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Week of January 16, 2005

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    Samantha Collier wrote on Wednesday, December 15th:
    On advice to new students

    Susan, if I could give the new spring semester students a heads-up on our teaching style, I would tell them one pointer. Come into your course with and open mind on learning, because this isn't your regular lecture course. and also let them know that their isn't one right or wrong answer in your learning/teaching style....

    samantha -- thank you for your input.

    On December 15th, Nicole Brooks wrote:
    On advice to new students

    I really enjoyed this class, I have taken classes with you in the past (about 3 years ago) and i forgot how much work you really have to do for your classes even though there arent any exams or papers to write. My suggestion for new students would be start your creative measures early in the semester that way you are tryin to rush and finish all of them in the end. and also to make sure that they communicate with you on a regular basis.

    nicole --- thank you. this should be helpful to new students.

    On Wednesday, December 15, 2004, Beau Lachermeier wrote:
    On advice to new students

    Also I just wanted to give some suggestions to new students in the future... 1. Keep an OPEN mind....."Everyone has their own beliefs" 2.Ask questions if you don't understand what is expected of you in the new type of learning.." If you don't want to ask takata then ask a student who already has taken takata... also maybe takata would let one of the first class days be set up for budding up a new student with an old student,," 3. Communication is a MUST.. don't be SHY.... 4. Stay on top of your discussion questions and creative measures....

    beau -- thank you for the advice.

    On Wednesday, December 15, 2004, Dawn Birdsell wrote:
    On advice to new students

    I suggested that they think of a few creative measures to work on that interest them. Because when I was doing creative measures, somethings that had initially interested me in the end were not what I expected and I lost interest and felt rushed to think of a new creative measure.

    dawn -- thank you for the advice.

    On Wednesday, December 15, 2004, Sarina Scott wrote:
    On advice to new students

    You told us today in class that we could e-mail our responses on information or advice that we would like to give to any new student. I was new to this style of learning and the whole modern concept, no exam, midterm, or papers, appeared to me as a easier way of learning. In reality it is not easy. It takes more to keep up with the discussion questions on time because they are not handed in and corrected you think that they do not matter as much and you don^t have to be current, when in actuality the pop quizzes and basic discussions in class call for you to be up to date with your work and readings. I would just say be consistent and don^t try to lack behind with your work or your readings. The class is NOT EASY! I leaned close to the sixth week of class that the class was harder than I thought.

    sarina -- yes, definitely easier said than done. this is not an easy process.

    On Wednesday, December 15, 2004, Willie Soppe wrote:
    On advice to new students

    Concerning new students

    1. Do not get behind, it will haunt you.
    2. Make sure you have adequate creative measures. Put some effort into it so it is worthwhile, dont do it just for a grade.
    3. Attendance is huge. I gurantee if you skip, Professor Takata will make you regret it.
    4. Have fun with the course. Be open to new ideas, try not to get offended when somone else has an opinion that you don't agree with. Be open and try to understand why they have that opinion.

    Concerning Teaching- I have no flaws in the way you teach except for the exception of some creative measures. Some people do eight creative measures cause they miss alot of class but they do it on things they are not interested in. They go on the net and print off statistics instead of understanding what they are learning about. That is my only disagreement. And I agree with Gregs comment on dont let the source be just the internet. Have the source be a book or a magazine article. I would say since the internet has so many options let the new students only use the net for one source and have them get the rest from the library.

    willie -- all this should be very helpful to new students. thanks.

    On Thursday, December 16, 2004, Paul Gagliardi wrote:
    On ideas and suggestions

    The point I was trying to get across in class, about the syllabus, was that I thought class got a lot eaiser once I got use to your style. However, I feel that this can be a disadvantage for first time students. I think I would have an avantage over someone who has never taken you before. I don't know if that's fair. Well - you said you would like some feedback. I really did enjoy your class.

    paul -- surprisingly enough, based on my observations, students who have had me before tend to get "lazy and lax," whereas the new students are following the process to the letter. in addition, each semester, things change based on student feedback.

    Jeremy Ruby wrote on Wednesday, December 15th:
    On ideas and suggestions for next semester

    One more thing that I can think of to make the class better is to have people that are working on a creative measure on a certain subject to talk about it when the subject comes up in class. Thanks for a good semester and see you next one.

    jeremy -- good idea and i've been trying to move in that direction but the major problem is that students don't pick their creative measure topic until after we've discussed the topic in class.

    Tasha Coleman wrote on Wednesday, December 15th:
    On ideas and suggestions for next semester

    ... Also I think for in te future that the quizes should be weighed a little more than they were just to ensure that everybody is reading the information.

    tasha -- the quizzes were factor into one's course grade, especially if there were a lot of "do not counts" and if there were consistently low grades on the quizzes.

    April Puryear wrote on Tuesday, December 21st:
    On learning/teaching

    I just wanted to tell you that you that I have really enjoyed and learned alot in your classes. I think that your style of teaching should be done by many other professors. I hoping to take another class with you (but I think that I took all your classes, so far).

    april -- thank you! enjoy the holidays!

    Ben White wrote on Wednesday, January 19th:
    On an idea/suggestion

    My name is Ben White. I am a student in your Law and Social Change and Media, Crime & Criminal Justice classes. As you requested in class, I am inputting my ideas for quicker familiarity of Dear Habermas with new students. I believe by implementing Dear Habermas in other criminal justice classes by other professors it would allow students to become familiar with it in a new class from prior use. I am sure this is an idea you have already considered. I look forward to participating in your classes and learning more about the criminal justice system.

    ben -- a neat idea! i just haven't had the time to share the site with my colleagues. i will try to do so.

    From CRMJ/SOCA 352: Law and Social Change

    On Friday, January 21, 2005, Chassidy Lewis wrote:
    On today's class

    I really enjoyed breaking into groups today because it gave me a chance to help the new students learn your teaching method.

    chassidy -- good. thanks for the feedback.

    On Friday, January 21st < Lindsay Weinstein wrote:
    On advice

    My advice for new students is that this learning-teaching style may be confusing in the first couple weeks, but keep active in asking questions and attend the Dear Habermas workshop as its very helpful. Stay organized by keeping up on writing in your journal, completing discussion questions, and assuring that you are consistent in keeping up with the 5 c's.

    lindsay -- good advice.

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    From CRMJ 385 : Media, Crime, Criminal Justice

    Bill Lee wrote on Friday, January 21st:
    On advice

    Just stay on top of things you can really get behind fast

    bill -- that's a definite!

    Sarah Hendrickson wrote on Friday, January 21st:
    On advice

    any advice for new students? i would say good faith listening. all the time.

    sarah -- good advice!

    Chassidy Lewis wrote on Friday, January 21st:
    On today's class discussion

    I enjoyed the open dicussion we had today about the news because it gave me a chance to hear everybody's opinion.

    chassidy -- neat!

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