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Latest update: June 8, 2000
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Student Competitions for Professional Societies to Which We Belong
Community Service Opportunities

Calls for Papers

                                announces a call for papers
                                        for the
                                        to be held in
                                RIO DE JANIERO, BRAZIL                                

August 17-22, 2003
                                on the theme of                          

                        Challenges to Science, Policy and Practice                                      

and for the                        

                                        to be held in
                                PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, USA
                                        August 6-12, 2005

Please send inquiries, paper titles and proposals for panels for one or both Congresses to the following chairs of the program areas.

Address all general inquiries to the President of the ISC Scientific Commission, Professor Tony Peters of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium (

Program Area Chairs:




CLINICAL CRIMINOLOGY Anne-Marie Favard-Drillaud,





ORGANIZATIONAL CRIME Setsuo Miyazawa, miyazawa@rose.rokkadai.kobe


ALTERNATIVE JUSTICE Luis Rodriguez-Manzanera, luroma@themis.derecho.unam


VICTIM POLICY Leslie Sebba, fax 011-972-25-88-17-25

CORRUPTION Alenka Selih,

POLICING Wesley Skogan,


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Giovanni Traverso,

CRIME AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Richard Tremblay, fax 514-343-6962





MEDIATION: PRACTICAL ISSUES Dobrochna Wojcik, Fax 011-00-48-22-826-78-53

CRIMINOLOGY OF THE ARAB WORLD Mohammed Zeid, Fax 011-003-9077-4366-135






COMPUTER CRIME Peter Grabosky,


Georges Picca, Secretary-General,

Student Competitions for Professional Societies to Which We Belong

We have received the following message from Dr. Jana L. Jasinski:

"It is time once again to start thinking about the annual student paper competition.  Please encourage your students to submit their papers!

"The American Society of Criminology, Division on Women and Crime announces the 2000 Student Paper competition, which is intended to encourage excellent student writing on matters of feminist scholarship, gender issues, or about women as offenders, victims, or professionals.  Any student currently enrolled in school at the graduate level at the time of submission is eligible to enter.  Papers must be no longer than 30 pages with an acceptable referencing format such as APA.  Papers must contain an abstract of 100 words, be typed double spaced, and submitted on 8 2 by 11 inch paper.  Three copies of the paper must be submitted along with verification of current student status.  Include contact information in cover letter.  Papers by multiple authors are acceptable as long as all authors are students.  Papers must not have been previously published.

"The committee will judge papers based on significance of the topic, conceptualization, and clarity of writing.

"The winner will be presented with a cash award at the annual meeting at the ASC.   Three copies of the paper must be received no later than September 8: Please send all papers to:

"Dr. Jana L. Jasinski
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
University of Central Florida
PO Box 25000
Orlando, FL 32816-1360"

Community Service Opportunities

Community Service Job Fair

at California State University Dominguez Hills

Even though the Fair is over, bear in mind that our office of Student Development does have established relationships with all these agencies. They can help you plan internships and community service in preparation for agency careers.

The event was co-sponsored by Cooperative Education, the Loker University Student Union, and Student Development (Counseling, Career and Employment Services), as part of CSUDH Serves, a two week celebration of the campus' involvement in community service.

24 community agencies confirmed their participation. They offered information about internships and part-time and full-time positions. Some of the positions were:

  • youth care worker
  • social worker intern
  • behavioral science intern
  • child care facilitiy site supervisor
  • teacher
  • teacher's assistant
  • social worker
  • police officer
  • deputy sheriff
  • psychology interns
  • clinical social work interns
  • MFCCs
  • LCSWs
  • program assistant
  • program intern
  • graphic design intern
  • marketing intern
  • information systems intern

The student development web site,, has a list of all the agencies who came with connections to those agencies that have web sites. Link to the Community Service Job Fair - last link on page. Also you can go to Student Development office for a list of the agencies and a copy of their suggestions on how to get the most out of these connections.

