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Reports of Learning, CRMJ/SOCA 490, ST: Race, Crime, Law - Fall 2001

Evidence of Learning
Interactive Discourse

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update: December 21, 2001
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Reports by Number Assigned

These short statements of our joint perceptions of your learning are growing from our review of the records and our experiences in class. In a cooperative learning world, in which our objective is to help each other gain critical insights, what should matter, instead of "grades" is such a report. Learning that I can tell you I have seen, either directly or through some of your work, and that you can confirm. That is learning accountability.

As we gain skill at this, a paragraph of recommendation should be your goal for the end of each course, each semester. If you were to realize that this is how I will end the course, and you were to want the best possible recommendation of your learning, we could interactively check our respective records all semester, and the recommendations could be detailed and helpful to all who want to know about your learning.

Visit Letters of Recommendation for clues on how to do this.

Updated on December 21, 2001

Student 48 - Shared in group discussions. Speaks up when others don't communicate in class. Frequently challenges ideas to explore them further. 1st rol="C+" [late rol] [11/21] Brings lots of insights to group and class discussions. Shares knowledge and preparedness with others. [late 2nd rol] 2nd rol="C-" [11/29]Attends class. Is prepared for and participates in class discussions. Shares thoughts and ideas with others. 3rd rol="C+" Course grade="B-" [12/13]

Student 106 - Lacking a little more, participation. [vague rol] 1st rol = "C+" [10/28] Still need polishing in certain areas. [very vague rol] 2nd rol="B-" [11/18] Needs to brush up on creativity. [vague rol] 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B-" [12/13b]

Student 527 - Learned more of what race is. Comes to class regularly prepared. Speaks to group or professor. Fallen behind in readings. Participates in groupwork. 1st rol ="B-" [11/8] Completed the 5Cs. Participates in groups. Tries to read and understand all materials and assignments. 2nd rol="B" [11/17] Completed 5Cs. Worked on some research on different things dealin with race, crime and capital punishment. 3rd rol="B-" Course grade="B" [12/13]

Student 1062 - The 5Cs; competency, consistency, cooperation, communication and creativity were met. 1st rol="B+" [11/28] Group time outside of class. Continues to read and do homework. Writes to instructor. Three different site visits. 2nd rol="B+" [11/17] Learned and experienced class well. Through communication discuss some of the readings. Cooperation with group and helping others. Creatie scholarship good. 3rd rol="A-" Course grade="A-" [12/13]

Student 1171 - Communicates whereabouts. Participates in small groups. Consistency with journal. Shows cooperation with others. Creativity is now being used. [has 90% listed for creative measure but the max is 80%]1st rol = "B-" [10/28] Communicates in class and whereabouts. Cooperates with others. Creativity was talking to detective and field trip. [grade form exceeds max] 2nd rol="B" [12/7] Used 5Cs in these last weeks more. 5Cs shown on grade form. Learning in different ways; fun to learn. 3rd rol="A-" Course grade="B" [12/14]

Student 1176 - Started out slowly but beginning to participate more in class. Emails professor. Beginning creative scholarship. 1st rol = "B-" [10/28] Working much harder and beginning to move into creative scholarship. 2nd rol="B" [11/30] Kept a positive attitude by coming to class, emailing pass/prepareds, working in groups, and turning in debriefing. [3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/13b]

Student 1665 - Cooperation, communication and competency all illustrated by verbalization in class discussions, groupwork in and out of class and also with responding to articles posted in email. Consistently communicated with instructor at least once a week. Creativity is seen in making connections between movies and the ideas of authors. 1st rol="C" [12/3] Slow start. Verbalizing in class discussions, groupwork in and out of class. Going to class. Participating in field trip and extra videos. 2nd rol="B-" [12/3] Cooperation, communication and competence illustrated in class discussions and groupwork. Creativity is seen in viewing videos, attending field trips and SOCA meetings. [grade form exceeds max on creative measures. need to change this error] 3rd rol="C+" Course grade="C+' [12/9]

