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Latest update: July 9, 2000
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Week of July 10, 2000

Link to Jean-Michel Basquiat in the leftmost frame. Link on View images. Scroll a little more than halfway down to locate the images, and link on Arroz con Pollo. Link on image viewer and once it loads, link on Fit height in the menu bar. That will let you see the whole painting at once. Experiment then with different sizes of the image.

  • Rudiger Appel's Metamorphose
  • This is a delightful panoramic animation of some of M.C. Escher's work. Artists, I hope you will be inspired. And what a wonderful way to introduce a little one to Escher's work! Pat, try it with the grandchildren!

    For most of us without a DSL line, it takes a while to load the Escher panorama within the frame. You can then see the whole panorama by dragging the button to either side of the center. The further you drag the button to either side, the faster the panorama goes by, but in opposite directions.

    You can also drag the panorama manually with your mouse, by just placing the mouse on the panorama and dragging. Using your mouse this way overrides the button. Clicking on the moving parameter stops it, and returns the button to its original central position.

    There's a Platonic Universe version of this moving panorama, too.