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    Remembering Manzanar
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    Remembering Manzanar

    On Friday, July 10, 1998, an editorial, Keeping Manzanar's Message, appeared in the L.A. Times, commending the efforts of the National Park Service to preserve Manzanar.

    "The nation has recognized that the forced relocation of the internees was a colossal constitutional blunder, the result of panic, fear and blatant prejudice. It's too easy to say, as many do, "It can't happen again." Manzanar should stand as a solemn reminder that liberty always is a precious and vulnerable thing."

    Visit the L.A. Times Site for the editorial.

    Visit also the Teaching Tolerance Site's piece on "Home Was a Horse Stall" for another glimpse of what World War II internment was like.

    Villaraigosa: New Kid on the Block

    In the Sunday Los Angeles Times Magazine, on August 2, 1998, by Jenifer Warren, is an article describing the rise of Antonio Villaraigosa, Speaker of the California State Assembly. First, a knowledge of who's who in the political system in which we live is important. Second, this man comes as an outsider. Jenifer Warren puts the question: is he prepared for the job? And she offers his own answer: "Am I prepared? Absolutely not," he says without pause, "But we live in the era of term limits, where all of us are amateurs. The fact is, I got the job. And in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."

    Amateurs, to the extent that they are willing to hear validity claims, bring new discourse to the table. Professional politicians who "knew" all the answers might have been less willing to hear the new voices claiming attention. That does not mean that amateurs will listen to all in good faith. But there is hope for a forum in which more will be heard. Warren quotes Villaraigosa as roaring at one point: "Are these people stupid??!! referring, of course, to legislators who were obstinately refusing to pass legislation before them. He roared, and he got them to talk. Lost that round, but he might achieve discourse.

    Who is he? What's his background? Child of a"laborer and Mexican immigrant," who watched "his father, an alcoholic, beat his mother to "a bloody pulp." Having survived surgery for a paralyzing tumor as an adolescent, Villaraigosa was expelled from his high school, yet managed to return, earn degrees at East L.A. College and UCLA, and the People's College of Law. Warren describes his style as "to be inclusive, to lead by example, to persuade, and quotes him as saying, "The public hates that partisan, winner-take-all crap."

    His views on "the death of affirmative action via the 1996 ballot initiative, Proposition 209," as expresed to a class of political science students in a Los Angeles private and expensive college:: "Without affirmative action, I'd be outside stealing your hubcaps."

    Put Villaraigosa on the list of People You Should Know in California. Visit the Los Angeles Times Web Site for more information on this article.

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