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Serving in the Armed Forces


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University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: March 18, 2001
Latest update: March 18, 2001

Buffalo Soldiers

The Buffalo Soldier

This essay and its online resources are meant to raise our awareness of the experience that minorities have had in the U.S. Armed Services. Juan Gonzalez addresses the issue of service by Latinos in the U.S. in Harvest of Empire. In attempt to bring to awareness the harm we have caused minorities by denying the way in which we treated the men who served our country in time of war, I have included this essay on the Buffalo Soldiers of the U.S. Civil War. Many of you will find that, as with Latino history, there are many stories here you have never read in your history books.

Let us hope that Juan Gonzalez is right, that Americans still have enough faith in justice that they will not tolerate injustice once they become aware of it.

More to come . . .