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Susan Takata

Law and Social Change
Media, Crime & Criminal Justice
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Prof. Takata.
Department of Criminal Justice
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest Update: March 3, 2005

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Dear Habermas

All UWP Classes, Spring 2005 Academic Assessment

  • Keep in mind:

    ** the 5Cs: competency, consistency, cooperation, communication, and creativity.

    We expect work that will produce a professional and competitive product in a real market. We also expect that even our most creative workers will recognize throughout the semester an effective product presentation depends on good work standards from every member of the team. Team morale and expectations have a great deal to do with enforcing works standards collectively. Time to learn that process.

    At work, you aren't given tests. Neither are you here. But you are expected to demonstrate your competency and participation. Each class or volunteer participation with us is a contract job to which you commit for the semester. We not only expect the work to be done, but we also expect you to find effective ways to let us know what you are doing, and consequently, that your final work product will be a good one.

    If, for whatever reason, your work is not meeting our production standard, we are sure that you will be in touch with us to either seek employee assistance or advice. One hot clue that you may be slipping is if your name appears no where on blogs, shared readings, on small discussion groups, and if we haven't heard from you.

    ** Bloom and Krathwohl's Taxonomy of Learning: latent learning, recognition, recall, application, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis.

  • Grades are interactive and interdependent. You are responsible for telling me what you have accomplished, and verifying it either in class, in person, in an email dialogue, or meeting with me. For an explanation, read and Grades.

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Law and Social Change (CRMJ/SOCA 352)

Media, Crime & Criminal Justice (CRMJ 385)

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