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Latest update: July 10, 2000
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  • The "Birdie" Calendar
  • The "birdie", before my students renamed it, was a pigeon on the roof of the Washington, D.C. airport in one of my paintings, Pigeon Discourse. Now it serves as a Navigation locator. Clicking on the "birdie" in the right hand corner of any page will take you to the "Birdie" Calendar, with links to Discussion Preparations for each week. Just click on the week you are looking for.

  • The "Birdie" Page
  • The "Birdie" Page is the Page that provides links to preparations on the Web and in the text for the current week's discussion topics.
    • The "Birdie" on the Home page takes you directly to the current week's "Birdie" Page.
    • The "Birdie" on the "Birdie" Calendar Page also takes you directly to the current week's "Birdie" Page.

  • The Summer "Birdie" Page
  • Technically there is no summer session. But we have several field trips planned for the summer, and students continue to use the site to work ahead for the Fall courses, and to work on Process Texts.

    I thought the summer would lead to slowdown, but I was wrong. I tried to put the first two weeks of summer together, but now the "birdie" has gotten unreasonably long again. So we'll have a "birdie" page for each week.

  • Resource Pages:
  • Resource Pages are new this summer. You will find a link under the logo on the Home Page, and on the "Birdie" Pages.

    The resource pages reflect the new organization of the site in terms of foundational scholarship, site themes, and classes. We are hoping that, together with the Site Index, the Resource Pages will help us locate materials on site quickly and efficiently. Help us construct them by e-mailing your location problems to jeanne while she is doing the retructuring this summer.

    Nota bene: I am restructuring without closing any of the site. So please forgive the mess. By Fall 2001, I hope to have it all done. You can tell what's changing by a quick scan of the Site Additions or Update where I list all the files I've worked on each day.

  • Site index:
  • Link on the Dear Habermas logo, or link on Site Index under the logo. We use the Site Index to include keywords that help us locate threads and stories. That means that sometimes you'll find strange entries, like worm and ostrich. We all know the frenetic worm and the over achieving ostrich. These entries help us find them quickly. For example, a Teaching Tolerance story can be found under the link horse. If you find yourself looking for something by a word you have associated with it, let us know and we'll include your keyword in the Index.

  • Concept index:
  • Link under site logo on Home Page. Designed to provide students with immediate tutorial support, along with permission to forget without blaming themselves. Try browsing through it. We hope to have it fairly substantial by Fall 2000.

  • Pass? or Prepared?: Work Ahead for Fall 2000
  • This link will take you to the Link page for Pass? or Prepared? exercises and their answers. Links are being gathered from all the discpreps.htm files. As we recognized the need for it, we began to link Pass? or Prepared? exercises for the week under the logo on the dicussion preparation pages. Sample exercise with plausible answers. These exercises will be going up all summer.

  • Scholastic References:
  • Link from Navigation Table on main page. Designed to guide students through useful and related web resources. Will be integrated with Pass? or Prepared?s and with Exam Questions.

  • Kids' Page:
  • Neglected in Spring 2000. Summer restructuring.

  • Site update.
  • File updates recorded here. (most of the time)

  • Site history by file updates
  • Designed to provide data on development and growth of site. We try to remember to list files worked on daily. Most of the time we're pretty faithful about this.

  • Find jeanne!:
  • During school each time slot will give a topic planned for discussion and linked to the Internet materials.

  • Class pages at UWP and CSUDH:
  • Link under logo. We actively used these in Fall 1999 and through mid-semester this Spring. But when we changed to Discussion Preparations, the whole structure changed. This is part of the restructuring that has to be done now, but it does provide information on stages of the site development.

  • Navigation Table:
  • Scroll down main page. Discussion Preparations "birdie" took over most of the navigation table function, until summer restructuring. The links in the table work, but have not been updated with new material, unless they were also on Discussion Preparations. We'll have this functional again before Fall 2000.