Student 1790 - Learned quite a bit. Kept up with readings. Always participates in class discussions. [Late] 1st rol="B" [12/14] Passed on attendance, pass/prepareds and class participation.[late, vague rol] 2nd rol="B-" [12/10] Grade reflects participation, attendance and class work. [vague rol] 3rd rol="B-" Course grade="B-" 12/14]

Student 1838 - Competency and consistency by being prepared and involved in class discussions. Comments on "Dear Habermas" and on web board as examples of creativity. Cooperation and communication through group discussions inside and outside of class. Consistently communicates learning to instructor. 1st rol="A" [10/10] Researching Arab Americans for creativity. Shown competency and consistency by being prepared and present for all classes. Shown cooperation and communication by leading class discussions and by working with group. 2nd rol="A- (borderline A) [11/19] Competency and consistency being involved and present in all class discussions. Cooperated well ing roup discussions. Communicated learning through email. Example of creativity, researching Islamic terrorism. 3rd rol="A". Course grade="A" [12/13]

Student 1880 - Chart shows understanding of concepts and terms. Speak up in class. Cooperative. Have not missed class. Taking notes for a student. 1st rol="B-" [11/5] Participating more. Emailing more reactions and still keeping up with readings and exercises. Working on debriefing as well as creative scholarship. 2nd rol="B" [11/17] Communicated with professor and other students. Copleted looking up creative scholarships and debriefings. 3rd rol="A-" Course grade=

B+" [12/13a]

Student 1936 - On assignments handed in. Realizes did not come up with a lot of creativity but working on it. Kept journal. Emailed on weekly basis. Attended class prepared. Thought midterm test was hard. 1st rol="B-" [11/26] Shown improvement in creativity area more than last time. Saw crim documentary. 2nd rol= "B" [11/26] Seemed to have gotten grasp on things. Emailing professor and participating in class as well as the research on creative measures. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B+" [12/14]

Student 2341 - Attendance inconsistent. Priorities off track. When present, participaes. 1st rol="C-" [11/27] Complying with grade form. Need to improve on journal, attendance, and creative measures. 2nd rol="D" [11/27] Grade remains pretty much as is for the rest of the semester. 3rd rol="D" [12/17] Course grade="D" [12/13]

Student 2472 - Assignments are done. The only problem is emailing and class discussions. 1st rol="C-" [12/10] Doing the necessary work to earn this grade.[vague rol] 2nd rol="C-" [12/10] Sometimes has trouble with "some stuff" but homework always done. [vague] 3rd rol="B-" Course grade="C" [12/14]

Student 2562 - Definitely name to face. Communicates whereabouts. Attends class regularly. Participates in class discussions. For creativity, forwarded materials to professors.Joins different group discussions. Regularly emails professor on reaction to website materials. 1st rol= "A-" [10/28] Emails instructor constantly. Has improved creative scholarship, but a few steps behind in competence. 2nd rol="borderline A-/B+" [11/27] Offered the 5Cs strenuously. Not a field mouse. [vague rol; wide grade range provided] 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="A-" [12/13]

Student 2655 - Based on 5Cs and grade sheet, everything seems to be going smooth. Shown concrete evidence of learning in journal. Communicating, cooperation and consistency seem to be good. Need improvement with speaking out and creativity. 1st rol="B-"[11/2] Areas of improvement are needed or more creativity and consistency. Still continues to communicate, cooperate and interpret understanding of class. 2nd rol="B" [11/21] Shown all levels on measuring my level of learning. [vague rol] 3rd rol="A-" Course grade="B+" [12/14]

Student 2941 - Through the 5Cs, has shown concrete evidence of learning; the biggest being through groupwork, class discussions, and communicating with group and instructor. 1st rol= "B". [10/15] Through class discussions, groupwork, creativity with two police departments. Consistent with 5Cs. 2nd rol="C+" [11/28] Creative scholarhips is ready. Communicating in groupwork more. 3rd rol="B=" Course grade="B-" [12/13]

