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Latest update: October 11, 2000

What's New?


Just opened a new file on Jobs. This file will have a national focus, and is designed as much to give you an idea of which organizations and corporations are hiring in which areas, with which preferences for degrees and special skills. May also give you an idea of salaries in different parts of the country.

Wisconsin News:

We're trying to coordinate national and local hub sites. Be patient, please. This is our first semester with this procedure, and the Wisconsin students have added both their own webboard and their own face to face forums. I'll have information on this up soon. For the moment, try looking at Transforming Discourse, Week of October 9, 2000.

Colorado News:

Meanwhile, Charlie Notess is strating up discussions on Constitutive Criminology, and Susan and I have been getting abstracts in for conferences this Spring, but I haven't a clue as to where they are right now. Ask Susan.

Saundra Davis is back, and should be in touch with Charlie Notess by now. She thanks all of you for your condolences. I should appreciate if any of you who are interested in Charlie's community work, which is so important to all of us, would check with Saundra so we could coordinate that.

By the way, special thanks to Charlie for alerting me to the Search Institute Site, which motivated me to start the new Jobs file.