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CRMJ/SOCA 365 Race, Crime and Law - Spring 2003
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12 noon, Monday, May 12th -- Deadline to Resolve Course Grade.
All unresolved grades will become "F's"

Reports by Number Assigned

These short statements of our joint perceptions of your learning are growing from our review of the records and our experiences in class. In a cooperative learning world, in which our objective is to help each other gain critical insights, what should matter, instead of "grades" is such a report. Learning that I can tell you I have seen, either directly or through some of your work, and that you can confirm. That is learning accountability.

As we gain skill at this, a paragraph of recommendation should be your goal for the end of each course, each semester. If you were to realize that this is how I will end the course, and you were to want the best possible recommendation of your learning, we could interactively check our respective records all semester, and the recommendations could be detailed and helpful to all who want to know about your learning. Visit Letters of Recommendation for clues on how to do this.

The first ROL period is from Week 1 through Week 5 (January 22-February 21). The second ROL period is from Week 6 through Week 10 (February 23-March 28). And, the third and final ROL period is from Week 11 through Week 15 (March 31-May 2). The criteria for grading were the 5Cs -- communication, cooperation, consistency, competency, and creativity in conjunction with your latest grade form that I have on file. Also considered is Bloom and Krathwohl's taxonomy of learning: latent learning, recognition, recall, application, analysis, evaluation and synthesis.

Explanation of my comments:
-- Grade will be posted when grade is agreed upon.
-- Slightly underrated (under by 1 grade)
-- Underrated (under by 2 grades)
-- Slightly overrated (over by 1 grade)
-- Overrated (over by 2 grades)
-- Way overrated (over by 3 grades)
-- Way, way overrated (over by 4 grades)
-- Extremely overrated (over by 5 or more grades)

For example, a student assesses ROL at an "A" and my response is "way overrated" (meaning that my assessment is 3 grades lower than the student's assessment), which would be a grade of "B".

Updated on May 19, 2003

Student 68 - Participated actively. Spoken aloud. Continuously emailed. Read all the necessary chapters. done the questions. 1st rol="B+/B" [2/28/03] Have done all of the assigned readings, participated actively, attended every class, done the creative measures and maintained a constant dialogue with the professor. 2nd rol="B+" [4/3/03] Have done three creative measures, (critiqued with instructor on all of them). Emailed professor. Participated actively in both class/group discussions. Attended every class. Did all of the discussion questions. Read all of the assigned material. Contributed to the Dear Habermas site. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [5/6/03] Course grade="B+" [5/9/03]

Student 229 - field mouse --- no 1st rol/grade noted on grid form. [4/3/03] no 2nd grid form submitted [4/3/03] field mouse - no 3rd rol/grid [5/6/03] Course grade="F" [5/12/03]

Student 422 - [no 1st rol/grade included] [2/25/03] Have definitely made a conscious effort to cover all of the 5Cs. Not entirely sure if effort are inclusive of waht professor is looking for. [way overrated. see me] [4/3/03] Attendance has been sporadic, however have been working hard outside of class. Covered the 5Cs and worked extremely hard on creative measures. Had some problems with attendance. [overrated/way overrated] [5/6/03] Course grade="?" [5/14/03]

Student 512 - Don't get involved as much as should. Keeps up with journaling and emails. Does work outside of class. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/12/03] Slacking in Week 8. Kept up with journal/emailing. Speak aloud in class and in groups. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [5/12/03] Consistent with emails. Kept up with journal. Very outspoken in class. Gets along with majority of the class. 3rd rol="C" [5/12/03] Course grade="C" [5/12/03]

Student 533 - [no rol included] 1st rol="C" [5/7/03] Did all of the discussion questions and did a lot of discussion with other students. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [5/7/03] Could have done a lot more. Did more with creative measures and talking to students and emailing instructor. 3rd rol="Borderline C/C-" [5/6/03] Course grade="C -" [5/13/03]