Larry Gray
Director, Student Development
California State University Dominguez Hills

Job Statistics

With all due respect to the popularity of psychology, the Sociology Department would like to call your attention to job statistics posted on October 30 by Larry Gray of Student Development:

The largest number of jobs posted on Job Trak for July through September 1999 were:

662 in Sales and Marketing
621 in Computer and Information systems
490 in Accounting and Finance
487 in Secondary Teaching
451 in Business and Management
329 in Public Affairs and Social Service
276 in Education - Teaching Elementary
228 in Communications and Media
104 in Art
077 in Psychology

Traditionally sociology students go into teaching, public affairs, and social service occupations. Together those categories were listed cumulatively for 1029 jobs. One of the major advantages of a social science major is that you are often not locked into a specific career path, but can change over time to follow social trends. Many of our students do, indeed, go into management positions also. Keep your choices open.

New Graduate Student Journal Requesting Submissions

Information arrived today from the American Society of Criminology, Division of Women, about this new journal:

Alternate Routes is a multi-disciplinary refereed journal published annually by graduate students in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. 

Volume 15 (published and ready for purchase) Table of Contents:

  • Crisis of Co-Optation: Human Rights Social Movements and Global Politics
  • From Advocates to Experts: Feminist Therapy with Women in Prison
  • Hegemonic Masculinity, Male Peer Support and Sexual Aggression:
    Future Research Directions
  • The 'Premeditated' Creation of the 'Violent' Female Offender in Canada
  • Hakim Bey's Millenium

The Editorial Board invites articles, written by graduate students, which address current theoretical and substantive issues in the social sciences. We also welcome responses to recent publications, book reviews, and discussion of works-in-progress.

Alternate Routes is currently seeking submission for Volume 16 to be published in Summer 2000.  Submission deadline: January 15, 2000.

Please contact for further details. 


Roberta Lynn Sinclair
Carleton University
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Ottawa, Canada

Dear friends and colleagues:

On behalf of Alternate Routes' Editorial Board, I would like to invite all graduate students to consider submitting articles for review. Also, I encourage students, faculty, and others interested in social justice issues to read the journal. More information is provided [above].

All the best,

Walter DeKeseredy

Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1S 5B6
Phone: (613) 520-2600, Ext. 2594

Prices in Canadian Funds are as follows: Students and Un(der)employed: $6.00, Individual: $12.00, Institutions: $21.50

Student Paper Competitions

Western Social Science Association
Main site.
Student Paper Competition
November 1 Deadline
You'll need to scroll down to the last item on the Activities Section.
For more information check our
WSSA Student Paper Competition.
Link added August 24, 1999.

Internships and Fellowships and Assistantships and Jobs: Links to Helpful Sites

Paying for Your Higher Education
Government Site. Link added July 25, 1999.

Internships and Fellowships
Government Site. Link added July 25, 1999.

Jobs in Higher Education

Planning for a Job in Helping People
Link added June 17, 1999.

Thinking "Prepared" for a Promotion
Link added June 17, 1999.

"Corporate Culture, Downsizing and Forgiveness"
Dr. Kim Cameron, Case Western Reserve University
Link added on June 21, 1999.

The Society for Applied Sociology

Job List Grows as Students Share Leads

A Few Special Links for Those Who Want "Helping" Jobs

Private and Corporate Foundations for Funding
Link added May 31, 1999.

Karen Jones' Behavioral Science Advice
on her free GoPlay home page. Link added May 29, 1999.

Research Notes to Practice
Article in Children and Family Research Center Newsletter
at the University of Ilinois at Urbana-Champagne.
The Child and Family Research Center
Good source if you're interested in helping children and families.
Lead to links provided by Miranda Cole, CSUDH. Link added May 29, 1999.

Hot Links for Child Welfare"
Lead to links provided by Miranda Cole, CSUDH. Link added May 29, 1999.

The HandsNet clipping service that keeps those interested in helping up to date.
Has a job bank. Not free, but might be worth subscription, depending on your professional plans.
Jeanne has the service, so check with her if you need something special.
Link added May 24, 1999.

Job Options Career Center
A service for help with resumes and searches. Special help offered
to members of Geocities, at which many of you have free web pages
Be sure to check out other such Internet Service Providers and
free web page sources as Tripod, Goplay, Xoom, etc. Many of them also partner with such services.

