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Site History, February 20 through February 4, 2000

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  • Friday, February 4, 2000

    • chldlbr.htm
      Added link to LA Times stories on child labor
    • cncgndis.htm
      concept file on cognitive dissonance theory
    • cncptindx.htm
      Added spurious relationship and cognitive dissonance and "halo" effect
    • default.htm
      Transferred new material to habermas.org
    • goodfth.htm
      Links to cognitive dissonance and "halo" effect; not all links adequately followed between persnlexp.htm and goodfth.htm
    • juvjacc.htm
      Added links to LA Times on child labor
    • lftrt.htm
      Added link to hate speech, and our need to maintain cognitive consistency
    • loveacc.htm
      Added link to structural violence and the "halo" effect in perceiving racism
    • persnlexp.htm
      File on problems encountered when we rely on personal experience to generalize, racism example.
    • siteadd.htm
    • siteindxaj.htm
      Split site index into two files until we can put up a search engine
    • siteindxkz.htm
      File 2 of site index
    • .htm