Student 568 - Working hard in this class. Struggle a little on understanding some of the reading. Class is going really good. Learned several different views. Have now taken a different perspective on this class. 1st rol="B-" [3/5/03] Worked very hard on reviews, journal, and researching any history before emailing professor back. Enjoys writing back and forth with professor. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/18/03] Worked harder this last couple of weeks than in the past. Demonstrated the 5Cs. 3rd rol="Borderline B/B+" [5/6/03] Course grade="B" [5/11/03]

Student 747 - Have tapped into and continued with the five Cs. Helped several outside of class as well as having several extra discussions outside of class. 1st rol="Borderline B+/B" [3/10/03] First half of rol did pretty well. Cooperation, consistency and competence great! Creative measures started but no dialog. Communication, little. Second half of rol, cooperation lacking due to missed classes but still keeping up to date on all other Cs. Really into creative measures. 2nd rol="B-" [4/23/03] Stayed current with all work. Continued on creative measures. Attended class when possible, but overall still accomplished what was suppose to be accomplished. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/6/03] Course grade="B" [5/8/03]

Student 1012 - Speaks up regularly in class. Helped other students adapt to this style of learning. Researched white prejudices and racial profiling. 1st rol="Borderline A-/A" [2/25/03] Have researched the topic of racial profiling by doing a website review followed by continuing dialogue. Started to read Driving While Black as well. Attends class faithfully. Speaks up regularly. Participates in class and group discussions. 2nd rol="A-" [4/3/03] Completed the 5Cs by communicating both in class and through email. Cooperation by working in groups. Consistency by working a little along the way. Competence by participating in lecture commentary. Creativity by researching topics. 3rd rol="A" [5/6/03] Course grade="A" [5/9/03]

Student 1188 - Put in some valuable time outside of class but could put more time talking in class. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [2/25/03] Working on creative measures more than the last rol. Spent more time outside of class from the books or internet. 2nd rol="B -" [5/9/03] Always consistent with communication. Worked outside of class more by going to websites and chatting with people from all over. 3rd rol="B - " [5/9/03] Course grade="B -" [5/11/03]

Student 1260 - Had a difficult time adjusting to teaching style. Always makes comments for class discussions. Does discussion questions. Haven't emailed learning much and that is where needs improvement. Also need to do creative measures. 1st rol="Borderline C+/C" [2/27/03] Did much better on this rol. Followed through on creative measures. Kept up with readings. Did discussion questions. Actively participated in class. 2nd rol="B-" [4/3/03] Really didn't communicate learning as well as last one. Took notes on films. Did discussion questions. Completed a debriefing form on a film. 3rd rol="B-" [5/7/03] Course grade="B -" [5/7/03]

Student 1349 - In every C had a great start. 1st rol="B" [3/10/03] Continuous track record with the course and how it relates to the 5Cs. 2nd rol="B" [4/3/03] For the last section, the 5Cs have rightfully earned a B-. [vague rol] 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/6/03] Course grade="B" [5/11/03]

Student 1366 - Done quite a lot for this first ROL. Earlier in the first couple weeks had late night discussion with instructor on profiling. Kept up with readings. Participates in small class discussions. Have communicated well. 1st rol="Borderline B+/A-" [2/25/03] Grade based on website reviews which took quite a bit of work. Read all the chapters and was prepared for class discussions. 2nd rol="Borderline C/C-" [4/10/03] Worked on revisions on website reviews, granted turned in the wrong ones. Learned so much more by looking at instructor's comments. Always well prepared for class. Went to an on campus panel discussion and talked about it in class. Consistent in having questions prepared. Spoke up in small class discussions. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/8/03] Course grade="B - " [5/11/03]

Student 1990 - First time through this learning process, was not sure how to approach it. Kept notes on all readings in journal even though things not discussed in class. Kept up with communication, maybe too much. Was slow in getting creative measures started. 1st rol="Borderline B/B+" [2/25/03] Did less clogging of email waves. Have continued to participate in class and group discussions. Worked on more than one creative measure. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B+" [4/3/03] Consistently participated in group and class discussion. Was prepared for all classwork. Completed three creative measures. Very consistent. 3rd rol="A -" [576/03] Course grade="A -" [5/8/03]

