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Avoiding Plagiarism

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Latest update: August 14, 2000

Non-Violent Coping with Plagiarism
in the Real World: Sharing Collaborative Credit

  • The New York Times on Cheney, Bush's VP
  • Article available on archives. Not free.
    Use the Cheny article on page 1 of the New York Times for Saturday, August 12. Four researchers listed. One identified as author at end of list. Also enter substantive note on Cheney's conflict.

  • The Los Angeles Times on "Upturn in Gang Violence"
  • Article available through archives. Not free.
    On August 14, The Metro Section of the Los Angeles Times ran an article, "An Ominous Upturn in L.A. Gang Violence Raises the Question Anew: Why?" by Johnathon E. Broggs, Hugo Martin, and Bobby Cuza. Interactive Project: Contact one or more of the journalists who are working under these collaborative bylines. Ask if they encounter the problems of group work that students sometimes do, that one or two students do all the work, and the group takes credit. How is this handled in the professional journalistic environment?