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Week of October 2, 2005

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    Rebecca Rydzenski wrote on Wednesday, October 5th:
    On the yahoo discussion group

    I was wondering if you've noticed that a lot of the members of the Yahoo group have a real knack for taking statements out of their original context?

    rebecca -- yes, i've noticed that. why is that?

    Stefnee Goines wrote on Thursday, October 6-th:
    On the "no seconds" rule

    I would just like to say that its nice to let everyone give their opinion, but it gets kind of boring hearing the same answers.

    stefnee -- but, who's to say which opinions are more interesting than another's?

    Stefnee Goines wrote on Friday, October 7th:
    On site visits

    Are the site visits usually during class time? Do we usually go as a group or on our own? Are we going to do site visits?

    stefnee -- i set them up and they are usually scheduled on days that i don't teach. and we attend as a group.

    student's name wrote on --- ay, October --th:

    student's observation

    student's name -- my response

    From CRMJ/SOCA 363: Corrections

    Stefnee Goines wrote on Sunday, October 2nd:
    Case Scenarios

    Just like to say that I enjoy doing the case scenarios. They allow is the ability to use answerability by listening in good faith to Others opinions. We are also allowed to apply our own theory, policy, and practice on how we think the problem should be solved.

    stefnee -- good observation!

    Latanya Woods wrote on Sunday, October 2nd:
    A poem, "A Guard's Sympathy"

    A Guard's Sympathy

    Walking into hell
    Everyday all these hard legs
    Finding means of survival
    Upon their first arrival
    Their stripped of their sanity
    Told when to eat and sleep
    Wails and cries from men, twice my age
    Many of them lash out in uncontrollable rage
    Men raped, some stabbed and beaten to death
    To witness this is a crime in itself
    No one to turn to in the desperate need of help
    I watch in despair
    Nothing else compares
    How could this be considered fair?
    So many things I've learned
    Only horrible images, nothing promising
    No such thing as honesty
    At home at night I will sit and cry
    Praying some of those men will make it out alive

    latanya -- if possible, can you read this poem to the class?

    Jim Lafever wrote on Monday, October 3rd:
    On the cost of incarceration

    a state law passed in Wisconsin in 1998 gives criminals virtually no chance for early release will cost Wisconsin taxpayers an estimated $1.8 billion for inmates admitted through 2025 if the current trend continue a journal sentinel analysis of prison and court records have found.

    jim -- what's your reaction to this? be sure to mention it in class.

    student' s name wrote on day, October xxth:

    student's comment

    student's name -- my response.

    From CRMJ 365 : Race, Crime, Law

    Stefnee Goines wrote on Monday, October 3rd:
    On testing

    Maybe all the emphasis on testing is because the world is so competitive.

    stefnee -- how does your observation relate to Alfie Kohn on testing and Gordon Fellman on competition?

    Latanya Woods wrote on Sunday, October 2nd:
    A poem, "Why me?"

    Why Me?

    Today I entered a store
    Walking fast through the aisles
    Looking for the items on the list
    I hear arguing and yelling
    As if someone is fighting
    Reaching the counter, a man
    White man, shaking a gun in her face
    She cries and pleads, "please don't shoot"
    I drop the groceries, my palms sweaty
    He talks to me but I don't hear him
    The gun goes off, multiple shots
    Rang through my ears
    He runs out, throws the gun
    I pick it up and stand there
    Unaware of what I am doing
    The cops arrive, I panic
    "Drop the gun", they yell
    I oblige as a tear drops from my eye
    I know they'll arrest me because I am

    latanya -- thank you for sharing this poem with us. be sure to add it to the yahoo group discussion, too.

    Stefnee Goines wrote on Thursday, October 6th:
    On her reaction to "The Heart of Tibet"

    After watching "Heart of Tibet" I am still puzzled like the woman who interviewed him as to who he is? I didnt know that things were that terrible in Tibet, but people over there have someone they can look up to, to bring peace and happiness to them.

    stefnee -- that might be a fascinating creative measure -- to find out who the Dalai Lama is. also, you might want to read a book by him.

    student' s name wrote on day, October xxth:

    student's comment

    student's name -- my response.

    student' s name wrote on day, October xxth:

    student's comment

    student's name -- my response.