Student 2228 - Try to best. Enjoys class discussions. Knowledge of some things did not know about. 1st rol+"C" [2/26/03] Still enjoying class. Keeps up with work. Taking notes. Keeping a journal. Doing the discussion questions and coming to class. Tries to email when possible. Doing best to do what is needed. Still researching creative measures. 2nd rol="C-/D+" [5/2/03] Have really enjoyed class discussions. Learned a lot about criminal justice and how important it is to think outside the box. Kept up with the materials and came to class. 3rd rol="Borderline C+/C" [5/6/03] Course grade="C" [5/12/03]

Student 2883 - Met the class requirements as far as questions and attendance, participation, listening and input. Explored web links, read books and watched documentaries outside of class. 1st rol="B+" [2/25/03] Discussion questions and journal are constantly completed. Latent learning consisted of listening in class and outside discussions with classmates. Consistently share ideas aloud in class. Have continued outside research. Completed reading Who Moved My Cheese?. [overrated] [4/3/03] Met communication with discussions in class and out. Lacked in communication with instructor. Met cooperation with class and group discussions. Met consistency with completion of questioins and journal as well as class attendance and readings. Met competence by applying concepts and "theory, policy, practice" to questions and creative measures. Met creativity by book reviews, site visits, presentations and own investigationi into several areas touched on in class. 3rd rol="B+" [5/6/03] Course grade="?" [5/14/03]

Student 3431 - Contriubted in class. Did discussion questions. Help people in library computer lab. 1st rol="C" [5/2/03] Did discussion questions. Some creative measures. Not much communication. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/C" [5/2/03] Good communication with other students in class. Showed cooperation by answering questions in groups and speaking out in class. All readings done. Creative measures were wrapped up and debriefings done. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/9/03] Course grade="B - " [5/9/03]

Student 3558 - The motivation to do things for the class is exciting. Have 5Cs down from last semester. Internal and external measurements of learning are being expanded and open to learn new materials from this class. 1st rol="Borderline A-/B+" [2/26/03] Have increased motivation in class. Have signed up for a site visit. Read No Contest and have been on website multiple times. 2nd rol="A-" [4/3/03] Did two debriefings, one on a site visit and another on a website review. Dialogue back and forth about these. Emailed a lot on media. Kepot up with motivation in class and the 5Cs. Related theory, policy, practice to creative measures. 3rd rol="B+" [5/9/03] Course grade="A - " [5/9/03]

Student 3570 - Have been consistent in coming to class every day, keepinp up on journal and actively participating in class discussions. Completed all discussion questions, Keep up on readings. Gone extra step to expand knowledge on areas that have sparked interest. 1st rol="Borderline B+/B" [2/28/03] Consistently comes to class every day. Kept up with journal and discussion questions. Actively participated in group discussions. Communicated thoughts and epxressed learning in creative ways. 2nd rol="B+" [4/16/03] Have been consistent in attending class everyday, completing discussion questions, writing in journal and actively participating in group discussions. Also shown creativity by keeping up with dialogues via email, resarching and writing up website reviews and taking classroom activities outside of the classroom. 3rd rol="A-" [5/6/03] Course grade="A -" [5/8/03]

Student 3669 - very interactive this semester. Started dialoguing from the get go. Talked in class. Participating regularly in groups. Very focused on course subject matter. Also had reactions to many class issues. 1st rol="B" [3/12/03] Did debriefing on video from other class. Talked in class every week. Did the homework. Prepared for quizzes and participated in groups every time. 2nd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [4/30/03] Had missed some classes. Had a misunderstanding on a creative measure. Still did the reading and worked well in groups. A little off focus but stayed on track. 3rd rol="Borderline C/C-" [5/6/03] Course grade="?" [5/14/03]

