My Role in Social Change

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Answerability? No teacher ever wanted to listen to me,
No testing? But being open to listen even if we disagree.
Reparations? "It's not fundamentally about the money",
Dr. Marable said admitting the problem exists is the 1st step 2 recovery.
Henry Gates toured the country in attempts to see,
If "we the people" were any closer to obtaining the dream.
The dream of a man named Martin Luther King,
Is there an unearned benefit to having skin the color of cream?
Nearly 50 years ago, John Howard Griffin wanted to find,
If the color of his skin would nullify what was in his mind.
He kept his name, education, even the way he spoke,
O, what a different world it is when you're Colored, Negro.
Peacemaking requires that we come to the table,
But what happens if you are not able,
to effectively communicate what it is you feel,
Senseless violence? No I'm making a deal….. outta this,
So you can pay attention, and did I mention,
The treatment received in the system
We call it corrections, I call it inten…..tional, What are we really trying to do?
Stanley "Tookie" Williams has done so much to prove,
That he's no longer the violent man of his past…… we realize,
He's making changes for the youth, his efforts are recognized.
Two nominations, for Peace and Literature,
But the people in power, won't even look at the picture.
Burying their heads, saying "it doesn't matter to me"
And if we don't teach them new skill their crimes their gonna repeat.
If he could make such progress all on his own
What a disservice we give excons that are coming home.
Costitutive says we are all parts of a whole
I am faced with the decision of what type of role
I will play in law and social change
I must speak out even if it seems strange.
But that's the point, we have to venture off the path,
1+1=2, little kids can do the math;

And conquer, multiply some peace and love,
So bow your heads and ask for wisdom from the Father, GOD above.
Listening to you all has equipped me with various points of view
I will thoughtfully apply them in what ever work I do,
And this poem is a way to say Thank You.
And no, it doesn't have a particular pattern or rhyme,
But it was a way to demonstrate the things on my mind.
You know the saying, "It's a woman's prerogative"
The challenge put before us is to change the world we live
Dr. Marable posed a ?, what is my moral assignment to be?
Prophetic Criticism is what that sounds like to me.
Anarchists embrace the differences, and doing so has changed me,
Being open is fundamental to not only freeing the Feminine Other but all humanity.
My role in social change, what will it be?

I will




and then


. . .
. . .

Written By: LaTricia White
Inspired by L&SC

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