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The Untruth I Taught for Years

The file on support for voices just went up. You can find it on the Homepage of Dear Habermas under NEW. This one will go up shortly. There are some stories like the "Untruth I Taught for Years," "The High School Graduate Who Couldn't Go to College," the "Gee, You're Lucky, You Type so You Can Get a Job" and othrs. Remember a story? Share it with us. We all need them. jeanne

Later on the night of October 29, 1998: The flu shot got me. I don't have the energy to put up a story tonight. BUT . . .

Here's the reference on Steven Pinker, The Language Instinct

Want to do an search?

Visit for more information on Steven Pinker'sThe Language Instinct.

Pinker supplies the reference on the misinformation that came from Whorf on the use of time in the language of indigenous peoples and the excesive number of words in the Eskimo (Inuit, I think) language to describe snow. His references are on pp. 55 and following of his book, linked above to The article on how these untruths were perpetuated in academia is cited by Pinker as: "Martin, L., 1986. "Eskimo Words for Snow": A Case Study in the genesis and decay of an anthropological example. American Anthropologist, 88, 418-423." Alfie Kohn, forgive me. But I thought those of you who really wanted the whole story shouldn't have to wait 'til I got over the flu shot. So here's your gold star for the week. Go follow Steven Pinker.

It's late. I'm miserable. If I've accidentally maligned someone here, like Whorf, by inaccurate memory, forgive me. And go look up the facts. jeanne

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