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Created: December 26, 2000
Latest update: June 11, 2001


Methods of Social Research

by Thomas J. Sullivan

Review and Teaching Essay by Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata
Copyright: Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata: June 2001. "Fair Use" encouraged.

This review essay is based on Methods of Social Research. Thomas J. Sullivan, Northern Michigan University. 2001. Harcourt College Publishers. ISBN:0-15-507463-6

Particularly good at summarizing the main points. Did not order it because I'm not teaching a course in Methods. But will reference it in all my classes. jeanne

I like very much the sampling chapter. Snowball sampling, purposive sampling, trageted and theoretical sampling all covered, with references to studies. Gives an "applied scenario" of sampling homeless populations. Takes the theoretical sampling back to Glaser and Strasuss on grounded theory. Good connections. Language straight forward and easy to follow. Chapter 7 of the text.

Chapter 10, on Unobtrusive and Available Data Research, is particularly important for our studies on social justice. The "applied scenario" in this chapter is on What Causes Race Riots to Occur?

Chapter 11, on Field Research and Qualitative Methods, is also important to studies of social justice. The "applied scenario" in this chapter is on The Moral Complexity of Working with Deviant Subjects in Field Research. The chapter includes "In-Depth Interviewing," "Case Studies, Life Histories, and Narratives," and "Focus Groups."

Essays not up until July, 2001. jeanne