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Created:August 12, 2002
Latest Update: January 27, 2003

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Notes on Writing PDF file.

newspapers, moving beyond their accounts

How to Tell the Difference between a Magazine and a Scholarly Journal and why it matters University of Pacific Mentor Web. Link added August 13, 2003.

Writing Research Papers Based on Modern Language Association (MLA) Documentation Prepared by the Humanities Department and the Arthur C. Banks Jr. Library. Capital Community College. Hartford, Connecticut. Link added August 4, 2003.

  • Sample Rewrite on Theory to Policy to Practice and Back, Fall 1999. Suggestions to improve submissions for Mid-Term, which we try not to have in 2003. But the rewrite still works to earn you a better grade.

    MLA Citation Online Link added August 4, 2003.

    On Writing Term Papers at Webster University. Link added July 9, 2003.

  • Theory in the Teaching of Writing
  • Adversarialsm vs. Mutuality
    • JAC 1.1 (1980), Cassette Commentary: An Approach to the Teaching of Expository Writing. Alexander Medlicott, Jr.
    • JAC 1.1 (1980), A Reply to Medlicott: Evaluating Writing. Karen Pelz
    • Plan a p or p on how these two articles fit the adversarial and the mutuality continuum that Fellman notes. Check sitetchng.htm
    • JAC article on Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)
      Addresses the voice of the Other when we prepare students for academic discourse in non-literature courses.

    • Visual Literacy
    • Modernity and the Hegemony of Vision David Michael Levin, ed. 1993. University of California Press. ISBN: N-0-520-07973-6.
      "This volume is a collection of essays on vision: not only vision itself but the culture of vision, and the many different discourses of vision. . . Can it be demonstrated that, beginning with the Ancient Greeks, our Western culture has been dominated by an ocularcentric paradigm, a vision-generated, vision-centered interpretation of knowledge, truth, and reality?"

      In connection with this, please remember to ask jeanne about what is meant in the law by "proximate" cause, and how the law handles this problem of going back to first causes.

    • Think it was in this journal I found visual literacy article. Hunt for it. jeanne

      But see also:Journal of Visual Literacy
      and try to find article by someone who teaches textual literacy to art students, and complains that it is inconsistent to teach writing across the curriculum in the age of the visual, with no parallel emphasis on skills in visual communication. And note that the adversarial compulsion in academe has accumulated so much power that this one-sided emphasis has come to be accepted as inevitable!

  • Wilton's Etymology Page:Study of Word Origins
  • Merriam Webster Online


    First go to this site:
    Link on the first link for word origins on that page. That's a nice site.
    Then to find convict, link on the next link to the Merriam Webster Dictionary.
    At that site, type the word convict in the dictionary dialog box. Enter or return or whatever.
    It will give you three versions. It's the second version you need to select to find the roots.

    Good luck. jeanne

    A Web of Online Dictionaries

    Need to add how we build on past authorities. Loewald to Lear to Curran and Takata. January 27, 2000.
    Columbia guide to Online Style
    You'll need to scroll down about a third of the way to get to 2.8 Citations on the World Wide Web. Link to that.

    Networked Writing Environment
    Networked Writing Environment's Literary Collections
    The Seven Steps of the Research Process
    Link to Library Tutorials and Skill Guides > Library Research: A Hypertext Guide

    New Tech Plagiarism Check

    Academic Discourse: Practical Writing
    Curran and Takata

    Oberon Citation Software
    Oberon's Citation Web Site
    Software to make notes and bibliography a snap.
    Used in our classes and on the site. Link added July 11, 1999. Argument and Persuasion Techniques in Writing

    The following table is under construction. Takes a while. jeanne, July 15, 1999. Navigation Table for the Writing Shelf Finding Sources How To E-Mail Class Ex. 25 Words or Less Plagiarism Affect in Learning Sample Rewrites Choosing Topics Dictionaries Arguments Rhetoric Writing Tasks Recommendations Avoiding 'Dog" Letters E-Texts Rudeness as a No-No

    The Social Construction of Functional Illiteracy

    Conceptual Linking of Ideas
    Presently only general explanation. Also
    sample of Prof. Kirchoff's Holistic Biology cross-disciplinary conceptualization.
    Link updated June 21, 1999.

    Links to Scholarly References
    Link added June 21, 1999.

    Writing and Seeking Letters of Recommendation

    Copyright Help Sheet
    on the site of the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Gives clear explanation,
    insofar as that is possible, of "fair use," and of the incorporation
    of links from other sites. Link added June 26, 1999.

    WebSter's Dictionary
    Will spell check your site! Link shared with us by Wendy Added June 18, 1999.

    On-Line Writing Instruction at CSU Sacramento
    Try it. Link added June 8, 1999.

    Letters of Recommendation:

    Format for Successful Letters of Recommendation

    Grading and Writing and Learning

    Legitimacy of Grades
    On-going report of what we learned throughout the process of recording e-mails for Spring 1999 classes.

    Trying on Narratives for Size and Fit: Shaping Them to Us
    Draft for paper on identity and the narrative of learning. June 13, 1999.

    Theory Construction and the Narrative of Learning

    The Measurement of Competence and Learning
    The GRADES we really ought to give.

    Authentication as an Interactive Project
    Forms to Guide Us Through Interactive Measures

    Plagiarism, Authentication, and Other Peoples' Papers

    Including a link to the Evil House of Cheat

    Dr. Gwen's Research Page
    Helpful guide for doing term papers. Link added June 19, 1999.

    Internet Research Assistant Dr. Gwen's
    Great resources. Link tested August 20, 2000. Excellent study guide. Needs to be read and digested. Not a quick fix for those who need to develop writing skills, but a very good reference for the student who want special help with writing.

    How to Cite from the Internet :

    See also Software for Citation: Oberon's Citation Web Site

    Bibliographic Formats for Citing Electronic Information

    Indiana University's Aids for Citing Electronic Sources

    APA and MLA Citation Styles
    University of Texas Undergraduate Writing Center
    Link added July 10, 1999.

    The Copyright Web Site

    Guidelines for Referencing in Research Papers
    Humboldt's Social Work Guide. Link added July 10, 1999.

    Lists and Links to Topics for Public Discourse


    University of North Carolina's Virtual Reference Desk

    On-Line Version of Webster's Dictionary
    On-Line Dictionary
    Roget's Thesaurus On-Line

    Foreign Language Dictionaries:

    French-English Dictionary at the University of Chicago
    German-English Dictionary (Passau)
    List of Lists Pointing to Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing

    Bartlett's Quotations On-Line

    Writing Sites :
    The Education Index for Helping with Homework and Term PapersExternal Site
    Links to Resume Writing Guides
    Link found on the Riley Guide, added here on February 5, 1999.

    Preparing a Resume Prose Writing at RPI
    Punctuation at RPI Thesis Writing from RPI
    Writing a Research Paper George Mason University

    Writing and Online Reference Desk
    Dictionaries, Including French and German
    The Encyclopedia Britannica Online Members access only. You will need to come to Jeanne's office.
    Scholarly Reference Links
    Evaluating Authority - E-Mail
    Learning Through Discussion Dr. Bruce dePyssler.
    Essay on how to use this in evaluation after holidays. jeanne

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    "Fair use" encouraged.