Student 3043 - Have learned quite a bit but unfortunately not good at proving it on paper. Trying to work harder on journal but not doing so well. 1st rol ="B+" [11/11] Continued to learn and understand better the association between race, crime, and law. Continuing to work on what is race project. 2nd rol="C+" [11/27] Creativity came back with Ellsworth visit. Research survey. 3rd rol="B-" Course grade="B-" [12/13]

Student 3763 - Attends class regularly. Participates in discussion. Slips up occasionally on self reports but keeping a journal. Knows can improve on self reports and attendance. 1st rol = "C" [10/28] Improved attendance. Participates in class. Competence shown in journal. Consistency, still needs to improve pass/prepareds. Starting creativity. 2nd rol="D+" [11/27] Consistent in attending class and communicating learning. 3rd rol="C" Course grade="C" [12/14]

Student 3902 - Showed competency and consistency by being prepared. Creativity by thinking up project idea. Cooperation by participating in group decisions. Communication in emails for pass/prepared. Sharing ideas in groups. [no face to name] 1st rol ="B-" [10/28] Communicated by prepared emails, group discussions. Cooperated through group discussions, emails and attending class. Same for competence. Creativity working on project. 2nd rol="C" [11/24] Several communications on project findings and pass/prepareds for cooperation, consistency and competence. did the readings and went ot clss. Worked on dictionary and emailed. Creativity finished projects and emailed about. 3rd rol="C+" Course grade="C+" [12/13a]

Student 3998 - Consistent with being prepared for class. Took notes in journal. Communicated with professor/small groups what was learned/reaction/confusion to readings, handouts, personal experiences, and Dear Habermas. 1st rol="B+" [11/1] Communicates with instructor. Consistently in class, and being prepared. Communicates whereabouts. Interacted with small groups. For creativity, participated in diversity circle and debriefing RCI site visit. 2nd rol="B" [11/21] Researched rehabilitation and communicated with professor. Worked on RCI debriefing with another student. Emailed prepareds. Interacted in small and large groups. 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="B+" [12/14]

Student 4113 - Shown competency through emails with professor and group discussions. Complete both cooperation and communication skills through group discussions, emails with pass/prepared partner and web board discussions. Creativity is based on attendance at the interfaith dialogue and through outside readings. In constant communication with professor via email. 1st rol = "B+" [10/28] Competency, cooperation and communicatgion through emais to preofessor, class discussions and groupwork. Creativity is based on web board discussions and attending Muslim women panel discussion. 2nd rol="A-" [11/20] Creativity was very strong because of outside readings and emails. Competence through group discussions. Communication through email. Cooperation with groupwork and partner. Consistency throughe mails, attendance and readings. Increased talking in class. 3rd rol="A". Course grade="A-" [12/13]

Student 4598 - Field mouse. [10/28] No 2nd rol submitted. Still a field mouse. [11/17] No 3rd rol submitted. Course grade="F" [12/13]

Student 4945 - Gets along with class well. Has shown creativity via web board. Consistency and competence satisfactory by communication of whereabouts through email as often as possible and through participation in class discussions. 1st rol="C" [10/28] Field mouse. Communicated whereabouts to professor. Reading Rikers Island. Keeping dictionary recoreds. Minimal work on web board. [late rol/grid] 2nd rol="D"[12/10] Field mouse. Continuing Rikers book. Keeping vocabularly records. Minimal web board work. [late rol] 3rd rol="D-" Course grade="D" [12/13]

Student 5207 - all but one of the 5Cs has been done so far. Lacking in creativity. Spoken up in class on several occasions. Emailed on various topics. 1st rol= "B-"[11/2] Amount of communication and working in groups with added creativity. 2nd rol="C+" [grade form exceeds max] [11/30] From 2nd to 3rd rol, things remained the same. Communication was a strong point and creativity although weak was there a bit. 3rd rol'"B-" Course grade="B-" [12/13a]

Student 5624 - Communicated well through email. Consistency up to par. Competence about 3/4 there. Cooperated well in and outside of class. Creativityis reasonable. 1st rol ="A-" [10/30] Creavitivity stronger. Communication greater. Competence has increased especially with Fellman. Participates more through email than n class itself. 2nd rol="A-" [11/27] Communication through email was key to everything. Spoke more frequently. Did slack off in class attendance and one pass/prepared. Creativity existed throughout. 3rd rol="A-" Course grade="A-" [12/13a]

