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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: January 3, 2007
Latest Update: January 5, 2007

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The site is well interlinked. Most underlines you come across are hotlinks to other pages. Run your mouse over them and you'll see the finger-pointing hand that indicates a link. Many of the images are also linked, like the Blue Angel icon and the New on the Site icon.

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The Blue Angel icon for Dear Habermas The Blue Angel icon for Dear Habermas.

The Blue Angel icon is in the upper left corner of all the pages of the site. (The few exceptions will be found when we are doing such things as coloring sheets.) If you click on the Blue Angel icon, you'' find yourself at the Site Index. I'm behind on this, but have been struggling to update it. You'll find that it's really extensive. Learn to use it. jeanne

The New icon for Dear Habermas The NEW on the site icon for Dear Habermas.

The NEW icon is in the upper left corner of all the pages of the site. (The few exceptions will be found when we are doing such things as coloring sheets.) Clicking on this icon will take you to the chronological list of files on which jeanne has been working for the date shown. following the name of each file is a brief message on what she was doing with that file. By linking to the New on Site file you can tell whether jeanne has done what you need.

Links under the Blue Angel:

  • About Us

    Explains the Mission of the Site and tells how the moderators, Jeanne, Susan, and Pat, came together and have stayed together for nigh onto thirty years.

  • Our Site Map: How to Find Stuff

    Takes you to this page. Hope it helps. jeanne

  • NEW on the Site

    Takes you to the list of files in chronological order. As I record the file name, I also record what I'm doing with the file. This is probably the best way to tell what I'm up to. jeanne

  • Mirror Sites

    The two university sites have not been updated for a whole semester. As I reformat the site, and adapt it to community activism in learning to build communities and make them work for those of us who live in them, I will catch up from the last many weeks at both the University of Wisconsin, Parkside (UWP) and California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). We keep mirror sites because occasionally a mistake I make uploading to one server doesn't carry over to the other. Sometimes electronics are finicky, and a file won't print for you. When I have all three sites up, you can switch to a different site, and chances are it will print for you. The third site,, the one I've been working on through the last semester, is a private site, hosted by Earthlink. All three sites are actually functioning, but I haven't had the time and energy to keep the two university sites up to date. That's next on my agenda. January 5, 2007. jeanne

    Editorial News

    • Susan's World

      This link will take you directly to Susan's latest notes to her classes at UWP.

    • jeanne's World

      This link will take you directly to jeanne's latest message on what she's reading. She summarizes many of her readings, highlights the concepts, and often provides her lectures on issues we're focusing on. This will help you understand the theory and policy behind our work.

    • Pat's World

      This link will take you directly to Pat's latest message if jeanne has managed to upload it. Pat's our socio-emotional leader. The one who takes care of us all.

    More soon. jeanne

    Why is the site called Dear Habermas? See Outhwaite's Introduction to Habermas through jeanne's perspective.

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