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Site Evaluation, Fall 1999

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Latest update: November 7, 1999
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Shielded from Authority
Police Brutality and Accountability in the United States

On Sunday, 7 Nov 1999, Todd E. Stepanek wrote:

Evaluation of the following site in relation to police brutality: "Shielded from Justice:  Police Brutality and Accountability in the United States."

  1. Authors of the site:

    'This report was written by Allyson Collins, senior researcher on the United States. It was edited by Cynthia Brown, program director, and legal review was provided by Dinah PoKempner, deputy general counsel. Kenneth Roth, Wilder Tayler, and Michael McClintock reviewed portions of the manuscript. Extensive research and production assistance were provided by Robby Peckerar; Sahr Muhammed Ally also provided research assistance. Production assistance was also provided by Patrick Minges.

    "Several experts on police abuse reviewed and commented on the text. We are particularly grateful to Prof. Paul Chevigny of New York University School of Law. Others who provided valuable comments include Prof. Samuel Walker, Department of Criminal Justice, University of Nebraska; Thomas R. Parker (retired F.B.I. special agent) of Human Rights Watch's California Committee; Paul Hoffman, attorney, Bostwick and Hoffman; Prof. James J. Fyfe, Department of Criminal Justice, Temple University; G. Flint Taylor, attorney, People's Law Office; Mary Howell, attorney, Howell and Snead; John Crew, director, Police Practices Project of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California; and Portland Copwatch. We also would like to thank David Burnham and Sue Long of the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse of Syracuse, New York, for providing data and analysis regarding federal criminal civil rights prosecutions."

  2. URL's name:

  3. Institution sponsoring site: Human Rights Watch

  4. Record of update:

    June 1998 was the date this report was released.

  5. Name and contact information for author of Web page:

    Name is for the "Human Rights Watch."
    Email address is:

  6. Color scheme used on Web page:

    A basic white background, with hyperlinks in red (they turn maroon when a link is used [callled visited links]), and black lettering to non-hyperlink text.

  7. Links leading to the author's present location:

    None that I could find other than the email address.

  8. Links leading to the author's credentials:

  9. Searchable keywords that might provide links to other sites:

    There is no area to search a keyword, but there is a table of contents.

  10. Date of which site was last updated:

    This was a report issued on June 1998 (no listing of when it is updated)

  11. Gender of author:
    The main author is a female while contributing authors are male.

  12. Identifications that author is in gov't organization:

    Each page in the site has the official "Human Rights Watch" symbol

    Todd E. Stepanek

    On Sunday, 7 Nov 1999, jeanne wrote:

    Very well done evaluation, Todd. This should prove useful to many of our law and criminology students. Thank you for the thoroughness of your report. jeanne