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Reports of Learning, CRMJ/SOCA 352, Law & Social Change - Spring 2002

Evidence of Learning
Interactive Discourse

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update: May 16, 2002
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Reports by Number Assigned

These short statements of our joint perceptions of your learning are growing from our review of the records and our experiences in class. In a cooperative learning world, in which our objective is to help each other gain critical insights, what should matter, instead of "grades" is such a report. Learning that I can tell you I have seen, either directly or through some of your work, and that you can confirm. That is learning accountability.

As we gain skill at this, a paragraph of recommendation should be your goal for the end of each course, each semester. If you were to realize that this is how I will end the course, and you were to want the best possible recommendation of your learning, we could interactively check our respective records all semester, and the recommendations could be detailed and helpful to all who want to know about your learning. Visit Letters of Recommendation for clues on how to do this.

Special Note: If your third rol and course grades are not resolved by 12 noon central time on Monday, May 13th, the rols and course grades will become "F's."

The third ROL period was from Week 11 through Week 15 (March 31 - May 3, 2002). The criteria for grading were the 5Cs -- communication, cooperation, consistency, competency, and creativity in conjunction with your latest grade form that I have on file. Also considered is Bloom and Krathwohl's taxonomy of learning: latent learning, recognition, recall, application, analysis, evaluation and synthesis. If your grade has not been resolved, please email me or see me in my office as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Explanation of my comments:
-- Grade will be posted when grade is agreed upon.
-- Slightly underrated (under by 1 grade)
-- Underrated (under by 2 grades)
-- Slightly overrated (over by 1 grade)
-- Overrated (over by 2 grades)
-- Way overrated (over by 3 grades)
-- Way, way overrated (over by 4 grades)
-- Extremely overrated (over by 5 or more grades)

For example, a student assesses ROL at an "A" and my response is "way overrated" (meaning that my assessment is 3 grades lower than the student's assessment), which would be a grade of "B".

Updated on May 16, 2002

Student 124 - Class participation is going well. Have done all that was required and a little more. 1st rol="C+" [2/23] Worked harder than previous ROL period. Stepped up all of the 5Cs. 2nd rol="C-" [5/6] Gone beyond just active dialogue. Submitted debriefing and website review. Creative measures have shown improvement. Can be seen by how it relates to four sociological theories. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/C" [5/13] Course Grade="C" [5/13]

Student 181 - Demonstrated the 5Cs to a fair degree and will show more competence and creativity at later date. 1st rol="C" [2/22] Displayed greater degree of the 5Cs. Put a lot more effort into the class especially with creativity. 2nd rol="B-" [3/29] Participated in a lot more class related activities. Did a debriefing on Ellsworth. Got A- on midterm. 3rd rol="A-" [sparse grid] [5/8] Course Grade="B+" [5/10]

Student 436 - Tried hard and been successful in doing everything asked and then some. Spoke out loud and brought in current event. 1st rol="B-" [3/1] Have done same amount of work except gotten more done in creative measures. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [4/15] Have done the same work but have added even more creative measures. 3rd rol="D" [5/10] Course Grade="C-" [5/10]

Student 669 - For creativity, racial profiling, field trips. Watched movie. Read "Gold Stars." Reacts to class. Emails consistently. Working with students in and out of class. Speaking in class and emails. 1st rol="B+" [2/20] Competence speaks up in class, emails regarding pass/prepareds. Prepared for assignments. Creativity on death penalty, racial profiling, Arabs, child violence and attended trial. 2nd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [4/10] Emails whereabouts, dialogues and pass/prepareds. Cooperation in class. Consistency with pass/prepareds and working in groups. Competence by speaking up in class. Arrigo theories related to emails sent. Creative measures related to Arrigo theories. 3rd rol="B-" [5/9] Course Grade="B" [5/9]

Student 775 - Kept up with assignments.Was in class everyday. Had good group discussions. Prepared for class. Lacked in creativity. Taking the exam. 1st rol="B-" [3/4] Came to class everyday. Did pass/prepareds. Did web review. Started a new one. Kept up with class notes and journal. Signed up for field trip. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/B" [4/24] Worked hard to get creative measures done along with active dialoguing. Kept up with pass/prepareds. Have been in class. Went on two field trips. Did one book review, and two website evaluations. Have improved. 3rd rol="B+" [5/12] Course Grade="B" [5/12]

