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Geocities has created a kind of community on the Net. They offer free Web pages, and help you to "move" into one of their suburbs by helping you to build your Web page, and bu supplying real people in the form of "community leaders." It's a nice concept. It has grown by leaps and bounds.

Many of my students have moved into a Web site through Geocities. It offers a place to learn and grow, and meet fellow Webbers who share your interests. It has a special community for Kids. That's where I found Chantessy, who so inspired me when I was starting the Kids' page. Found her mom there, too. Found the Artistic Lady there. And Steve Schalchlin! And in the sci-fi community you could find the webmaster who set up Dominguez Hills' Neutrino Site! Good company, good opportunity to learn.

Now, it's been taken over by Yahoo! But they'll still give you a free Web page. They will even build your first Web page for you. Try it! And once yu've got the hang of it, use what you learned on Project Cool to make it even better. Visit Geocities at Geocities Logo.


I found Tripod through llama's site. She had a Lycos search on her guest book that led me right into Tripod, where they were offering free Web pages. I was acquainted with the Site from several graphics artists' sites. They form "pods" which seem to be community-like and for which they share links.

Tripod, like Geocities, is a busy site, advertisements everywhere. I find that distracting, but I am older, and my eyes cross. Perhaps all that screen activity will not distract you. Both sites seem to permit extensive space for you to have quiet and calm on your own Web page.

It was through Tripod that I found Barry's Clip Art Server.

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