Student 4051 - Spent a lot of time looking at multiple creative measures. Didn't miss a class. Kept up with readings and emails. Worked well with groups in class. 1st rol="B-" [3/2/03] Slowed down on emails a little . Did complete the 5Cs however and was in class everyday. 2nd rol="C-" [4/8/03] Was prepared for every class. Discussed movies. Started a dialogue. Did more creativity. Was also more cooperative with other people in groups. 3rd rol="Borderline C+/C" [5/6/03] Course grade="C+" [5/8/03]

Student 4893 - 5Cs basically filled. Constantly adding opinions in class nd in group. Need to work a little harder on communication and creativity. Enjoys class. [rol way over 25 words] 1st rol="B+" [2/25/03] Didn't perform the way should have. Could have done a lot better, yet did put a good effort in. Always made sure to do homework for class and to email and participate. But creative measures and pop quizzes below self set standard. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/3/03] Attempted many more creative measures. Learned a great deal from readings and discussion groups. Though performed better on these five weeks, don't think showed as much as could have. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/6/03] Course grade="B - " [5/9/03]

Student 4903 - Consistently came to class and participated. Finished readings and assignments. Taken considerable time outside of class to attend events. 1st rol="B+" [3/5/03] Had several creative measures, which required extensive outside work and which shows ability to relate outside things to theory, policy, practice. 2nd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [4/3/03] In addition to class readings, read anothe rbook. Lots of creative measures. Kept up with all assignments. 3rd rol="Borderline B+/B" [5/6/03] Course grade="A - " [5/12/03]

Student 5026 - Always doing discussion questions. Asks questions. Talking with instructor on email. Working in groups. Speaking up and applying learning on academic discourse. 1st rol="B" [2/26/03] Did everything according to the percentages allowed. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/B" [4/23/03] Consistently cooperating with competence. Communicating creativity. 3rd rol="B-" [5/7/03] Course grade="B" [5/7/03]

Student 5121 - Been following along in class. Have been doing all the work needed. Been to every class and all the discussions. 1st rol="Borderline B+/B" [2/26/03] Have been to all the classes. Have done all the discussion questions. Worked on journal/debriefing throughout this grid form. 2nd rol="B" [4/8/03] Wrote a debriefing. Went to all classes. Been to all the discussions. Stayed in contact with instructor. Doing all the work needed. Done all the creative measures from communication to creativity. 3rd rol="B" [5/7/03] Course grade="B" [5/7/03]

Student 5521 - Talked to others outside of class. Done own research and class readings. Attended class every day. 1st rol=B=/B" [2/28/03] Communication, cooperation, consistency and competence were good and creativity was good, too. Finished a debriefing form. 2nd rol="B-" [4/23/03] By far best form of the year. Did a lot of work. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/9/03] Course grade="B" [5/9/03]

Student 5619 - [no grade form, no 1st grid form] field mouse [2/25/03] no 2nd grid form. field mouse [4/3/03] no 3rd grid form submitted. field mouse. [5/6/03] Course grade="F" [5/12/03]

Student 5627 - Have fulfilled the 5Cs so far this semester. Kept up with waht is being covered in class. Kept up with assignments. Gone beyond the necessary things to be successful in this course. [1st rol="Borderline B/B-" [3/10/03] Put forth a good effort, participating in class, and keepiing up with what should be doing. Talked to professor outside of class for clarification about what to do on assignments. Shared answers to questions with classmates. Participated in class discussions. Kept up with journal and assignments. Learned the opinions of classmates on issues discussed in class. Bought Rambo DVD to understand the character of Rambo better. 2nd rol="Borderline B+/B" [4/3/03] Have done everything that was required to be successful. Met the expectations of this class. 3rd rol="B+" [5/6/03] Course grade="B+" [5/9/03]

Student 5917 - Accomplished 5Cs by asking questions to classmates and instructor. Being in class each day prepared to talk and larn. Attended event and read Who Moved My Cheese?. Began research on racial profiling. 1st rol="A" [2/25/03] Accomplished the 5Cs by attending class each day prepared with readings and answers. Worked with classmates to respond to issues and ask questions. Also did research on racial profiling. Wrote a paper on it (for another class). Interviewed a police officer. Began reading Racist America . 2nd rol="A" [4/3/03] Achieved 5Cs by staying consistent all semester long. Asked and answered questions in class while cooperating in groups and classroom discussions. Came to class each day ready to learn and communicate what learned from creative measures. 3rd rol="A" [5/6/03] Course grade="A" [5/6/03]

