Silence Is Golden
When I Need to Study


jeanne's first version of beauty in the cosmos.

Please Designate Another Space for Study Groups and Talking

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Message No. 1622 from Carly James:

"I wanted to address an issue I have come across around campus. With the end of the semester coming closer I've been utilizing our library frequently. I believe I've dealt with a disrespect I'm not sure how to handle. Going to the library use to be a place I could go with silence. It seems to me gone are those days. I consistently go to our library to study quietly and come in contact with people who are talking. I mean talking not even whispering. I've been on both the 3rd and 4th floors where people just talk and talk. It is very frustrating because I get sidetracked very easy. I want to say something but, I'm not sure how to approach it. Any suggestions or anyone else have this problem? Am I being disrespected or am I overreacting?

Message No. 1633 from Rebeka Ban:

"i've been working at the local library for five years, and there's a big difference from when i went to it as a little girl. I'm sorry to say that quiet days at the library are gone. things are changing. The library no longer has just books, but computers as well. i've seen a lot of people who come to the library for many different reasons. Yes, people are forgetting that the library nneds to be a quiet place because it is often the meeting place for study groups. often i have to remind people that other people need to study as well, when someone is talking too loud. Another problem that is occuring often is people yelling into their cell phone. not only can i hear the whole conversation, but people just forget they are in a library. my advice to you is to tell the authority, like the librarian, to tell them to lower their voice. if you tell them yourself, they might feel ofended, unless you like confrontations, then feel free to tell them yourself."


Message No. 1683 from Celia Piz:

I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone, I have also encountered the same problem in the library, and I also have a difficult time being able to focus on my studying when there is a conversation taking place right next to me and if that's not enough, there are also ones that take place on their cell phone. I totally think this is disrespectful, and the library should work on helping keeping the voices down for those of us that need this silent time to study.

Message 1692 from Peter A. Aguilera:

I've also run into the library issue several times at several different campuses. What I've noticed is that people are more quiet if an obvious authority figure was present, say the librarian at desk, dressed professionally. However, when someone such as a student assistant in casual attire is present, the noise makers often act loud, as if no authority is present. Again, it ties into respect. The offenders have more respect for the official looking authority figure than for the more casual student worker. What is amusing is that I once witnessed such a "casual" young man firmly ask blatantly noisy people to leave or else he would call campus security. It turns out he was the director of this particular library. He certainly surprised them.

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