Suggested Visual Projects:

Note: Start thinking about ideas for your creative measures. Must relate to "law and social change." Must be approved before starting your creative measure. Cannot be something that you are doing or have done for another course. Research cannot be 100% online (i.e., google, askjeeves). Must conduct library research using scholarly works, (not the popular press -- Time Magazine, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated). You will need to submit a bibliography with each project. No term papers! Allow time to dialogue and present your creative measure in class. Email me your ideas ASAP!

  • Examine how various writers from a diversity of disciplines and fields discuss the future. Are they optimistic or pessimistic? Why.
  • What is the mass media's images of the future? Why.
  • Read one of the recommended books listed below on the future.

    Recommended Readings:

    • George Ritzer. The McDonaldization of Society.
    • Gordon Fellman. . Rambo and the Dalai Lama: The Compulsion to Win and Its Threat to Human Survival.
    • Jurgen Habermas. Between Facts and Norms.
    • Charles Derber. People Before Profit.
    • Paul Klugman. The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century.
    • Michael Moore. Dude, Where's My Country?

      --- Jurgen Habermas. Between Facts and Norms.
      --- Martha Minow. Making All the Difference: Exclusion, Inclusion and American Law. Check out this link Martha Minow on the Dear Habermas site.

    Self-Assessment Questions for each Visual Project:

    1. List the names of the individuals in your group. What did you do exactly for this visual project? (If in a group, explain the division of labor and your individual contribution to this visual project).
    2. Briefly explain how your visual project relates to "law and social change" (i.e., the readings, the documentaries). What did you learn?
    3. Assess how the 6Cs apply to your visual project, with special attention on competence and creativity. What is your visual project self-assessment (provide a letter grade) ___ ? Why.

    Course Syllabus for CRMJ/SOCA 352 "Law and Social Change"

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