Student 1300 - Communicated prepared. Worked in groups in and outside of class. Consistently in class prepared. Shows compoetence by understanding the materials and speaking out in class. Started research on police treatment. 1st rol="B" [2/20] Communicated learning t hrough emails and in class discussions. Participated in class and group discussions to demonstrate cooperation. Worked in small study grou outside of class to discuss pass/prepareds. Consistently prepared for class. Shown competence by speaking and have been doing additional research on racial preference act and observing court cases. 2nd rol="C-" [4/8] Shown good communication by speaking out in class on various topics. Communicates progress on research. Cooperates by working well in groups and classs discussions. Shows competence by doing the readings and being prepared for class. Researching topic and attended one site visit. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/10] Course Grade="B-" [5/13]

Student 1519 - Shares knowledge in discussion. Keeping journal. [6 blank self tests. no creativity] 1st rol="C" [2/15] Attends class regularly. Discussed views and showed competence in class. [late rol] 2nd rol="Borderline D+/C-" [4/1] Shared learning in class. Did debriefing and creative measure but slipped on attendance. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [5/10] Course Grade="C-" [5/10]

Student 1617 - Didn't communicate the first week; needed an email address. Was not present for four classes, however done all the assignments. Helped people to better understand teaching system. Emailed about some possible research topics. [3 blank self tests] 1st rol="C+" [2/15] Prepared all days but one. Only missed one class. Been doing creative research on restorative justice. Have been emailing thoughts on class discussions. 2nd rol="B" [3/29] Done a lot of research on RJ. Did debriefing with dialogue. Commented on a lot of class discussions. Did miss two classes and two self tests. Linked a lot of the theories to research and real life situations. 3rd rol="B+" [5/10] Course Grade="B" [5/10]

Student 1644 - Kept in constant communication with professor via email. Participated in all group activities. Haven't missed a class. Have done all exercises. Have a fair understanding of topics discussed. 1st rol="B-" [4/3] Lack of communication during Week 8. Since still kept communicating overall. Prepared for almost all questions. 2nd rol="D+" [4/14] Creativity was picked up a great deal. Have a better understanding of theories. 3rd rol="Borderline C+/C" [5/10] Course Grade="C+" [5/13]

Student 2378 - Kept up with the 5Cs. Done all assigned readings. Only missed one class. Been prepared for all group discussions. 1st rol="B+" [3/3] Last four weeks, done more creative measures and remained consistent on the other 5Cs. nd rol="C" [4/16] Worked really hard this rol period. Improved in all 5Cs. Spoken up more in class. Added some creative measures. Have applied Arrigo theories to them. 3rd rol="Borderline B/B-" [5/10] Course Grade="B-" [5/11]

Student 2552 - Through assigned readings and the in depth group discussions, learned a lot about the class. Read, participated ing orup discussion. Used free time to reflect on readings and write in journal everyday. 1st rol="B-" [2/21] Have complied in all areas of 5Cs. Engaged in group discussions. Read and kept up with Habermas pass/prepareds. Emails. 2nd rol="C-" [5/10] Read. Attended class. Did debriefing. Talked in discussion groups. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [5/10] Course Grade="C" [5/10]

Student 2749 - Shown all the 5Cs except need more creativity. 1st rol="B-" [2/20] Shown all 5Cs except for creativity is lacking a lot. 2nd rol="C-" [4/10] Shown all the 5Cs throughout the last term. Creative measures have improved greatly. 3rd rol="B" [5/8] Course Grade="B-"

Student 2815 - Creativity is slacking. Have proposed projects in the works. 1st rol="B-" [2/21] Creative scholarship boosted up. Have three interviews coming up and other research current events. 2nd rol="B-" [4/22] Grapsed all 5Cs abetter than first and second time. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [5/11] Course Grade="B-" [5/11]

