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Faculty Page for Susan R. Takata
Susan R. Takata, Ph.D
Departments of Sociology and Criminal Justice
at the University of Wisconsin, Parkside

Created: January 3, 1998
Latest update: January 4, 2001; August 7, 2003

Inshallah, Bokra, Malesh

Professor Takata is a member of both the Sociology and the Criminal Justice Programs at the University of Wisconsin, Parkside. Like jeanne, she is an advocate of the fifteen minute work period, since that is the most that either of us can ever find of discretionary time, and the shared imaginary. The shared similarity in work time constraints is what brought us to understand what our students were saying. As soon as she has fifteen minutes, Professor Takata will update this page, "God willing (Inshallah) . .Tomorrow (Bokra). . .Well, never mind (Malesh). . ." And if she waits long enough, jeanne will update it. That's called community.(Quote from Jack Smith of the L.A.Times, quoting Eastern philosophy, quoting ... Help, I need Merton's On the Shoulders of Giants.)

Professor Takata is on sabbatical in Spring 2001, trying to find her fifteen minutes of discretionary time.

Professor Takata.