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Latest update: February 12, 2000
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Rudiger Appel's Figurine and Link to his site.Cheating and Structural Violence

In what way can "cheating" be viewed as something other than a moral deficiency?

Click on the letter below which best reflects an answer based on the preparatory reading for this seminar discussion:

A. Cheating can be explained as a kind of magical invocation to protect the universe a student understands.

B. Cheating cannot be a moral deficiency if "everyone is doing it."

C. Cheating does not represent moral deficiency if you have a good moral reason for doing it.

D. Cheating does not matter if you are intrinsically motivated to learn.

E. All of the above.

Annotation on Cheating and Structural Violence

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Figurine by Rudiger Appel. Notice that you can see three effects in the animation. Either the Variation on the Kandinsky figurine appears to turn in a clockwise direction, or in a counterclockwise direction, or it appears to open and close. Can you see all three effects? Try. Fascinated? Link to Appel's site and then link to the background he provides. Scroll down until you find a link to background.

Chantessy's Page Chantessy's Mardi Gras Alphabet was originally used on this page. We changed it because it was too distracting as eye candy. Chantessy was the first contributor to our Kids' Site when we began Dear Habermas. Visit her page. Check out the sliders puzzles on her fun page. Or check out her candy box and send a friend a posty. Non-violent ways to respond to structural violence in the academy! It's great fun.