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Reports of Learning, SOCA 359, Sociology of Law - Spring 2002

Evidence of Learning
Interactive Discourse

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update: March 3, 2002
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Reports by Number Assigned

These short statements of our joint perceptions of your learning are growing from our review of the records and our experiences in class. In a cooperative learning world, in which our objective is to help each other gain critical insights, what should matter, instead of "grades" is such a report. Learning that I can tell you I have seen, either directly or through some of your work, and that you can confirm. That is learning accountability.

As we gain skill at this, a paragraph of recommendation should be your goal for the end of each course, each semester. If you were to realize that this is how I will end the course, and you were to want the best possible recommendation of your learning, we could interactively check our respective records all semester, and the recommendations could be detailed and helpful to all who want to know about your learning.

Visit Letters of Recommendation for clues on how to do this.

Updated on March 3, 2002

Student 246 - Worked on all 5Cs through talking in class and during groupwork. Helping other students and began to evaluate web site for creative measures. 1sr rol="B" [2/25]

Student 539 - Haven't been consistent with attendance or communication. Have been keeping up with journal. [slightly underrated. sparse grid. little creativity] [2/15]

Student 949 - Field mouse. No grid or grade forms. [2/15]

Student 1427 - Met with group consistently. Have been consistently prepared. Kept in communication. Discussed in class and in groups. Began creative scholarship. 1st rol="B+" [2/19]

Student 1450 - Started off pretty consistent with pass/prepareds but was kind of slow on creativity. Now on track. 1st rol="B" [2/15]

Student 1863 - All the 5Cs were strong starters except creativity even though there was an illness. . . Late 1st rol. [overrated. if 5Cs were strong then why 2 blanks in self tests, little communication, late grid form? no creativity. need to revise rol?] [2/18]

Student 1994 - Getting started on creative scholarship. [vague rol] 1st rol="B" [2/15]

Student 2402 - Communication by email. Cooperation by working in groups. Consistency by doing homework. Competence responding to readings. Creativity by looking up information. 1st rol="B/B-" [2/20]

Student 2491 - Shown all the 5Cs in the first four weeks. [vague rol] 1st rol="B+/B" [2/21]

Student 2645 - Actively emailed creative measures. Helped new students. The 5Cs all covered. 1st rol="A" [2/15]

Student 3101 - Consistently attends class. Completes pass/prepared exercises. Communicates in class and emails. Cooperated in and out of class in groups. Creativity begun on computer research. Competence is shown in class discussions and emails. Face to name. 1st rol="A/A- borderline" [2/15]

Student 3241 - Lacking in communication and creativity but all others seem to be going well. 1st rol="B-" [2/21]

Student 3318 - In addition to the first grid form, creativity portion includes Enron research. 1st rol+"B" [2/25]

Student 3325 - Put forth a lot of time and thought into each assignment to be helpful and involved in group discussions. Enjoyed research on sex offenders. [rol was way too long] 1st rol="B" [2/15]

Student 3754 - Have come to class everyday prepared and ready to discuss assignments. Need to work on creativity more. 1st rol="B+" [2/21]

Student 3798 - Need to work on creativity and communication. Doing fairly well in cooperation, consistency and competence. 1st rol="B-" [2/21]

Student 4071 - Consistently in class; prepared. Participates in group discussions. Emails feedback often. Researching wrongful discharge cases; well underway. 1st rol="A" [2/20]

Student 5162 - Grade earned so far due to lack of creativity. 1st rol="B-" [2/20]

Student 5485 - Have learned a lot so far. Learned to take control of groupwork in terms of organizing group's answers. Have completed all assignments. [vague rol, should cover all 5Cs] 1st rol="A" [2/15]

Student 6571 - Communicates often. Interacts in groups inside and outside of class. Always prepared for self-tests. Comparing two correctional institutions. Researched district attorney and public defender. [1st rol way too long] 1st rol="B+" [2/15]

Student 6954 - Attended class. Was prepared for every exercise. Speaks out in class. Needs to improve creativity. [sparse grid] 1st rol="B" [2/15]

Student 6986 - Emailed self-tests and whereabouts. Working well with group. Consistent when talking in class. Needs improvement on creativity. 1st rol="B-" [2/26]

Student 7405 - Came to all classes prepared. Shared thoughts. Completed all readings. None of the grade measures selected have come up yet. 1st rol="C" [2/22]

Student 7595 - Communicates with instructor. Cooperates with group. Consistently prepared for class. Shows competence in dealing with 'old' and 'new' students. Creativity project initiated; researching. [1 blank self test] 1st rol="A" [2/15]

Student 7793 - Based on attending class and group discussions, asking questions about new class and showing interest in starting to research topic. 1st rol="B" [2/22]

Student 7975 - Based on 5Cs, consistency and cooperation look okay. But, competence and creativity are lacking. 1st rol="B" [2/22]

Student 8188 - All 5Cs done though creativity is low. 1st rol="C+" [2/21]

Student 8296 - Have not done well on a big part of grade, "creativity." Kept up with homework. Participated in class. [late rol. sparse grid form. no creativity. overrated][2/26]

Student 8404 - [sparse grid; vague rol. need to revise rol. overrated] [2/15]

Student 8522 - Slow start. Still getting acclimated to class. Working out the bugs with group members. Good participation in group discussion. Consistent with pass/prepareds. [late rol] 1st rol="C-/D+" [2/27]

Student 8730 - Have a good grasp on materials. Participates in all group activities. [rol should cover 5Cs] 1st rol="B" [2/15]

Student 8919 - Took four weeks to feel comfortable with teaching style. Gotten over the learning curve by following the 5Cs. 1st rol= "B+" [2/23]

Student 8943 - Kept up with 5Cs. Done all assigned readings. Only missed one class. Have been ready for all group discussions. 1st rol="B-" [3/3]

Student 9174 - Have followed the requirements of the class fairly well being new to this type of teaching approach. 1st rol="B" [2/20]

Student 9415 - Class hard to get used to, however, have done all requirements. 1st rol="B-" [2/22]

Student 9808 - Never missed class. Prepared for every assignment/discussion. Worked in group outside of class. Consistently emailed teacher. Spoke in class. Started creative measures. 1st rol="B+/A-" [2/25]

Student 9990 - Field mouse. No grid form or 1st rol submitted. [2/15]