Student 5938 - Did attend almost every class. Did speak up. Kept up with assignments. This is a new way to learn; caught on. 1st rol="C" [2/25/03] Kept up with the assignments and spoke up in class. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [5/2/03] Attended class. Kept up with readings and did some creative measures. Emailing was inconsistent. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/C" [5/12/03] Course grade="C - " [5/12/03]

Student 6212 - When first started class, wanted to drop by the third day. But stuck it out, asked a lot of questions and it all became easier as kept going. Kept up with all discussion questions, all readings, daily journal. Reading three outside books and gathering info for site visits. 1st rol=Borderline B-/B" [2/25/03] Hard to finish three books read on the side. Unfortunately book reviews not done in time for this grid form. Have site visits to turn in. Consistently coming to class, discussion questions, journal and communicating. 2nd rol="C" [4/3/03] Have been consistent with attendance, discussion questions, journal entries, latent learning in class, and recognition and recall. Really didn't have time to finish any readings on the side but did get a few site visits in. Probably could have done more outside of class if had more time. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/6/03] Course grade="B - " [5/9/03]

Student 6229 - Met with instructor in person weekly discussing what currently working on. Emailed. Participated in after class activities. Helped others. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/4/03] Don't believe should get more than a C since missed days during the grid form which means lack of participation. 2nd rol="D+" [5/12/03] Spoke out for my group discussion almost every time for this report of learning, and was back from fire drill to show consistency. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [5/12/03] Course grade="C -" [5/12/03]

Student 6442 - Worked hard to keep organized and motivated with creative measures about racial profilinig. Stayed up to date with readings as well as actively participating in class discussions. 1st rol="A" [2/25/03] Have been keeping up with creative measures and DQs. Also contributed a lot to class discussions. 2nd rol="Borderline A-/A" [4/3/03] Worked on evaluating people's views on race/crime in the media. Took creative measure one step further. 3rd rol="Borderline A/A-" [5/6/03] Course grade="A" [5/7/03]

Student 6463 - Learned a lot in the first five weeks. 1st rol="B-" [3/27/03] Researched and information gathered on African Americans and crime. Because of amount of class missed and did hard copies rather than emailing. 2nd rol="C" [4/3/03] Kept in touch. Reseached topic. Searched out new topics. 3rd rol="D+" [5/14/03] Course grade="C" [5/14/03]

Student 6977 - Communicated learning in class sharing current events, lectures and opinions in class. Helping others to understand teaching style. 1st rol="B" [2/26/03] Kept an open mind about comments in class. Actively participated in class discussions daily. Came prepared. Been looking and taking things said in class and always add real world experience. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B-" [4/3/03] More times than likely expressed feelings of group. Always share with the class personal anecdotes to get point across. Tries to relate more things to Fellman even though agrees with Walker more. 3rd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [5/12/03] Course grade="B - " [5/12/03]

Student 6998 - Am confused about ROL. Does the readings, discussion questions and keeps up on journal. First classes taught like this. 1st rol="B" [2/25/03] Getting the reading and discussion questions done. Writing in journal.Have done well on the 5Cs. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B-" [4/3/03] Increased creative measures, cooperation and communication. 3rd rol="B" [5/6/03] Course grade="B" [5/9/03]

Student 7160 - Was consistently learning something inside and outside of this class. This class took up more time than any other class even though there was no studying. Was successful in all of the 5Cs. 1st rol ="B" [2/27/03] Did a better job on creative measures this time and was pretty consistent in 5Cs. Only thing lacked was in communication (e-mailing). 2nd rol="B" [4/3/03] Was consistent with 5Cs. Did all the discusion questioons. Worked continuously on creative measures up till the end. 3rd rol="Borderline B+/B" [5/6/03] Course grade="B" [5/19/03]

