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Jeanne's Notes on Exercise 3: Final Evaluation of Learning
Sample E-Mail Answers to Exercise 3: Final Evaluation of Learning

Jeanne's Notes on Exercise 3: Final Evaluation of Learning

Curran and Takata, Teaching Series
Copyright: September 1999. "Fair Use" encouraged.

  1. It would be a good idea to let me know that you have done this. Words work. You can just say "I've done it." At least then I know. (See exercise 4.)

  2. "Dog" letters refer to letters that speak in such generalities that they could be true of almost anyone, including my dog.

  3. Grades are like M&M's. They are the rewards you get for doing what you are supposed to. The problem is that the M&M's are then sometimes substituted for the real goal. You will find considerable information on this concern with using external rewards, as opposed to internal motivation, or learning for the sheer joy of learning in Alfie Kohn's work.

  4. Interdependent means that what you do affects what I do and vice versa. What the Federal Reserve Bank does affects what I do, for it has a major effect on interest rates and how much money we have to spend. But the Federal Reserve Bank and I are not working interactively. We're just affecting each other within the infrastructure. What the teacher does affects the student's learning. And what the student responds affects the teacher's teaching, or should. But they may not be working interactively. To work interactively there must be useful communication between them. Each must listen in good faith to the other.

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