Student 3331 - No rol noted. [2/15] Improvement in creative measures. Finally getting comfortable and understanding what is expected in this grading system. [overrated. limited creativity] [4/4] 3rd rol/grid not submitted [5/8] Course Grade="F" [5/16]

Student 3413 - For first third of class, attendance, participation, discussion and doing required course material. 1st rol="B-" [2/22] With more creativity for this portion of class, along with regular participation, attendance and communication... 2nd rol="C+" [4/12] From the work turned in, emails, continuous communication in class and outside of class participation, field trips, cooperateds in and out of class, being consistent cooperating with everyone, showing competence by speaking and listening. Doing more creativity at the end. 3rd rol="C+" [5/10] Course Grade="B-" [5/10]

Student 3436 - Field mouse. No grid or grade form. [2/15] Field mouse still. [no 2nd rol/grid submitted] [4/4] 3rd rol/grid not submitted [5/8] Course Grade="F" [5/16]

Student 3647 - Speaking in class, via email to professor. Helping new students. Consistent in attendance, emails and doing pass/prepareds. Competence by sharing understandiing in class. Starting creative scholarship. Attended workshop on campus. 1st rol="B+" [2/22] Complied with the 5Cs by communicating my productivity of my creative scholarship and class assignments. Cooperation in group discussions. Consistent in journal and attendance. Competent based on class input. Creativity, comparison and contrast of book and preparing interviews questions. 2nd rol="B" [3/29] Based on 5Cs, have shown an exceptional amount of ways of communicating by email, face-to-face. Cooperation by participating in group discussions. Consistent in completing debriefings but lack a little bit of communicaiton. Showed competence by sharing knowledge. Showed creativity through research on racial profiling. 3rd rol="B" [5/11] Course Grade="B+" [5/11]

Student 3709 - Accomplished the 5Cs. Participate a lot in class. 1st rol="B-" [2/21] Regularly participates in class. Completed all prepareds. Improved communicating creative measures. 2nd rol="B+" [4/5] Accomplished all the 5Cs. Completed all prepareds. Communicated creative measures weekly. Participates in class. 3rd rol="Borderline B+/B" [5/8] Course Grade="B+" [5/9]

Student 3759 - Executed all of the 5Cs except for one. 1st rol="C+" [4/6] Did a creative measure and participated in class. Communicated and grid shows competence of learning. 2nd rol="B-" [4/6] Learned a lot. Did not live up to potential. Missed a few classes and a pass/prepared. 3rd rol="D" [5/10] Course Grade="C" [5/10]

Student 3772 - Field mouse. No grid or grade forms. [2/15] Still a field mouse. [no 2nd grid/ROl submitted. [4/4] 3rd rol/grid not submitted. [5/8] Course Grade="F" [5/16]

Student 3985 - No grade submitted. Getting back into rhythm. Done with catch up in other classes. Will be able to focus more on this class. [excused absence] 1st rol=no grade [4/15] Emailed pass/prepareds. Took exam 1. Shown up in class and works on group assignments. Creative scholarship lacking. Did look up some articles for class. Kept journal. 2nd rol="Borderline D+/C-" [3/29] Came to class and contributed to both group and class discussions several times. Attended Ellsworth site visit and resubmitted debriefing. Took exam 2. 3rd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [5/11] Course Grade="C" [5/12]

Student 4243 - Attending class. Working with groups. Doing research. Communicating with professor about research issue. Cooperation in all areas. 1st rol="B+" [2/23] Have done considerable learning through meeting with groups, consistent research and dialogue, attending class and contributing to discussions. nd rol="A" [4/15] Learned considerably through meeting with groups. Consistent research and applying theories. Contributing to class discussions. 3rd rol="A" [5/8] Course Grade="A" [5/11]

Student 4265 - All the 5Cs werre strong starters except creativity. Was prepared and participated in all class discussions. 1st rol="C-" [4/10] All 5Cs are weaker this time around but creativity has picked up. 2nd rol="D+" [4/16] Improvement in all areas especially creativity. Missed mid-term due to family emergency. 3rd rol="D-" [5/15] Course Grade="D+" [5/15]

