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Who's Who in Academic Discourse

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  • Marion Bogan
  • Marlene Boykin
  • Leslie Hendrix
  • Mary Hobson
  • Devyn Johnson
  • Patrice Johnson
  • Tina Juen
  • Berthena Kemp
  • Brian Morris
  • Michael Planck
  • Jaime Shepherd
  • Jai Tee Speed
  • Tyron Turner
  • Marlene Veliz
  • Donna Maria Woods

    Don't we all bleed the same?
    Marlene and Araceli and Joanna and Jessica and Andre and Jaime and Berthena and . . . .

  • Ruby Montgomery - Dec. 14 e-mail: Millie and Ruby teaching the children.

    Araceli on Orientalism:

    After Araceli's Posada t-shirt: the joy of dia de los muertos is a transformation of the dominant discourse in which death is powerful, frightening, and ends earthly pleasures. Posada mocked the contradictions of the dominant discourse.

  • Jenny - Telling Patrice how to do the program
  • The anonymour scholars - reconciliation and loving again in broken families where trust has been destroyed, dealing with the pain of sibling and parent illness, dealing with one's own illness, coping with diabetes and some of its devastating effects, taking custody of siblings to bring them to safety,
  • Mary Nyarko - Dublin and New York
  • Marty - projects
  • Cira and Brian and Wesley and Tamisha and Sakeenah and Shateiko - feisty, intense (disguised as unconcerned)

    "This stuff is about US!"

  • Michelle Matthews and Shiranee Roper - learning to acknowledge silence

  • Annie Nedd and Veronica Hill - December 14, and dealing with old people

  • Mac from Wisconsin

  • TR Young and Richard on PSN, and Mary and Berthena and Xuong and Adriana in Distributive justice:
  • Bobby Martin, pouring over Fellman:

Avoiding the Structural Violence of Competition

Because we are committed to the idea that students are not fungible, and after long years of devotion to Leo Buscaglia's program of recognizing the uniqueness and value of every living being, we certainly don't want these to be competitive. We hold to our theory that intelligence has many facets, and that those facets may not be ordinally ranked. We honor our differences.

How do I make Honors in Academic Discourse?

By sharing with jeanne and Marlene your learning narrative, so that we can write your letter of recommendation to let others see your talents, too. You must nominate yourselves, for you all deserve to be recognized for your learning. You may nominate someone else, too. And then you have to hound jeanne and Marlene to be sure that we don't miss anyone as we get the honor roll up. That means you have to help us understand what was so unique and exciting about what you learned. Only you can tell us that.

Honor Roll in Academic Discourse