Student 5813 - Communicated whereabout when ill. Missed one pass/prepared. Late rol. 1st rol="B-" [12/10] Last three to four weeks stronger. No grade form until 12/10. Late rol. 2nd rol="C-" 12/14] Over last 4 weeks have done everything asked;maybe not to best ability. [3rd rol vague] 3rd rol="C" Course grade="C" [12/14]

Student 5973 - Have been there and shown some knowledge of class materials but needs to do more. 1st rol="C+"[11/4] Worked harder this rol and have done/shown a lot more work than first rol. 2nd rol="B-" [11/19] Worked on finalizing creative measures. Talked with clas smembers about class issues. Fairly consistent since last rol. 3rd rol="B-" Course grade=B-" [12/13a]

Student 6338 - Grid form is okay. Inconsistent or lacking in areas. [vague rol] 1st rol="B+" [11/1] More consistent than previous weeks. Participates in class discussions more actively. Needs work on creativity. 2nd rol="B+" [11/19] Problems in last third of semester. Less contact with professor. Missed a few classes. Lacking in cooperation. Late for last self-test. 3rd rol="C" Course grade="B" [12/13]

Student 6413 - No grade form, rol, and grid form. [10/28] No second rol submitted. Becoming a field mouse. [11/17] No 3rd rol submitted Course grade="F" [12/13]

Student 6418 - Shown consistency, cooperation, competency, communication in everything in class by talking, participating, emailing and researching. Only subject area needs more in is creativity. 1st rol= "B+" [10/28] Cooperation, consistency, competency, communication and creativity are all addressed. Creativity has improved. 2nd rol="B+" [11/19] Cooperation, communication, creativity, and consistency were all addressed. [3rd rol vague] 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="B+" [12/14]

Student 6544 - Attended class on regular basis and understand questions on internet site. Begun looking at issues that relate to race inside and outside of class. 1st rol="B-" [11/21] Began another creative scholarship on affirmative action. Speaks out in class on occasion. Consistent with group. Has not communicated much creativity. 2nd rol="B-" [11/30] Shown competence through groupwork. Cooperate with group and in class. Communicates knowledge in group and through email. Consistently attends class. Showed creativity by working on affirmative action and court cases involving race. 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="B" [12/14]

Student 6670 - Name to face. Participates in class discussions. Prepared for assignments. Understands readings. Missed few classes but notified professor. Needs to work on creativity. 1st rol ="B" [11/1] Communicates with students and instructor. Participates in class discussions. Competent of assignments. Need to work on creativity more. Speak out in class. 2nd rol="B-" [11/30] Preapred for class. Participated in class/group discussions. Understood readings. Creativity on Fellman and inventors web site. 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="B+" [12/17]

Student 6833 -Always on time to class. Prepared to participate in class and group discussions. Shares original ideas and observations. Spent time helping new students. Keeping up to date with assignments and discussions even if not there. 1st rol="C-" [11/29] Staying up to date on self-tests. Working hard at creative scholarship. Excellent discussion of question with groups on regular basis. 2nd rol= "B- [11/29] Worked hard at creative scholarship and additions to debriefing. Up to date on class work and participation. Had very good group discussions. \3rd rol= "B-" Course grade="B-" [12/15]

Student 7659 - Although didn't know what to do the first two weeks, made a comeback in the following three weeks. [vague] 1st rol="B-" [11/1] Attends class regularly. Strong in creativity. Getting stronger in other areas. 2nd rol="B+" [11/17] Lacked consistency but worked hard overall [rol vague] 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/13b]

Student 7817 - No creative scholarship. Groupwork and attendance consistent. Late rol. Communicates pass/prepared. Group dissolved. Shares with class on occasion. 1st rol=C+ [12/10] Attends regularly but when absent no communication. No discussion threads but does communicate. Continues to share with class on occasion. On task with group. [2nd rol late] 2nd rol="B" [12/14] Did not communicate learning outside of class except for pass/prepareds.late rols til the last minute. Ready for debriefings. 3rd rol="D+" Course grade="C+" [12/14]

