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Site History: January 31 through January 16, 2003

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  • Friday, January 31, 2003
  • Thursday, January 30, 2003
  • Tuesday, January 29, 2003
  • Tuesday, January 28, 2003
  • Monday, January 27, 2003
  • Sunday, January 26, 2003

    • critrace.htm
      Added to index.
    • default.htm
      Started preparing to switch over to Volume 16, Issue, which will, unfortunately overlap with the end of Volume 15.
    • educationbk04.htm
      Backup of Maureen Dowd's column with reference to Henry James, which led me to remind students of need for liberal education - because the "well educated" just know those things; it's part of their background experience.
    • fatbk07.htm
      Backup of NYT article on Young and chubby. Relates to discrimination and dominant discourse.
    • jcls.htm
      Added the Martin Luther King, Jr. photo to Issue No. 5 for the archive.
    • jcls1504htm
      Added some in defense of war material. We who have chose peace, owe it to humanity to listen in good faith to those who believe war is the answer. Only in that way do our decisions and choices maintain their integrity. Added an education section to the theory, to include some liberal education links, like to Henry James.
    • jcls1601.htm
      Started a new issue for week 1 at CSUDH this week.Still working on it. jeanne
    • labeilingbk02.htm
      'Old Europe' Reacts To Rumsfeld's Label. The Washington Post on labelling theory in politics.
    • liberalarts01.htm
      Start of a file on coding and inclusion and education.
    • new.htm
    • siteadd.htm
    • sociology.htm
      Started index of link for sociology resources. There are old ones on the site; but I figured we need a cleaned up index. jeanne
    • warbk18.htm
      Backup of Why Bush Won't Wai
      for the war with Iraq. Good reasoning. Essay up shortly.
    • .htm

  • Saturday, January 25, 2003

    • jcls1504.htm
      Added piece on Rawls and poverty. Just the link. No essay yet. Corrected abortion link by adding backup, and added a family link that ties to these issues. jeanne
    • popassist01.htm

    • povertybk04.htm
      The Plight of the Poor in the Midst of Plenty,Jeremy Waldron, Collected Papers by John Rawls ed. Samuel Freeman. From London Review of Books Site. Essay to follow. jeanne
    • siteadd.htm
    • .htm

  • Friday, January 24, 2003 is updated and working. At last! Now for the UWP site.

    • critrace05.htm
      Relationships to Encourage Education. Discussion and questions.
    • critracebk01.htm
      Backup for Chronicle article on race and education.
    • jcls1504.htm
      Added photos of Michael Griffin (CSUDH) at peace ralliesunder art shenanigans. Haven't added the balancing "defense of war" yet. Don't forget you have to look at both sides: left/right because you have to be prepared to make your own choices.
    • postmod.htm
      Corrected URL for postmod source.
    • siteadd.htm
    • socindic01.pdf
      PDF File on social indicators. Stat.
    • statistics.htm
      A First Approach to Understanding Statistics. Will finish soon. jeanne
    • .htm

  • Thursday, January 23, 2003

    • abortion03.htm
      New file on abortion and choice. Just started.
    • abortionbk03.htm
      Backup of article at Catholic University of America, site, on population assistance. i.e. abortion and choice.
    • espanol01.htm
      Added Catholic Catechism in Spanish.
    • jcls1504.htm
      Added link to Spanish language pieces.
    • libtheol08.htm
      Discussion and questions on Phillip Berryman's liberation theology.
    • libtheol09.htm
      Discussion and questions on NACLA: Church and Revolution
    • libtheolbk08.htm
      Backup of review of Phillip Berryman's book on liberal theology.
    • libtheolbk09.htm
      Backup of NACLA: Church and Revolution
    • libtheol10.htm
      The Future of Liberation Theology by Daniel Levine at the University of Michigan.
    • methods10.htm
      Corrected yesterday's errors on statistically significant. Will finish later today. jeanne
    • new.htm
      Updated biweekly issue.
    • siteadd.htm
    • .htm

