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Pass or Prepared? on Jacob Lawrence's Art

Jacob Lawrence is among the best known of African American artists in the U.S.. He painted largely series of paintings that told a story of African American life and of social issues. The link below will take you to a Jacob Lawrence painting in the Modern Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Notice that you may click on the image of the painting to see a larger version.

National Museum of Americn Art Click on Search in the top menu. Search for Lawrence, Jacob. Click on the link to Jacob Lawrence that the search produces. Click on Works in the Collection by the Artist. Click on Firewood#55. Click on the image itself to view the enlarged image. (You could repeat the search for Bearden, Romare, another famous and beloved Black painter.)

To alternate between comments and questions here and the image of the painting itself, use the buttons in the task bar to switch between the image and this page. To do that you will probably want to load your browser twice. One version to hold the image, one version to hold this Pass or Prepared? commentary.

How can this painting help you to see and to know the scene that Jacob Lawrence wanted to share with us? THERE ARE NO RIGHT ANSWERS, ONLY YOUR OWN FEELINGS. Click on any of the question numbers to share my feelings about the painting. jeanne

1. What is the painting about? Slice of life? What life?

2. Describe the buildings and the feeling they give you.

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