Behind, but you know me too well to believe that. Reality just keeps happening to us humans. But it's a lot of fun, anyway, and we can make ours a more loveable world. We count.

Important Note (Nota Bene):

If you don't have construction paper, use something else, like newspaper or a brown bag. If it isn't as long as you'd like, glue several pieces together - that works. If you don't have a stamp and an ink pad, cut out pictures from a magazine or flyer and use them. Just glue them on. If you don't have ribbon, use string, or a scrap of material cut in a strip, or a paper clip, or whatever. Live out loud. Go around the barriers; don't sit there and ponder them. Answerability means you have a voice. Use it. Trust me. You'll like it.

* * * * *

Make a New Year's guelph card:

How could you use this for the New Year for social justice? Pick a subject you'd like to talk about. Maybe the New York subway strike in which the union is demanding retirement at 55 with full pension for its workers. How do you feel about retirement at 55, given the problems we face today with pensions and with an aging population? What might you put on your card for words?

How about on the card front:

Pensions New Year model front.

Then the card's insides: Pensions New Year inside card. Pensions New Year inside card.

Pensions New Year inside card. Pensions New Year inside card.

Would you like to make a Guelph Crocodile folding card? Try the model below, being sure to put the sections marked in orange on the folds.

jeanne's favorite crocodile stamp

Pick an issue. Say what you think. Be informed. Engage everyone you know and meet in governance discourse. These are the issues we live by.

Happy New Year, and Vote in 2006! love and peace, jeanne

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