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Local Campus and Community Sites have recommended readings and activities for specific classes on specific local sites. These are the first places for our students to check to stay in touch. But access is open on Dear Habermas and all are welcome to join in our discussions. To find material by topics refer to the Thematic Index: Site Map.

Campus: California State University, Dominguez Hills

Faculty Team Member: E-Mail Icon Jeanne Curran
Class Pages:
Reference Numbers for Classes
Contemporary Social Theory: Sociology 355-01
Statistics: Sociology 220
Love and Peace: Sociology 395-03
Distributive Justice, Undergraduate Section: Sociology 395-04
Distributive Justice, Graduate Section: Sociology 595-02

Campus: Hesston College

Faculty Team Member: E-Mail IconDwight Roth
Class Pages:
Introduction to Sociology
Cultural Anthropology

Campus: Indiana University

Faculty Team Member: E-Mail Icon Hal Pepinsky.
Class Pages:
Syllabus for Seminar on Feminist Jsutice
Syllabus for Alternative Social Control Systems

Campus: North Colorado Senior Adult Forum

Faculty Team Member: E-Mail Icon Charles Notess.
Class Pages:
Responses to Uncertainty in a Complex Changing World

Campus: University of Wisconsin, Parkside

Faculty Team Member: E-Mail Icon Susan Takata
Class Pages:
Sociology of Law

Campus: The Women's Room

Faculty Team Adjunct Member: E-Mail Icon Robyn McGee
Robyn is located in the Women's Center at CSUDH, but the Women's Room of Dear Habermas is meant to serve all our campuses.