National Disabled Foundation: Paid Internship
Link provided by Carolyn Harris. Link added May 28, 1999

Just received this e-mail from L. De'Anna English:

For those students who are here in Southern California, you can have them check out
Los Angeles County Probation Department .
I have worked for the department for 11 years now.  We are doing a lot of hiring right now.
  Some positions require a BA degree; nonetheless there are some that do not.
Link added May 23, 1999.

Here's the link for other county of Los Angeles employment..
Los Angeles County Departments.
Please add these to your page. Thanks. Link added May 23, 1999.

The Congressional Budget Office
Has job opportunities, some for Ph.D.s, but others at many levels.
This site might give you some ideas and/or references for planning for the future.
For example, Jim Shier, consider these possibilities as you apply to graduate schools in economics.
Sociologists, consider how a minor in economics might enhance your sociological skills,
if such endeavors intrigue you. Note that the educational requirement for the library assistant
is "social science," and that a degree is "preferred."
Link added May 7, 1999.
Thanks to President Herbert Carter for the timely site link.

Career Information for Criminal Justice
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Offers descriptions of careers and provides
reference guides to some hardcopy resources.
Link added March 28, 1999.

National Center for Institutions and Alternatives

Scholarhip Opportunities

Washington Internship
Added January 27, 1999.

Research Assistant Openings and Campus Jobs - CSUDH

Student Assistantship in Office of Publications/Univ. Advancement

The Riley Guide
Extensive resource of links to help with all phases of hunting for a job. Good site.
Check it out. Link added here on February 5, 1999, thanks to an alert by Earthlink.

American Society of Criminology: Student Paper Competition

I would like to take this time to remind everyone that the deadline is quickly approaching for the DWC student paper competition.  If you have any students that you think might have papers to submit please let them know that the deadline is September 10.  Please send three copies of the paper to :

Dr. Jana Jasinski
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
P.O. Box 25000
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 32816

The full announcement is on the DWC web page.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  My email is

Critical Psychology and Action Research Conference
A Look at How Professional Conferences on the Edge of Theory are Formed

This is not a student conference. Should any of our students wish to participate please see jeanne for further information on how to connect with faculty who are likely to participate.


13-16 JULY 1999 
International Conference 

"This conference has three aims, and the final call for papers is for three different kinds of work: (i) to bring together critical psychologists, and for this we invite critical psychologists working practically and/or theoretically to submit proposals; (ii) to bring together good examples of action research, and for this we invite action researchers working with the theory and/or practice of action research to submit proposals; and (iii) to expore connections between critical psychology and action research, and for this we invite psychologist working at the interface of critical perspectives and action research to present their work."

"We have papers so far from Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, United States and Venezuela. The final deadline for abstracts is 31st April 1999 (100-150 words for papers)."

"The conference is designed to provide an overview of key themes in critical psychology and action research, and the links between the two, and so the structure takes us through conceptual / practical / historical foundations, theoretical / cultural / institutional resources, arenas in which action research has been developed, and threads of debate and difference between perspectives."

"The conference will provide a forum to discuss ways of changing the world through varieties of action research, and to critically reflect on how psychology needs to change to be up to the task. There will be keynote talks, individual papers, symposia and workshops. The conference will encompass theories, methods and examples of action research. Sessions will focus on issues of conscientization, cultural destabilization, education inclusion campaigns, feminist research, mental health intervention, practical deconstruction and radical therapeutic activities. Abstracts of successful submissions will be published at the conference, and selected papers published in Annual Review of Critical Psychology."

"Further information on the conference is on the Bolton Institute Psychology Website."

Research Assistant Openings and Campus Jobs - CSUDH

Student Assistantship in Office of Publications/Univ. Advancement

Currently, the Office of Publications/University Advancement is searching for a student assistant for a 20-hour per week position. We're looking for a student to assist a four-person team of news and feature writers, a graphic designer and media production specialist. We offer a wonderful opportunity for a self-starter student wanting experience within the communication field. Our fast-paced office produces a vareity of print publications, is involved in web site design and supports campus events.

The applicant should carry good communication skills, verbal and written. Also, well-developed computer skills is essential. Our student assistant will be answering telephones, greeting visitors and campus clients, preparing memos, reports and other correspondence. He/she will be keeping tract of the director's calendar and other staff members, and will run errands as needed. Other assignments will depend upon the skill level of the applicant and may include some graphic design experience and news writing.

