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Introduction to Sociological Theory
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Latest update: September 21, 1999
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Readings on Theory Topic 1
Readings on Theory Topic 2
Theory, Policy, Practice of a Career TEXT
Takata, Susan R. and Curran, Jeanne. Available online.
Copyright on Revised Text: Summer 1999. "Fair Use" encouraged.

Narrative Teaching: Discourse in Class
Class Rules

Reading Assignments

WeekTopic(s)Readings Due
1Introductionno reading assignmt
2Theory Construction/What is Theory?G, intro, ch.1-4; T&C, ch.1
3Emile DurkheimG, ch.5-8;T&C, ch.2
4Emile Durkheim
Recording learning.
G, ch.9-13; T&C, ch.3
Measurement of Learning
Authentication of Learning
5Durkheim/MaxWeberG&M, preface,intro,ch.1-5; T&C, ch.4
6Max WeberG&M, ch.6-10; T&C, ch.5
7Max WeberG&M, ch. 11-13
8Max WeberG&M, ch. 14-17
9Contemporary Replies to Structural Functionalismno reading assignmt
10Karl MarxB, pt.1-2; T&C, ch. 6
11Marx/Contemporary Replies to MarxismB, pt.3-5; T&C, ch. 7
12Symbolic InteractionismReadings to be distributed; T&C, ch.8
13PhenomenologyT&C, ch. 9-10
14EthnomethodologyT&C, ch. 11
15A Final Look at the Job MarketT&C, ch. 12 & Now What?
16Summary and Conclusion n.a.