Student 7388 - Communication was a little erratic. Cooperated during the beginning. Was consistent during the first few weeks but it tapered off. Despite upsetting discussions in recent weeks, offered opinions and demonstrated competence. Came up with two creative measures. 1st rol="Borderline C+/B-" [2/25/03] Worked well with group and was well informed. Came up with creative measure but performed dismally in communication. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [4/14/03] Best communication period. Did two creative measures. All questions answered and discussed. Did the same thing done for last 16 weeeks. Work well with all. Was more productive. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/C" [5/9/03] Course grade="C" [5/9/03]

Student 8579 - Done quite a few creative measures. Completed the 5Cs. 1st rol="B" [3/20/03] Have done a great job with creative measures however communication needs improvement. Consistently completing 5Cs.2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/16/03] Learned a lot. Have completed the 5Cs but can improve on communication. 3rd rol="B-" [5/12/03] Course grade="B -" [5/12/03]

Student 8883 - Did a lot of research. Communicated with professor and classmates. In class every day. Participated in discussions. Watched movies, read books and found articles. Kept journal consistently. 1st rol="B+" [3//26/03] Did more research. Watched many movies dealing with issues talked about in class. Read extra books and articles. Interviewed teachers and police. Went to juvenile court. nd rol="B-" [4/4/03] Did a lot of research. Talked and participated in class. Watched movies. Did journal. Learned a lot of new information regarding race, crime, law. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [5/6/03] Course grade="B+" [5/9/03]

Student 9042 - Have not communicated learnings although have done the work and the research. Attended every class except one. Participates in class. Have read all assigned readings. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [2/25/03] Grid form is skimpy but the effort and work is there in journal. Very consistent with research and rols. Attended all but two classses. Participates and interacts. 2nd rol="C+" [4/3/03] Completed all work. Consistent with dictionary records. Dialogued and shared thoughts. Done research. Took notes. Attended class. Met with Takata and have participated in all the group discussions. 3rd rol="C+" [5/7/03] Course grade="B - " [5/9/03]

Student 9082 - Tried a little of everything, actively participated and stayed on track. 1st rol="A" [2/25/03] Put more effort into this five wweks than last. More active participation. More correlation with the outside dealing with topics learned in class. Attended class and always on top of what is happening in/out of class. 2nd rol="A" [4/3/03] Did more this five weeks on creative measures. Read more books. Did more dialogueand applied creative measures to class. Cooperated in class. Worked hard on creative measures. 3rd rol="A". [5/6/03] Course grade="A" [5/6/03]

Student 9404 - no grade form. no 1st grid form. field mouse [2/25/03] no 2nd grid form. field mouse [4/3/03] no 3rd grid form. field mouse. [5/6/03] Course grade="F" [5/12/03]

Student 9493 - Talks in class regularly about readings or discussion questions. Comes to class. Email when gets a chance. Could email and do more creative measures a little more. 1st rol="B+" [2/25/03] Came to class everyday. Always willing to give opinion in class. Always talking in discussion question groups. Emails things looked up on the internet or relates things done outside of class to "race, crime, law." Trying to keep up on the readings. 2nd rol="B+" [4/3/03] Have been to almost every class essiion. Kept up on readings and prepared for discussion questions. Went on two site visits. Did other creative measures on Internet. Emailed reactions to videos or discussions in class Always gave opinions in groups and class discussions. 3rd rol="A-" [5/6/03] Course grade=A -" [5/12/03]

Student 9620 - A slow start, however started to work more, for instance, kept journal, wrote notes/comments that were brought up in class. Did a debriefing early on. 1st rol="Borderline B+/B" [2/27/03] Didn't communicate with professor as much. However, did take notes and found articles on internet about racial conflicts. Also communicated with a friend. 2nd rol="Borderline C/C-" [4/3/03] Attended class regularly and emailed professor when time allowed. Attended focus groups geared toward minority women on campus, even though was for another class; linked it to this class. Attended RYOC and did a debriefing. 3rd rol="B-" [5/6/03] Course grade="B-" [5/6/03]

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