Please contact Pamela Hammond, Director of Publications, at ext. 2001 or contact the Financial Aid Office, Student Assistant Positions, Anne Overton, ext. 3539, for more information.

From Prof. Christie, Sociology Chair, CSUDH:

Prof. Bill Blischke has asked me to notify you all that he is looking for a research assistant who can work on data in his schools project.  He needs a student who can work FOR PAY, several hours per week, and who has basic quantitative research skills.  It would be a good paying job for a grad or undergrad who wants to get some real world research experience.

Please inquire of your students as to whether they may be interested in this research job. Professor Blischke can be reached at x3180.

Leon Cohen is looking for students who would like to volunteer with a community based organization in Carson, Wilmington or Compton this semester.

Please call him at x2138 or stop by his office (SBS C-342) for more information, or e-mail him at

One Perspective on Paying for Law School

Calls for Papers and Requests for Proposals

Current Projects You Can Join

The American Society of Criminology Mentoring Program
Tutoring by e-mail, by ASC members and professionals.
All for the price of student membership in ASC. Check it out.

Call for Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship Applications

Watch for Year 2000 application notice!

The Dominguez Hills chapter of Phi Kappa Phi is accepting applications for the Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship Award. This fellowship program provides support for the 1st year of graduate or professional study and is worth up to $7,000.

Students who have completed one or more terms of graduate/professional work by Spring 2000 are not eligible for the award.

A student does not have to be a member of Phi Kappa Phi to apply, but must be initiated during the academic year.

Factors that are considered are:

  1. Undergraduate Academics (including a high GPA)
  2. Leadership, Service, and Activities
  3. Graduate Prospects
  4. Personal Statement
  5. Letters of Recommendation

    If you would like to apply for the Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship Award at CSUDH, please request an application from club officers: Danielle Chapman (x2109) or Guy Witherspoon Jr. (x3686).

    Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars.  Someone from the Center will visit CSUDH on date not yet announced.  Interested students can register to talk with the representative by contacting Carolyn at 310 243-3644. Wisconsin students should speak to Dr. Takata, and we will check on options for you.

    Call for Papers:
    Student Research Conference in Spring of 2000

    Deadline for Proposal Submission not yet announced.

    All proposals must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office
    ERC F 503, no later than 5:00 p.m., day of deadline.

    Original and 10 copies of written summary of research required and Student Delegate Registration Form. For forms and further information contact the Graduate Studies Office: at 310--243-3308.

    Western Social Science Association Student Paper Competition

    The Western Social Science Association has just announced a November 1 deadline for their student paper competition. This interdisciplinary professional association offers a wonderful opportunity for students to polish their research and writing skills. There's a $500 cash award, possible publication of your paper, and participation in the conference. Best part: the Year 2000 conference will be in San Diego.

    Papers should be broad so that all social scientists can follow comfortably. There should be a solid research design and methodology, some indication of advancement of knowledge. Should include definition and significance of topic, and analysis of finding and discussion of implications. If you are interested, you may stop by Jeanne's office (SBS B326) or Prof. Takata's office for guidance and more information.

    Papers should be no longer that 25 pages, following APA style. No theses or dissertation, just student papers. Deadline: postmarked by November 1, 1999.

    Papers go to:

    Student Paper Competition Committee Chair
    Lisa S. Nelson
    Department of Political Science
    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
    Pomona, CA. 91768

    Although abstracts of the student paper winners at the 1999 conference, in which five CSUDH students participated, are not online, their titles give an inkling of the kind of papers undertaken:

    Donna Lybecker won the graduate student award. Her paper in political science was entitled: "Evironmental Policy Along the U.S.-Mexican Border: Non-gpvernmental Organizations' Influence." Donna just graduated from Colorado State University.

    Trisha Posey won the undergraduate prize for her paper on: "From Master to Brother: Pre-Darwinian Human Genesis Theories and the Attitudes of the Boston Elite Toward Race Difference (1820-1860)." Trisha is a student at Brand Canyon University.