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Created: August 21, 2000
Latest update: July 11, 2001

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Je m'excuse . . .

On July 11, 2001, jeanne wrote:

Inshallah, God willing . . .
Bokra, tomorrow . . .
I will catch up . . .
Malesh, well, never mind . . .
love and peace, jeanne

On March 30, 2001, jeanne wrote:

So I still haven't caught up. Warned you I maybe never would. But we've grown by leaps and bounds, and we hope we've been of use to you.

love and peace, jeanne

On August 21, 2000, jeanne wrote:

I no longer have the grand excuse of a new millenium, but I still could not keep up with everything. I am posting to all three mirror sites now. But we are restructuring the site to serve three schools across the U.S., so it became important to have the mirror hub sites up.

The Main Hub Sites contain reference materials for all the Local Hub Sites. Check the Main Hub Sites for new reference, lecture, project materials. Check the Local Hub Sites for classes and local information.

But all that has changed now. Now, we have three mirror sites:

Mirror Sites:

And jeanne's classes and Susan's classes
jeanne, July 11, 2001

I have begun to suspect that I will always be a little behind. "Inshallah, Bokra, Malesh."

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August 17, 2000