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Site Journal: Additions with Narrative Explanations

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Latest update: June 11, 1999
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Site History, June 27 to June 10, 1999

For dates before June 1, 1999, see Site History

  • Sunday, June 27, 1999.

    This will serve to catch up the whole last week when new organization schemes were being tried.

    • aintus.htm
      Added Bukowski and Beatty's rejection of imposed "not them" identitites
    • bukowski.htm
      "the hunt" - indictment of society's inhumanity
    • default.htm
      changed the navigation table
    • discourse.htm
      narrative links added
    • dogltr.htm
      added detail comments and analysis on sample letter - will go with teaching students interdependence of authentication
    • idncontxt.htm
      most of the pieces on narrative and learning identity - added measlrn.htm link
    • letrecfrm.htm
      Adding the pieces that were missing
    • measlrn.htm
      Hierarchy, mercy, angoisse, and failure to avoid responsibility for learning narrative
    • onrthry1.htm
      Oppression and Revolution. Putting up the book - fitting the lecture notes into the discussion Qs.
    • recinter.htm
      Explaining and teaching interdependence in authentication of competence
    • scholref.htm
      Began to add links
    • siteindx.htm
      added consistency of theory which is on opp and rev. theory 1.
    • theory.htm
      - moved formal theory over here; added grand, middle-range, and otherwise; added consistency of theory piece to links
    • violfry.htm
      violent fariy tales - this is where story of o piece is, Anderson's theory on why O's project had to fail - can't avoid angoisse
    • whatnew.htm
      Trying to find a new format. Need files and links there when it opens. But need some kind of guidw for new people because this site is soooo different.
    • whnwfl.htm
      Think I caught up the whole week.
    • writing.htm
      links to authentication and recommendations

  • Monday, June 21, 1999

  • Tuesday, June 15, 1999

    • grdstf01.htm
      Added link to Trying on Learning Narratives.
    • idnwkppr.htm
      Added references, with links to Gergen's draft and to grdstf01.htm, Legitimacy of Grades.

  • Monday, June 14, 1999

    • grades99.htm
      Set up links to courses, by records spread sheet, and by learning reports.
    • r369id.htm
      Records spread sheet, students identified by last four numbers of ID.
    • rol369id.htm
      Reports of learning for 369. Begining of letters of recommendation approach to grading.
    • stclaim.htm
      Added link to Legitimacy of Grades as a validity claim.

  • Sunday, June 13, 1999

    • natpeopl.htm
      Added EB credit to link to Anasazi
    • goodfth.htm
      Edited Christy Turner piece. Linked "good faith and organized course" through grdstf01.htm. Added to topic list. Added elaboration of "ignorant and authentic good faith from jjlnx4.htm.
    • grdstf01.htm
      Added link to topic list.
    • challenge.htm
      Internal page link to "addiction"
    • topindx.htm
    • siteindx.htm
      Additions keyed to topindx.htm, with emphasis on permanent site link, not What's New link.
    • whatnew.htm
      Removed "By Date," added "Specials" History File.
    • spechist.htm
      No longer new specials.
    • praxsmp.htm
      Created as back up file for censure; move on flag piece and praxis
    • idncontxt.htm"
      Updated and revised file on contextual formation of identity. Contains our paper on identity and relational context.
    • idnwkppr.htm
      Created new file for narrative and identity working paper. Linked through idncontxt.htm and through What's New.
    • bkupdh.htm
      Created as record of files backed up for emergency purposes.
    • veil.htm
      Moved some stuff from What's New to this file.
    • race.htm
      Put link to veil.htm, so that race links would include veil.htm when moving from navigation bar.
    • museums.htm
      Added stuff, some from What' New.
    • writing.htm
      Added stuff from What's New.
    • gender.htm
      Added stuff from What's New.
    • lftrt.htm
      Added stuff from What's New on critical thinking and evaluation of authority on political and philosophical positioning. Provided link on navigation table by putting link to lftrt.htm on stclaim.htm, which is on navigation table as stating validity claims.
    • netacc.htm
      Added stuff from What's New
    • opportun.htm
      Added stuff from What's New.
    • swacc.htm
      Added stuff from What's New.
    • spechist.htm
      Added stuff from What's New.
    • whnwfl.htm

  • Saturday, June 12, 1999.

    • Altered: whatnew.htm, whnwdt.htm, whnwfl.htm, whnwtop.htm, topindx.htm.
    • museums.htm
      Added link to National Museum of Women in the Arts.

    • justacc.htm
      Added link to restorative justice links on critical criminology site.

  • Friday, June 11, 1999

    • goodfth.htm
      Added piece on perception of bad faith in academy on cannibalism possibities.
    • challenge.htm
      Added links on addiction. Updating page. Removed old link
      on "nasty people in the world" - was no longer working.
    • netacc.htm
      Added a Project Cool piece on cookies. Added Merlot piece on distance teaching.
    • bkshare.htm
      Linked from What's New to library locations for children's books to share.
    • topindx.htm
      Created as separate from site index - more focused on main topics of site.
    • whatnew.htm
      Set up special recommendations.
    • whnwtop.htm
      Took topic search from this file and dumped into its own topindx.htm file.
    • siteadd.htm
      Recorded site reorganization of navigation, with explanations.

  • Thursday, June 10, 1999

    • New file: whnwtop.htm, topic-based what's new. all sites
    • New file: transit.htm, file for holding links from What's New until solidly linked elsewhere.
    • New file: whnwfl.htm, date-based file alteration. all sites
    • grdstf01.htm, 01-04, think all sites, article on legitimacy of grades. updated for sure on two working sites.
    • grades99.htmreport on status of grade records
    • netacc.htmlink to Merlot on on-line teaching. All sites, I think.
    • Altered cofiguration of whatnew.htm What's New on homepage.
    • Updated writing.htm