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Created: June 28, 2003
Latest Update: June 28, 2003

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Preparatory Readings for Week 01: Preparatory Readings for Week 02: Graphs Preparatory Readings for Week 03: Interpreting Statistics Preparatory Readings for Week 09: Using Charts and Data to Illustrate a Paper

  • Surf Your Watershed Suppose you were asked to write a paper on emerging social issues on water in the LA basin. Where would you find the data? How would you use the data in a paper or presentation?
Preparatory Readings for Week 10: Multiple Regression

  • Limits of and Alternatives to Multiple Regression in Macro-Comparative Research PDF file.

    1. The trouble with Multiple Regression At p. 4.
    2. "Causal arguments" or mere "summaries"? At p. 10.
    3. Building confidence through triangulation At p. 14.
    4. Is pooling a panacea? At p. 16.
    5. Testing the regime approach At p. 23.
    6. Conclusion At p. 28.
    7. Bibliography (added Sep. 1998) At p. 32.

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