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Created: January 14, 2003
Latest update: January 14, 2003
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Web Site Review Explanation
Web Review Questions/Form

Web Site Review Explanation

Adapted from Sonoma State University, Jean and Charles Schulz Information Center

We are constantly bombarded by information. We live in the Information Age. There is almost too much information coming from all directions -- radio, television, newspaper, the Internet, and so forth. Just because the information is in the newspaper or in some other source, it does not necessarily make it "true" or a "fact." Because many of you like to surf the Net for quick information, you will undoubtedly find some fascinating websites. A review of a web site is one creative measure you can do. Evaluate the web site by answering the questions below.

Web Site Review Form


Submit your web site review in hard copy, (do NOT e-mail it to me). You are encouraged to submit your web site review well before the "final absolute deadline" in order to allow some time to dialogue with me. This is a critical part of your web site review. If you have any questions, see the above explanation or just ask me.

1. Was this web site review pre-approved?

2. Attach a copy of the web site's "front page" (table of contents or site map).

3. Authority

  • Is the author of the page clearly identified? What are his/her credentials for writing on this topic?
  • Is the author affiliated with an organization? What is the reputation of that organization?
  • Is there a link back to the organization's page or some other way to contact the organization and/or verify its credibility? (address, phone number, e-mail address?)

    4. Purpose and Coverage

  • Are the purpose and objectives of the page clear?
  • Is it geared to a particular audience or level of expertise?
  • Is the primary purpose to provide information? to sell a product? to make a political point? to have fun? to parody a person or organization or idea?
  • Is it a comprehensive resource or does it focus on a narrow range of information? Is it clear about this focus?

    5. Accuracy

  • Is the page part of an edited or peer-reviewed publication?
  • Does the content of the page convey the amount, depth, and significance of the evidence being presented? Are the arguments persuasive?
  • Can factual information be verified through footnotes or bibliographies to other credible sources?

    6. Timeliness

  • Is it clear when the information was published?
  • When was it last updated?
  • Are there any indications that an attempt is made ot keep the pages current?

    7. Integrity of the Data

  • Is the source of any factual information clearly stated?
  • Are the sources, scope and date of any statistics clearly labeled?

    8. Objectivity or Point of View

  • Does the page display a particular bias or perspective? Is it clear and forthcoming about its view of the subject? Does it use inflammatory or provocative language?
  • If the page contains advertising, are the ads clearly disguishable from the content?

    9. Interrelating Theory, Policy and Practice

  • How does this web site relate to the course?
  • How does this web site relate to theory, policy, practice?
  • Which theory discussed in class best applies to this web site? Why.
  • What policies are most relevant to this web site? Why.
  • What actually goes on in practice? And, how does practice differ from theory and policy? Why.

    10. What is the most important "lesson" learned from this web site review? Why

    Note: Your web site review should be 2-3 pages double-spaced typed. Do not e-mail your review to me.