Student 4473 - Need to work more on creativity; researching a topic. 1st rol="C+" [2/27] Creativity lacking greatly and this assignment is late. [late rol] 2nd rol="C-/D+" [5/3] Have not attended many classes but made efforts to keep up with the class readings. 3rd rol="C-" [5/12] Course Grade="C" [5/12]

Student 4581 - First four weeks were not too bad. Kept up with course work and remained consistent with pass/prepareds. No creative scholarship. Late ROL. 1st rol="B-" [5/1] Not communicating learning. Only in pass/prepareds show readiness for class. [late rol] 2nd rol="D" [5/1] Pass/prepared all complete. Active discussion an don task in group manytimes. Have not demonstrated learning outside of class thorugh emails. Attendance not a contributing factor. 3rd rol="Borderline D/D-" [5/11] Course Grade="C-" [5/11]

Student 4850 - Consistent with 5Cs. One thing need to start doing is seeing professor. 1st rol="B+" [2/20] Fairly consistent on work. Learning a lot with topics researching. 2nd rol="B-" [4/17] Did a good job in fulfilling 5Cs. Communicated well with professor. Did well in relating research to Arrigo theories. 3rd rol="A-" [5/10] Course Grade="B+" [5/10]

Student 5197 - Field mouse. No grid or grade form. [2/15] Field mouse. [2nd grid/rol not submitted] [4/4] 3rd rol/grid not submitted [5/8] Course Grade="F" [5/16]

Student 5484 - Have participated in class. Initiated group discussions. Formed a group. Started creative scholarship. Prepared for class. 1st rol="A-" [2/22] Completed two creative projects, so far. Kept up with communication with professor as well as group. Participated in group discussions. 2nd rol="A" [3/29] Missed more classes and had to pass on at least one self test. Did get debriefing ideas in. [vague rol. 2 blank self tests] 3rd rol="Borderline A-/A" [5/8] Course Grade="A" [5/13]

Student 5757 - Spent much time discussing, thinking and creating solutions to many things discussed in class, outside of class. Tries to use ideas in other classes. Consistent participant in class. 1st rol="B-" [2/28] Slow start. Need more communication about work done outside of class, but lots done. Major improvement on 5Cs. 2nd rol="A-" [3/29] Great improvement from first rol. Communication consistent. Able to relate creative measures to Arrigo theories. Helps others. 3rd rol="A" [5/8] Course Grade="A" [5/9]

Student 5883 - Slacking a little. [vague rol. limited creativity] 1st rol="B-" [2/15] Shown excellent 5Cs over the past weeks. 2nd rol="B" [4/5] 3rd rol grade based on creative measures 3rd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [5/10] Course Grade="B" [5/10]

Student 5949 - Never missed class. Prepared for every assignment/discussion. Worked in group outside of class. Consistently emailed teacher. Spoke in class. Started creative measures. 1st rol="B+" [2/21] Never missed class. Prepared for every assignment/discussion. Cooperated in groups outside class. Consistently emailed professor. Spoke in class. Creative measures consistent. 2nd rol="A" [3/29] Never missed class. Prepared for every assignment/discussion. Cooperated in group outside of class. Consistently emailed professor. Spoke in class. Creative measure consistent. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/A" [5/8] Course Grade="A" [5/10]

Student 6058 - Covered all 5cs but need to improve on participation. [vague rol. 2 blank self tests] 1st rol="B" [2/15] Have two creative scholarships done and debriefing almost done. Perfect attendance and email professor on regular basis. 2nd rol="Borderline A-/A" [4/5] All criteria for grade form was completed. Did not miss any class. Related dialogues to Arrigo theories. Debriefing finished weeks early to allow for lengthy discussion. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [5/11] Course Grade="A-" [5/12]

Student 6079 - Even though haven't been in class, always made sure to find out what happened. Even did a little extra work. Talking and emailing teacher. 1st rol="B" [2/13] Even though missed a lot class, always put in extra effort to get the work and do extra. Always try to show up for class and ready to work. 2nd rol="C" [4/6] Worked really hard on this grid. Have showed learning in debriefings. Met with professor to talk about creative measures and Arrigo theories. 3rd rol="B-" [5/9] Course Grade="B-" [5/9]