  • Wednesday, January 22, 2003

    • arttch05.htm
      Eddie Breen Revisits Paintings - part of teaching how to use art as expression series. With discussiion questions.
    • caesar1.jpg
      Backup of original found painting of Caesar.
    • caesar2.jpg
      Backup of Eddie Breen's found painting of Caesar.
    • flamebassm.jpg
      Backup of Eddie Breen's remake of a bass painting.
    • jcls1504.htm
      Added file on Eddie Breen's piggyback art;
    • leftrightbk08.htm
      Backup on LA Tiems article on declawing cats: from right to wrong.
    • methods10.htm
      Continuation of Scott's questions: this one on "statistically significant."
    • new.htm
    • sinkorswim.jpg
      Backup of Eddie Breen''s piggyback art of a ship's captain portrait.
    • siteadd.htm
    • smile1.jpg
      Backup of Eddie Breen's found art of child portrait.
    • smile2.jpg
      Backup of Eddie Breen's piggyback art of child's portrait.
    • smile2jc.jpg
      jeanne's alteration of Eddie Breen's alteratiion of child portrait.
    • socialclassbk03.htm
      Backup of Maureen Dowd's essay on social class from the New York Times.
    • .htm

  • Tuesday, January 21, 2003

    • adversar15.htm
      Competition and Its Concomitants in the Corporate World
    • adversarbk01.htm
      Backup section of Market Competition and the Organizational Demand for Skills
    • espanol01.htm
      Started file for links in Spanish.
    • gonzalez01.htm
      Harvest of Empire. Essay and review. Latin Americans in the U.S.
    • jcls.htm
      Updated archives.
    • jcls1504.htm
      Added theory review series.
    • leftright.htm
      Added Republicans for Environmental Protection on conservative (right perspective) links, and added the libertarian link to the left perspective as well as the right perspective. I didn't remove it from the right perspective because I still see them as right wing conservative, although for different reasons than the religious right. jeanne
    • new.htm
    • siteadd.htm
    • socialclass02.htm
      Editorial from NYT on social class. Essay not up yet.
    • theoryrev01.htm
      Theory review file. New.
    • turner01.htm
      Essay and Discussion on conflict theory.
    • turnerbk01.htm
      Backup of Turner on conflict theory.
    • zimbabwe01.jpg
      Photo backup for zimbabwe03.htm, Photo by Juda Ngwenya/Reuters
    • zimbabwe03.htm
      Zimbabwe and Land as Commodity
    • zimbabwebk01.htm
      Backup of Zimbabwe vote: land vs. law and order. in Christian Science Monitor.
    • zimbabwebk02.htm
      Backup of Commercial Farmers Union News Release
      From October 2001.
    • zimbabwebk03.htm
      Commercial Farmers Union AIDS Program
      From 26 August, 2002.
    • .htm

  • Monday, January 20, 2003

    • armstrong01.htm
      Start of essay on Karen Armstrong's Battle for God, a timely piece on religious fundamentalism and violence.
    • armstrongbk01.htm
      Robert Fulford's column about The Battle for God, on religious fundamentalism. Left perspective.
    • armstrongbk02.htm
      Arthur Noble's column about The Battle for God on religious fundamentalism. Right perspective.
    • jcls1504.htm
      Added materials on Martin Luther King, Jr. and Social Justice. Includes study guide for young people from the Seattle Times.
    • kingjrbk02.jpg
      Backup of Associated Press Photo of King.
    • siteadd.htm
    • .htm

  • Saturday, January 18, 2003

    • 18warbk01.htm
      Backup for Frank Rich's article on Joe Millionaire for President on the war with Iraq.
    • jcls1504.htm
      Split health into practical alerts and theory. Put stem cell and gene therapy under theoretical musings. Added more on statistics - interval measurement.
    • methods10.htm
      Response to Scott's question on ratio data measurement.
    • new.htm
      Return to New for this issue from individual pages.
    • siteadd.htm
    • .htm

  • Friday, January 17, 2003
  • Thursday, January 16, 2003


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