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Outsourcing Questions

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Created: September 11, 2004
Latest Update: September 11, 2004

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jeanne's comments are in purple.

On Saturday, September 11, 2004, Carly James wrote:


I am torn about outsourcing. If more jobs are being created for people in my country, how can it be bad?

Carly, when you say "my country" in today's world, you need to tell us which country that is. U.S.? India? Other? There certainly isn't anything wrong or bad with jobs being created in any country in the world. We all need them. What is "bad" is when the jobs are being taken from some and given to others, and how the ones they were taken from are surviving without them.

Now morally it is unfair to the people in India making $50 Gap jeans for $2.00 a day (that is a random figure, I'm trying to make a point).

And a very good point it is. Most of the major issues we face in the world today have become issues because of our failure to handle earlier less pressing issues morally. There are those who would disagree with your assessment here of morality. Gap, for one. That corporation believes it's perfectly acceptable for them to make that profit, and for workers to make so little. One of their justifications would be that the cost of living in India is less. Of course, they won't mention that the standard of living in India is also much lower. Nor wil they discuss what happened to the American workers who lost those jobs in the garment industry.

I keep seeing these articles that say jobs in the U.S. are up; I'm really confused as to how that is possible? Can we talk a little bit more about this in class . . .

Yes. It's possible for our government to claim turthfully that jobs are up, even when some of us can't see them, because jobs is a very big category. Administrative jobs are up; unskilled labor jobs are down; jobs are up in one industry, down in another. The "jobs are up" refers to an overall figure that doesn't make much sense outside of the specific social context in which it occurs.

. . . and why George W. is so bad for the country, I want cold hard facts. I am not pro Bush, I just need to know why he is bad for my country.

Carly James Sociology 328

Good question. You might recall that I put up a link to the introductory chapter of Eric Mann's Election 2004 to explain the left perspective on why George W. Bush is not good for the country. You might want to read that so we can discuss it next week. But by next week I'll have up some material by someone who thinks George W. Bush is good for the country, and we'll discuss that perspective. Governance discourse means that we must seek out enough information from all perspectives that you can then make up your own mind whether he is good for or not good for your country.

  • For Week of September 12, 2004: The 2004 Elections—A Turning Point for the U.S. Left. Introduction. By Eric Mann. This introductory chapter is available online. And this is the sort of material that you will not get on the traditional media. Left, even radical left perspective. Be sure as you read it, you are thinking about what the other perspectives are on these issues, and notice that the left is not a united group anymore than is the right or any other perspective. More in next week's issue. jeanne

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