Student 6211 - Started off pretty consistent with pass/prepareds. Have a good idea for creativity aspect of class. Need to communicate a little more. 1st rol="B" [2/26] Attends class consistently. Always cooperates in class and in groups. Communication is a little weak. Need to review a couple of theories and dialogue about creativity more. Found two new topics for creative measures. 2nd rol="B" [4/12] Attended class consistently. Worked in groups on all pass/prepareds. Showed insights and opinions about theories in group as well as in class. Demonstrated knowledge of Arrigo theories through extensive research and application of theories of creative measures. 3rd rol="B" [5/10] Course Grade="B" [5/10]

Student 7585 - Gathered in groups. Worked together. Attended class (all but one). Went to additional lecture for useful material. 1st rol ="Borderline C+/B-" [5/3] Attendance was fairly good. More active in classroom participation. Began research . . 2nd rol="B-/C+" [5/3] Attendance waslakcing a little but participation increased. Research activities reached its fruition. 3rd rol="B" [5/8] Course Grade="B-" [5/13]

Student 7707 - Emailed prepared and participated in group discussions. Went to class. Emailing about debriefing on RCI. [3 blank self tests] 1st rol="B" [2/15] Went to class and emailed prepareds consistently. Communicated in group discussions. Emailing about stigma for creative measures. 2nd rol="C" [4/10] Went to class. Emailed prepared consistently. Had dialogue on one creative measure. Participated in group discussions. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [5/9] Course Grade="C" [5/13]

Student 7736 - Due to confusion because of attendance, had a slow start. Needs to show competence and become creatively involved. Communicates well in small groups and with instructor. [late rol] 1st rol="C" [2/20] Maintained communication and cooperation. Showing more competence but must follow through with creative research. Creativity in work has increased but be careful with consistency on creative research. Maintaining prepareds. 2nd rol="B+" [4/5] Showed improvement. Maintained 5Cs. Consistent wth creative research. Maintained communication several times a week. Cooperated in discussions. 3rd rol="A-" [5/9] Course Grade="B+" [5/12]

Student 7797 - For the first four weeks have fulfilled the 5Cs. Both inside and outside of class participation. Applying the readings. Taking a step further than the surface of the class. 1st rol="A-" [2/19] In accordance with the display of the 5Cs in the past five weeks, earned an A-. 2nd rol="Borderline B+/A-" [3/29] Consistent applicable wrok in each of the 5Cs including representative work on exam. 3rd rol="Borderline B+/B" [5/13] Course Grade="A-" [5/13]

Student 7965 - None of the measures picked have come up yet. Did come to all classes. Been prepared. Contributed to group discussions. 1st rol="B-/B" [2/21] Did readings. Participated in group discussions. Consistently dialogues on creative measures. 2nd rol="B+" [3/29] Demonstrated good understanding of theories in Exam 2. Emailed consistently. Did readings and participated in class. 3rd rol="B+/B" [5/15] Course Grade="B" [5/15]

Student 7992 - Field mouse. No grid or grade forms. [2/15] A field mouse [no 2nd rol/grid submitted] [4/4] 3rd rol/grid not submitted [5/8] Course Grade="F" [5/16]

Student 8308 - Completely forgot about 1st rol/grid. Kept up and attended class. 1st rol="D" [5/13] Kept up on all emails and pass/prepareds. Also found topic for creative scholarship. Attended every class except two. 2nd rol="D+" [5/13] Keeping up with everything. Went to RCJ. Dialoguing research topic. 3rd rol="C-/D+" [5/13] Course Grade="C-" [5/13]

Student 8465 - Have done everything was supposed to do. Went to Habermas website pretty much on a daily basis. Cooperated in everything. 1st rol="B" [2/20] Kind of slacked off these couple weeks but overall continually visited habermas. Worked in groups and tried to contact lawyer for creative measures. Last couple weks were unmotivating. 2nd rol="D+" [4/20] Did a lot of creativity this rol. Learned a lot of neew things. Understood more things like prophetic justice this rol. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/11] Course Grade="B-" [5/13]

