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Summer 2000

  • Internet Medieval sourcebook
  • Madonna and Judith Butler's Gender Trouble
  • Richard Callner: Lovers: Birth of Lilith
    Lilith, in myth, was the first woman. Yes, before Eve. We'll talk about myth and iconography.
  • Search on Postmodernism
  • Public Administration and Postmodernism
    Summaries of texts.
  • Pictures of many of the postmodernists

    Eye Candy and Art

  • Richard Callner: Lovers: Birth of Lilith
  • Raymond Pettibon Exhibit Announcement
  • Marcel Dzama
  • Kasseler Rippchen Reminds me of a face, a smiley face. jeanne

    Link on the Kasseler Rippchen piece,
    then use your browser's back and forward
    buttons to compare.

    Print a copy of an art work in which you see something else. Then draw what you see. We will discuss this in terms of public art and participation of the public in art in connection with the Leon Kossoff exhibits in May and June at LACMA, at the Getty, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  • Leon Kossoff by Clare Rendell

  • The J. Paul Getty Museum

  • Getty Press Release on Kossoff Exhibition

  • The Los Angeles County Art Museum

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Byzantine Art

  • Byzantine Studies on the Internet

  • Walker Evans Online Exhibit at the Met

  • Mark Harden's Artchive
    Index to the Artchive

  • Web Gallery of Art

  • ArtsEdNet The Getty's Art Education Website

  • True Balance Poster
    Site dedicated to recognition of earth and spiritual healing of earth, mind, body, soul. We'll discuss this as part of the peacemaking identity and public art. Notice that the site placed no copyright on the poster and requests that you copy it and share it with friends and family. New definitions of public art.

    Link to TrueBalance site TrueBalance

  • Bay Shore School Students' Paintings
    elementary school children studying Van Gogh

  • Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture
    Director and several members are sociologists. Explore.

  • Cognition and Creation: An Educationally Interpretive Exhibition of Student Art Theoretical piece on use of art in learning. "Elliot Eisner, professor of education and art at Stanford University, devised the concept for the exhibition. He says, "We are interested in helping viewers understand that art activities in school are not designed simply to produce pretty pictures, but to stimulate, develop, and refine a wide range of very sophisticated modes of thought."

  • I Like America and America Likes Me by Joseph Beuys
    and essay explaining Beuys' artwork. Note especially: "The action was Beuys way of signifying, on one level at least, that human beings need to take a closer look at the dynamic interactions of nature (coyote) and culture (Beuys). Understanding the complexities of interdependency is one of the first steps toward ecological sustainability."

  • Wave your banner
    PROJECT! on shared community art.

  • Mierle Ukeles, Flow City

    Note particularly Ukeles' connection of ecology, feminism, art as personal, political: "Ukeles stated, 'Avant-garde art, which claims utter development, is infected by strains of maintenance ideas, maintenance activities, and maintenance materials. . . . I am an artist. I am a woman. I am a wife. I am a mother. (Random order.) I do a hell of a lot of washing, cleaning, cooking, renewing, supporting, preserving, etc. Also, (up to now separately) I 'do' Art. Now I will simply do these everyday things, and flush them up to consciousness, exhibit them, as Art.' (Ukeles, 1969)"

  • Grizzly Bear (Waste Not, Want Not: People In Confinement) by Robert Wirtz

  • Student Work on Wetlands
    Wonderful frog drawing by 8-year-old.

    Waiting to Go Up

    URLs and notes in this category are not up yet, but there may be enough here for others to help with developing process texts.

  • Funding Proposals for teaching respect and non-violence
    from Peace List memo by Ian Harris on 6/9/2000. E-mail gives good summary of what is being funded in field of peace education.

  • Ian Harris' e-mail on respect


  • Virtual Poetry Workshop
  • Solar System Coloring Book
    University of Michigan
    Needs to go up on Kids' Page, but also needs some of our tech students to work with us on the Java to put up similar activity on our site.

    See also SPARC at the University of Michigan and compare it to the mural site in Venice, California.

  • Left Over from Spring 2000

    Ex. 6 - 15 up soon. But concepts will guide your reading.
    Exercise 9: Legitimacy
    Exercise 10: Separation of powers
    Exercise 11: Effects of Technology on Agencies
    Exercise 12: Regulation
    Exercise 13: Market Failure to Control Supply and Demand
    Exercise 14: Enterprise Liability or Who Shall Pay?
    Exercise 15: Local vs. Cosmopolitan
    Exercise 16: Bureaucracy vs. Policy
    Exercise 17: Agency Failure to Balance Cost and Need
    Exercise 18: Moral Hazard: No One's Minding the Store

    theoretical pieces to go up

    NYTimes, thurs. sept 30: frontpage "Museum accused of conspiracy to inflate value of Art in Show" by David M. Herzenhorn.

    relate to Dworkin's which law applies tension:

    "Is this a dispute about free expression, or merely a landlord-tenatnt matter. - new analysis on p. A 23.

    In law this is doctrinal issue.

    In sociological theory this is a theoretical issue.

    Hall's theory on where and when discretion comes into play in the legal system

    Hall's story of the cop who expected discretion after arrest, because that's where it was in Mexican town he came from, compared to US expectation of discretion before arrest, bribery after arrest.

    In law, procedures.

    In theory, need to clarify unstated assumption.

    E-Mail Files to Put Up

  • LAW & SOCIAL CHANGE from socio of law handbook What is a fact? What is a norm? In Habermas' scheme.

  • What is the tension between fact and norm which Habermas describes?

  • Provide an example of the tension between fact and norm?

    from Images of Color textbook (questions at the end of the chapter)

    1. How do images of crime and criminology emerge in the course of dominant/subordinate group relations?

    2. How are our society's institutions, ideologies, and images racialized and gendered? Provide at least one gendered and one racialized image that is not mentioned in the textbooks and lectures.

    3. What do we mean when we say that race is a "social contruction?" Provide an example illustrating this point.