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Saints and Power

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recent Saints, Power, Access to Forums, and Eating Disorders
Link added May16, 1999
recent New York Times Article and Related Links
recent Barbara Newman's Work on Women and Middle Ages
Link added May 16, 1999
recent Lilith
Links added May 16, 1999

Saints, Power, Access to Forums, and Eating Disorders
Brief review by jeanne

On May 16, 1999, an article, "Power Suffering," by Jennifer Egan, appeared in the New York Times Magazine. The article offers fascinating sources for those of you interested in any of the following:


Barbara Newman

This link will take you to the English Department page, from which you will need to link to Faculty and Staff (in the left frame), then to Faculty at the top of the frame, and then to Barbara Newman (in the main frame). Professor Newman, of Northwestern University, not only lists her published works in this area, but also offers links to

Alan Humm's Page on Lilith at the University of Pennsylvania

Information on Alan Humm

Notice that there is an extensive bibliography on Humm's page.

The Lilith shrine

On this site you will find Dante Gabriel Rosetti's painting of Lilith. Look under the artistic lilith, then under the visual arts, then Lady Lilith.