Student 7851 - Have to work on creativity. Cooperate in class. Communicate whereabouts, questions and concerns. Consistent with coming to class and participating in groups. 1st rol = "C+" [10/30] Participates in groupwork. Keeps up with readings. Communicates whereabouts. Comes to class regularly. Some creative measures. 2nd rol="C" [11/19] Worked on creative scholarship for debriefing. Communicated whereabouts. Cooperated in groupwork. Communicated with other stuents after class. Kept journal. 3rd rol="B-" Course grade="B-" [12/13a]

Student 8435 - Kept up journal with every pass/prepared even though don't email them. Communicated whereabouts. Still need to work on more communicating learning. Shared reaction to readings and other outside activities. Creativity on terrorism panel and field experiment. [slightly underrated] [10/28] No 2nd rol submitted [11/17] No 3rd rol sbumitted. Course grade="F" [12/13]

Student 8569 - Have been working outside class on readings, related discussions and self-tests, however has not been as consistent as would like. 1st rol="B-"[11/1] Stronger in consistency, communication and creativity since the 1st rol. 2nd rol="B+" [11/17] Remained consistent in creativity, communication and competence. [vague rol] 3rd rol="A-" Course grade="B+" [12/13b]

Student 9170 - Shown consistent in work and not a field mouse. Always involved in group and class discussions.1st rol="B+" [11/1] Built 5Cs to another level. Improved knowledge, learning, and understanding from other people. Instructor aware of student interest in class. 2nd rol="B+" [12/3] Overall performance has been above average. Understands materials. Communicates and cooperates with classmates and professor. Have not been that creative but wasn't strongest area. 3rd rol="B+" [12/21] Course grade="B+" [12/21]

Student 9333 - In each category, displayed above average amounts of work inside and outside of class. Current with readings. Participates in class consistently. Explore creativity outside of class. 1st rol="A-" [11/18] Acquired the necessary requirements for grade self-assessed at. Fulfilled each of the 5Cs consistently. 2nd rol="A-" [11/17] Consistently done the same amount of work in each of the areas. 3rd rol="A-" Course grade="A-" [12/13]

Student 9529 - In measuring achievement on grid form shows concrete evidence for grade. The five Cs have been accomplished successfully. [ vague rol] 1st rol="B+" [11/1] Consistent with exercises. Cooperates with group in and outside of class. Participates in class discussions usually. Communicates with instructor via office hours, in and after class. Helps other students. Attends class regularly. Create scholarship projects (several). 2nd rol="A" [11/18] 5Cs met, and creative scholarship projects are in process of being completed. 3rd rol="A" Course grade="A" [12/13]

Student 9541 - Demonstrated an understanding of 5Cs. Email thoughts of class discussions and readings. Met outside of class to discuss topics. 1st rol="C+" [11/1] Worked really hard to just read stuff but go beyond and relate it to real life. (Have missed a lot of class). Confused as to why instructor not responding in at least two weeks. 2nd rol ="C-" [12/3]Last 4 weeks worked especially hard on creativity aspect. Did an observational study. [3rd rol overrated; learning not communicated; limited creative measures] Course grade="C" [12/13]

Student 9579 - Shown consistent attendance, learning and strong examples of the four of the five Cs. [no face to name] 1st rol="B-" [11/1] Examples of the 5Cs and extra effort to go on field trip to RCI. 2nd rol="C" [11/30] Done virtually all assignments and have been in class consistently. Creatively, it has been hard to find something to research. Did find something. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B-" [12/13b]

Student 9732 - Participates in group discussions. Taking part in actitivities outside of clas such as jail field trip. 1st rol= "C" [11/30] Speaking out in class during group discussions and attendance. 2nd rol="C-" [11/30] [extremely vague 3rd rol] 3rd rol="C-" Course grade="C" [12/14]