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On Keith Haring's Love

This Pass? or Prepared? is based on Keith Haring, an artist whose work I would like you to know.

Ketih Haring's Kids Site
There are 16 more variations on Love. Link to the numbers at the top of the image.

Keith Haring's Kids Site
Link to the little yellow angel on the top row of icons.

1. What does Keith Haring do with morphing? What does morphing mean?

Plausible answer: Morphing means changing. Keith causes these changes by making one figure morph into another, often by having the second figure grow out of the first. Split in the Flipooks is a really good example. Link to Site Map, then to Flipbooks under Art.

2. Keith Haring, like Jean-Michel Basquiat, died young. Did he, too, die of a drug overdose?

Keith Haring's Life Story is on his site. Link to Life Story in the top row menu. Keith haring died of AIDS when he was 31 years old.

3. How is Keith's work different from Jean-Michel's?

Keith was highly trained as a professional artist. Jean-Michel's work was untrained. See if you can see the difference. Both of them showed tremendous energy and social commitment. How can you see the energy in each? How can you see the soical commitment.

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