Student 8576 - Communicated whereabouts. Email dialogues and asks questions. Working with group on self tests. Emails reactions to class discussions. Observed differences in correctional facilities regarding policies. [rol way too long] 1st Rol="B+" Communicates actively through email dialogue on various topics and issues. Consistently meets with individual groups outside of class for self tests. Conducted various topics for creativity. Currently researching discretionary justice. 2nd rol="Borderline B+/A-" [3/29] Active dialogue with professor. Communicates well by asking questions. Researched discretionary justice, and sentencing. 3rd rol="Borderline B+/B" [5/8] Course Grade="B+" [5/10]

Student 8657 - Unable to do the full four weeks. Added late. 1st rol="B-/C+" [2/15] Doing pretty good in all areas except for creativity. 2nd rol="Borderline C+-/D+" [4/6] Should have done debriefings on creative measures. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [5/9] Course Grade="C-" [5/9]

p>Student 8738 - A good understanding of teaching style. Helped out classmates. Did readings and homework. Communicated. Cooperated. Consistent. Competent. But lacking in a little bit of creative measures. 1st rol="B-" [3/27] Did all readings and pass/prepareds. Kept a complete journal and done creative measures. 2nd rol="D" [5/1] Went to RCI and did debriefing. Researched another topic. Communicated with professor. Pretty consistent and cooperative. 3rd rol="C-" [5/10] Course Grade="C" [5/10]

Student 9073 - Contributed to all areas of the 5Cs. Needs improvement in creativity and communication. 1st rol="B+" [2/15] All areas of 5Cs in good standing. Consistent with coming to class, being prepared for class, communicating whereabouts. Cooperative in class as well as outside. Level of creativity still lacking. 2nd rol="C-" [4/16] Have shown great improvement. 3rd rol="Borderline C/C-" [5/10] Course Grade="B-" [5/10]

Student 9517 - Through interacting with professor and classmates. Noticeable efforts toward completion of tasks. Accomplishing the 5Cs, currently minus creativity. 1st rol="B" [2/15] By focusing on work, happenings within the world and communicating in class, accomplishing 5Cs. 2nd rol="B-" [4/17] Cooperated in discussions. Communicated. Consistently kept up with class. Comprehended readings. Created debriefing and articles. [sparse grid] 3rd rol="C" [5/8] Course Grade="B-" [5/10]

Student 9529 - Consistently attends class. Fulfills pass/prepared exercises. Communicates in class and emails. Cooperates in and out of class in groups. Begun research. Competence shown in class discussions and emails. Face to name. 1st rol="A-/A" [2/21] Consistently cooperates in groups. Shows communication with professor and students. Shows competence in class discussions and creative dialogues. Shows creativity through a variety of topics. 2nd rol="A" [3/29] Consistently cooperates in groups. Shows communicatioin with professor and classmates. Shows competence in class discussions, creative dialogues. Shows creativity in current evnets and research topics. 3rd rol="A-" [5/11] Course Grade="A" [5/11]

Student 9624 - Done all the work. Talked in class. Always on time. First two weeks still learning; now getting the hang of things. 1st rol="C+" [2/24] 5Cs helped to understand self. Improved alot more since first ROL. Communication skills more open. Cooperate by listening. Consistency is lacking but see change happening. Competence improved greatly. Done a lot more creative measures. 2nd rol="B-" [4/15] Practiced all of the 5Cs. This class has helped me to better understand myself. 3rd rol="B" [5/9] Course Grade="B" [5/10]

Student 9922 - Communicates whereabouts. Cooperates with group. Consistently prepared for class. Shows competence in dealing with 'new' and 'old' students. Two projects initiated for creativity. [1 blank self test] 1st rol="A/A-" [2/15] Consistently prepared for class. Competent with theories. Willing to help others. Cooperation with group members. Communication with group. Lacking in creativity at this time. 2nd rol="B-" [4/6] Consistently prepared for class. Competent with theories. Willing to help others. Cooperation with group and class. Communication with group and professor. Two debriefings completed. 3rd rol="A" [5/8] Course Grade="A-" [5/11]