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Patricia A. Acone, B.A., A.B.T.
Departments of Sociology
at California State University, Dominguez Hills

Created: July 21, 2003
Latest update: July 21, 2003
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Inshallah, Bokra, Malesh

Pat joined Dear Habermas as a teaching assistant with Professor Dexter Edward Bryan fifteen years ago, and has been with us ever since. Before retirement a couple of years ago she was an Academic Advisor and a friend of Sociology in the University Advising Center. Since her retirement, she and jeanne have been working at turning Dear Habermas into a new kind of distance learning, one that emphasizes learning, not credit, and that moves in the direction of life-time learning in the service of critical thinking and aesthetic expression.

Pat's specialty is Liberation Theology and Radical Left Politics. She once told a journalist that she was going to become a Carmelite nun. Her mother didn't recover until Pat had six children. But Catholicism, particularly Catholicism in the interest of peace and social justice, remains one of her major focuses. With all six children now grown-up professionals, Pat is finally finding the chance to put her Montessori training to work in the field with hundreds of college students each semester. Who says we don't still need mothering (and fathering) along with the kids?

We picked up the words "Inshallah, Bokra, Malesh" from Jack Smith of the Los Angeles Times. We loved his columns and miss him dearly. "God Willing, Tomorrow, Well, Never Mind." How well that saying of Jack Smith fits us. Dear Habermas just keeps growing, and some of our projects fall neglected by the way side, but God Willing, most of them still get done - later.

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Patricia Acone.