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West Nile Virus Discussion Thread

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California State University, Dominguez Hills
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Created: September 12, 2004
Latest Update: September 12, 2004

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Jeanne's comments are interspersed in purple.

  • Elio Lopez wrote on Saturday, September 11, 2004:

    Ms. Jeanne,

    Just jeanne will do. That's because we are engaging in deep learning where we are a family community of learners, each with different knowledge that we bring to share as we broaden our outreach to new knowledge. In that social context, we respect each other as equals and honor each other's different knowledges. See also Why jeanne uses her first name.

    I read your article about the West Nile Virus and I think that it was very important for many reasons. First, I have learned that a bucket full of water can be the home of the virus. I have learned that a simple mosquito bite can kill you. I have taken my own precautions such as cleaning up my backyard and keeping my windows closed. I am trying to get in contact with someone in Los Angeles County to give me more information about what I would do if I were bitten by a mosquito with the virus. I will e-mail you once I get in contact with this person.

  • On Sunday, September 12, jeanne responded:
    Good that you now know more about that terrible virus. And I will be interested to learn how L.A. County officials respond, especially given Aaron's experience over the cleanup of stagnant water in his neighborhood. Recall that Stephanie's neighbor had no trouble getting immediate responses, yet Aaron's request was ignored. Perhaps we'll be able to get more information as to why that discrepancy in response.

    Meanwhile, I suggest that you explore Index of Readings on West Nile Virus that will give you considerable information on where to go locally should you be bitten by a mosquito you suspect might be infected. love and peace, jeanne

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